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Natural Nuclear Reactors: OKLO

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Has anyone hear ever heard about the Natural Nuclear Reactors found in the small African country of Oklo before.

I personally learnt of it several years ago and thought that it was an amazing discovery.

There are a plethora of opinions as to how suc ha thing occured but the most common relates to the fact that 1.7 billion years ago there was a larger ration of the radioactive isotope of Uranium. Supposedly these reactions continued for over a million years and yet all the by products or waste from these reactions are contained within meters of the original reaction.

Such a reaction as described above is far beyond the ability of we simple humans who have a distinct difficulty in containing the waste products from a reaction and as any person from south Australia will know the waste ends up being dumped somewhere that is claimed to be "environmentally safe"

Anyway if you google something such as "Natural Nuclear Reactors" or "Oklo Reactors" you will get quite a stram of responses, with various opinions of the cause.

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