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Prehistoric Ecosystem Found!

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Sorry, I'm a bit slow, I just found this article here: please merge or delete this thread. Thankyou ;)

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JERUSALEM - Israeli scientists say they have discovered a prehistoric ecosystem dating back millions of years.

The discovery was made in a cave near the central Israeli city of Ramle during rock drilling at a quarry. Scientists were called in and soon found eight previously unknown species of crustaceans and invertebrates similar to scorpions.

“Until now, eight species of animals were found in the cave, all of them unknown to science,” Hanan Dimantman, a biologist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, said Wednesday.

He said the cave’s ecosystem probably dates back around 5 million years, when the Mediterranean Sea covered parts of Israel.

The cave was completely sealed off from the world, including from water and nutrients seeping through rock crevices above. Scientists who discovered the cave believe it has been intact for millions of years.

“Every species we examined had no eyes, which means they lost their sight due to evolution,” said Dimantman. Samples of the animals discovered in the cave were sent for DNA tests, which found they were unique, he said. The cave has been closed off as scientists conduct a more detailed survey.

“This is a cave of fantastic biodiversity,” Dimantman said.



Sorry if this is in the wrong section...

Kinda tricky with Crypt, Natural and Palaeontology :P

Anyway, sounds good. New creatures, really old ones.

I like this kind of stuff :P

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^That's pretty cool; thanks for posting. :yes:

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Why are cave creatures always white? I guess when you live in total darkness, color doesn't matter so much, but deep sea fish, where there's no light either, have eyes and bioluminescence. Why wouldn't this happen in caves? You just wonder, you know?

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