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Paranoid Android

Full punishment for the guilty

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I thought I'd share with you a story.

When I was 14, I got a Sunday job at the local newsagent as a paper boy. I met one of the other paper boy's there, who I became firm friends with. I used to hang out at his place with my brother and with some school mates pretty much every weekend. We're still great friends to this day.

But this story isn't about him or any of those friends I mentioned - that was just to give a little background for you. The story revolves around that guy's brother, Peter* (name changed for anonymity purposes).

Peter was dating a very lovely woman named Jenny* (name also changed for anonimity). On the surface, their relationship looked great. But underneath they had problems, and it all stemmed from the fact that Jenny used to be a prostitute. When they started dating, Jenny promised that she'd quit her profession and was not going to do that again. Jenny lied.

When Peter found out about this, in a fit of rage, he got the gun that they kept in the house and shot Jenny multiple times, killing her. He then went straight down to the police station, handed in the gun, confessed and asked to be put in a cell, expressing remorse at his actions.

At trial, he pleaded guilty to murder. He said he had no excuse, and what he had done wrong deserved punishment. He was given 18 years in the state's maximum security prison, in the same place as notorious back-pack serial killer Ivan Milat.

Now, I'm not going to excuse Peter's actions - there is no excuse for murder, even as a crime of passion. But has the state really got their priorities straight? 18 years for a crime of passion, for a man who turned himself in and pleaded guilty to the crime. If the state was consistent in dealing out such punishment, perhaps.

But when I see double/triple/quadruple murders, and the murderer staying in hiding, getting caught, going to trial, and the murderer then expressing no remorse, but citing some contrived piece of archaic law to get them out with about five or ten years, I can't help but see something fundamentally flawed in the justice system.

5-10 years for a callous, un-remorseful serial killer

18 years for a sorrowful man who turned himself in after a crime of passion

Something is not right.

Regards, PA

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You misunderstand. Ivan Milat is jailed for life. He won't be released. I was just using his case as an example of who this guy has spent the last 10 years with. I wasn't using Milat as an example of leniency within the justice system. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I should have made that clearer :blush:

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