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Who ya' gonna call?


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user posted image rLeAnne Miller: The monster in the closet is beating the door & is raging to come out. While downstairs all of the Poltergeists are crashing all about. When the voices and the scratches, scratches.... manifest inside the walls, And when dark, grim, shadows trail a sickening stench, Who will you think to call?..... Well, someone whom the Boogeyman and his night-marish, terrorizing, demonic denizens are hoping you DON'T think of calling-for certain-, is the objectively skeptic, investigative research team members who make up The Atlantic Paranormal Society; This team of researchers are more recognized by their shorter organizational initials of: T.A.P.S. Fast friends and co-workers, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson are your normal, everyday "Joes," who work as plumbers for Roto-Rooters for their regular day jobs, while at night, and during 'off-job' hours, when not spending important quality time with their families, they travel to a variety of locations to investigate possible paranormal phenomena. Since the group was co-founded by friends--and Senior investigators, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, in 1990, TAPS has rapidly become a super popular group. In addition, due to their open-mindedness and objectivity-- and true concern for the people involved experiencing such ghostly (and sometimes demonic) anomoloies and experiences, all members of the TAPS team have earned much praise and respect from the families as well as peers in the Paranormal Investigatiions Communities nationwide.

TAPS has also had such a 'supernaturally' meteoric rise in popularity and highly credible respectability as a research team, that they have been featured prominently on the Scifi channel programming schedules for two past seasons, in the hour-long show titled: Ghost Hunters. Incidentally, this columnist/investigative reporter has discovered that Ghost Hunters WILL be returning on the Sci-fi Channel's Fall schedule of programming for a THIRD season, with all new creepy investigation cases and uber-haunting episodes. Plans for the Fall premiere currently (as of this writing) is stated to begin in October of 2006. http://www.scifi.com/ghosthunters In an advising role, with TAPS growing popularity (and celebrity) among beginning-novice paranormal investigators, both individuals and groups, I strongly reccommend checking out the official TAPS website at: http://the-atlantic-paranormal-society.com

At the TAPS site, you can learn a wide variety of information on many subjects. In the FAQ section find answers to questions you have about the Paranormal. If you're interested in learning more about the process and basic equipment you'll need to start up your own paranormal investigative team, you can click a link and get all the expert advice froom Senior Investigator (and TAPS webmaster, himself; Grant Wilson). You can check out the "members" section, to access the email addresses of several listed TAPS members to ask the investigator of your choice questions you may have that the website can't answer--or doesn't address. You can also browse into the separate Department sections, to learn more about how Nature Spirits are very different than Demons, and learn more about Angels in the Angelology Department. And though his picture and email address is not available, you can do further research on the WWW about the TAPS Demonology experts, Carl and Keith Johnson. You can even keep up with current and past happenings in the 'ghost hunting' blogs of TAPS member, Dustin Pari. There is even a link titled, "Your Stories," where you can share to post real life experiences you have experienced yourself. Also, if you are seriously interested in learning all you can about TAPS and the cases they work on, they have a link to their own print publication, TAPS ParaMagazine; which you can click on the link to order separate monthly issues--or even order a yearly subscription. An already popular site, with MORE than 50,000 internet hits DAILY, it is probably safe to say that interest in the TAPS organization is sure to remain steady and strong---both currently, and definitely in the future as well. If you are more interested in learning even MORE about TAPS and/or Ghost Hunters, you can check out their adventures in paranormal investigations, by means of several special DVD Collector's disc sets. The Ghost Hunters DVD's can be found--reasonably priced--at: http://www.amazon.com .

### Ghost Hunters : Season 1 (a 3-dvd set) for $19.99 (plus shipping costs)

### Ghost Hunters : Part 1, Season 2 ( a 4-dvd set)

//(To be released on September 19, 2006)---for $18.98 (plus shipping costs)

### The Very best of Ghost Hunters, Volume 1. for $8.99 (plus shipping costs)

This Should be some very good beginning research for ANY one wanting to learn more about How the paranormal realm operates. So, Dig yourself in for a night, turn on the videos, turn down the lights, and.... Have yourself either some Happy Hauntings,..... or, ...............Pleasant Nightmares. :[

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I watched the first season of this shoe, and thought it was a hoot. As for what the guys really uncover, or what they really find out, well, it all seems rather thin. But one has to admnire their genuine enthusiasm, and I love the concept of plumbers-by-day -- ghosthunters-by-night.

Thanks to Ms. Miller for a well-written review.

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and I love the concept of plumbers-by-day -- ghosthunters-by-night.

The Super-natural Mario Bros. :lol:

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What interests me most about the show is that these guys are naturally sceptic about things that they see...They are always trying to debunk their own findings and once and awhile they come across something they can't easily explain away (for example: I assume most people have seen the short, fat, cloudlike 'ghost' running down the darkened hallway when they filmed it in the abandoned prison-they tried and tried to explain it and couldn't-I attached the video link-From what I remember, this was filmed with infrared video in total darkeness in an abandoned state prison-You really have to see the entire episode to appriciate it)..They almost always dismiss they stuff they find, which gives them some credibility...


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No offense Karma, but that HAS to be the 'gayest' dancing Spiderman I have ever seen... Edited by MrVelvet
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