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very sorry


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my brother put these out just so you know.these jokes have nothing to do with me.the real ghostboo is sane. :s06 although sometime i do act crazy,i am just bored when i ptu this crap out here.

Ghostboo :sd

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If you're sorry, then delete those posts and change your passord. It's not difficult to make things right if you want to.

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  There's no excusing your behavior. You seem unclear yourself as to who we should blame for the crude and inappropriate messages posted to the forum, if any sense is to be had from your apology. So which is it? Your supposed 'brother', or you misbehaving out of 'craziness'? This forum wasn't designed to be a virtual playground for immature adolescents. You have been given far more leeway than you deserve and I, for one, grow weary of your childish antics. Look elsewhere to relieve your 'boredom'.  :s8


* - I've taken the liberty of 'deleting' the offensive posts, since you didn't think it necessary to clean up after your 'brother'.

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listen guys,it's not me i swear to God himself and i bring myself down to Satin if i'm lying.i swear with the Bible in my hand that i did not put up those posts.

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Don't dwell on the past. If it was your brother than change your password to prevent him from logging on in your name. When you noticed it happened you should have deleted it yourself. Understand that in the upper right hand corner of each of your posts will allow you to delete or modify the post. Not deleting the posts is just as bad as actually doing the posting.

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