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Demon Dream, or not?

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It was raining that night and the wind blew in the trees that eerie way where it sounded like they were calling your name. The eletricity was out in my house, but they usually got it on quickly so I wasn't worried. Armed with a flashlight, I walked into the kitchen to make a sandwich. Finally, that was over with.

Food in hand, still half blind in the darkness, I fumbled through the house, making my way back to my bedroom. I settled into bed and pulled my warm comforter over me.Suddenly, the darkness of my bedroom was interrupted by a flash of lightning, illuminating my room through a nearby window.

As I was naturally scared of thunder storms, I pulled the comforter up around my neck. The tree branches scraping across the window didn't seem to help my conscious very much.

I pulled the comforter over my head and paused for a brief moment. 'What a fool I am,' I said out loud.' 'Afraid of nature's temper tantrum and a few noises in the rainstorm! I'm a grown man!'The trees still seemed to whisper and I thought I heard my name. Did I hear a voice, or was fear playing some trick on my mind?

'Kevin,' I heard, it was very weak at first and I tried to say it was just my imagination, but I heard it again, as though someone was calling me from a distance. My heart pounded and I instinctively drew the comforter tightly around me, my body shaking with fear. 'Kevin,' the voice called to me again, louder this time and more insistent.

Trying to rid myself of my fear by making sure there was nothing there, I peered over my comforter and toward the window. To my horror, I saw a face, horribly disfigured, staring back at me.

I threw the comforter halfway across my room in an effort to escape the look of the face. I dashed towards the doorway. I knew if I could escape my room, I could be free from the horrible face in the window. Just as I reached the doorway, I heard the shattering of the window. I was nearly frozen with fear, I turned towards the window, and gasped as I realized the creature was in the room with me.

I groped for the doorway, where I thought it was anyway. The door was no longer there. Instead it was rock, as if I were in a cave. A slimy substance was oozing down the walls. The odor was almost unbearable.

I could hear the creature breathing and knew it was watching me, waiting to strike. I felt nauseous and began frantically groping along the wall, desperately seeking a doorway for escape. I turned to face the evil in the hopes of defending myself.

My legs nearly buckled as a loud scream pierced my ears. The horrible creature jumped at he, sinking its claws deep into my shoulders. It pinned me against the wall with a force that shattered my bedposts, and I felt for sure it had shattered my ribs to. Warm blood poured down my chest as the creature sank its claws deeper in my shoulders.

In a raspy voice, it spoke to me saying, "It's time to die." I struggled to break free of its grasp, but only felt more pain as it sank its claws in deeper to restrain me.

I felt an agonizing pain overtake me as the creature broke my spine. I screamed again and again, but the louder I cried out, the tighter the creature's grip on my shoulders became. With a forcefull lunge, it clamped its jaws on my throat and I heard the sickening sound of the tearing of my own flesh. The creature backed off of its bite and let out a chilling and triumphant scream.

I was still determined to escape, but my effort was futile. I found myself lying on the floor. To painstruck to move. I turned just in time to see the creature, which looked much larger now, lunge at me once more.And with that final scream of agony, I woke up and sat, staring at my computer screen, sweat pouring down my body like rain.

The storm had subsided and the branches of the trees had ceased their restless swaying. Shaken, I rose to my feet and headed for the doorway.

I dropped to my knees as a sharp pain shot through my foot. I quickly grabbed my leg reached for the pain, discovering a small shard of glass embedded there. As I removed the glass, I heard the door groan in resistance and leaped back at the sound of something pounding angrily on the window's glass.

Turning fearfully towards the window, I found myself eye to eye with a creature so hideous, it defied description. With an insidious grin, it turned and vanished into the darkness.


Hiya! I was re-reading some stories a friend sent me a long time ago and I thought this one was kind of creepy. Not sure if its true, I don't know where my friend got it from. It's not mine.

I like it though, one heck of a story in my opinion. It would make a good half hour scary movie for Halloween, lol. thumbsup.gif


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