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The vampire among us...


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LeAnne Miller: He's back! And his bite is still as strong as ever! Even farther back in time, before the late 1980's, the legendary stories of Dracula (both fictionalized vampire--and the biographical accounts of the famous and infamous Noble, Romanian Prince, Vladimir Dracul) were as abundant and terrifying to give people warning-- to guard themselves from attacks of any type back then. Yet, vampire legends, superstitions, and stories today continue to caution against letting any form of vampire exist, or have the opportunities to become ressurected and reani-mated. However, for all of the fans and devotees to the original t.v. show, Dracula: the series, (create by the team of Phil Bedard and Larry Lalonde--who would later also create the show concept for Forever Knight); the legendary vampire, Dracul has been resurrected and reanimated into the shape and form of one unique, multi-billionaire industrialist, Mr. Alexander Lucard (Dracul- spelled backwards). Lucard is the primary star of Dracula: the series.

In addition, the entire series (which consists of 21 episodes) has also been given "new life" by Platinum Disc Corporation and Crown Media; this "new life" has taken shape in the physical form as a two-disc collector's edition set of digital video discs (Dvds). This legendary treasure should definitely satiate the appetite of any and all die-hard fan who wishes to find and own a dvd set of the "family-rated/family friendly" tv show. One caveat to those who normally purchase dvds for 'the bonus extras.' Dracula: the series does not contain any 'bonus' materials. The two disc collection includes simply the entire 21 episodes from the series; albeit in sharp, clear focus; uncut, unedited, commercial-free, and in of it's gloriously rich, deep colors. As an extra incentive for the eternal fans of the tv series, Forever Knight, Dracula: the series should be a def-inite "must have" collectible, as the series is a multi-episodic showcase for Welsh actor, Geraint Wyn Davies (a.k.a. Det. Nicholas Knight). Check out some of the episodes listed:

** The Decline of the Romanian Vampire
** The Vampire Solution
** Black Sheep
** Klaus Encounters of the Interred Kind

.... just to name a small few episode titles. What could almost be considered a humorous full circle of casting anomolies, actually becomes evident when viewing the D:ts episode titled "Get a Job." In this episode, guest star, Louise Vallance appears as Art Expert, Julia Heisenberg. This is the same actress who was cast (alongside Dracula star, Geordie Johnson) in the episode of the Forever Knight episode titled "My Boyfriend is a Vampire." (Vallance was cast as the 'sanity challenged' tv show production manager, Charly Hawkes; in this episode, she is also joined by Dracula star, Geordie Johnson, who plays a controversial talk show host named Jerry Tate.) And Davies, (who portrayed Klaus the vampire in Dracula), is cast as the Central star of Forever Knight, Detective Nicholas Knight; who has the job of solving a number of homicide mysteries surround-ing the Jerry Tate show. So, whether one is either a Dracula: the series fan, a Geord-ie Johnson fan, a Geraint Wyn Davies (G.W.) fan, or simply a fan and collector of vampire and vampirological history collect-ible, "Dracula: the series" (the 2-disc collection set), is most definitely a must have item for anyone to have and enjoy It is certainly a unique, visual morsel that one can 'sink-their-teeth' into and enjoy......eternally; and longer.....even.

( This DVD set can be found and purchased at http://www.amazon.com (and is quite affordable at beneath a 2-figure cost).
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My favorite vampire movies are Interview with the vampire and The Lost Boys.

Ive never seen Forever Night tv series I used to really like Dark Shadows.

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Gah! Fan of Forever Knight here. Never seen Dracula the series though, but heard of it (also a fan of Geraint). Seems interesting, lol.

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