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A personal experience with evil forces ?

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long time members of the UM !

It is the year 2020, and we are in this coronavirus pandemic, and boy has life changed, I dont know about all of you but

I'm always struggling. lol, and by that lol it just a no joke type of giggle. During this difficult time I know everyone is going through

I read this from an old bookmark, and decided to re read everything. I have to express to everyone that I cried. It was a good cry, It made feel

like I wasnt alone. I spoke the truth and I speak the truth now, All the exceptance and similar experiences gave me hope

in humanity again as if my post actualy helped some people. It was exactly what I needed right now is to feel like someone unstands the downs in a lifetime because of re reading this post from the past. This is why I love the Unexplained Mysteries. I will never forget that evil that tried my exshistance , I will always remember that 

all of your comments mean so much and helped me still today. thank you !!:rolleyes:

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