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Rebellion sounds good to me

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  The war on drugs... obnoxious invasion of our lives, where you get years in prison for possession of marijuana, but kill your kids, and it was "the devil in me" yeah, the devil in Ms. Jones (sweet! lol)...

 Why don't we all just organize, even if you don't do drugs, but still care about our rights, join my... I want to start a national campaign to plant cannabis all over the country side. Most of you, if you don't smoke, have friends that probably do, get them to save their seeds for you, buy them from an online seed bank... Germinate them in your home, and go plant them on back lots (away from you house, obviously) on the side of the highway, in the

woods behind your school (hell, plant them IN your school). They'll grow just fine without you help, so leave them be.

  Lets start growing a forest of these plants, they can't burn them all down. Lets let the plants grow, and let the spark of rebellion grow with it...

  But that's just me, I could be wrong.

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