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Israeli air strike kills 54


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Yes, that option should only available to those who don't cut the heads of their enemies and show it on video all over, to those who don't strap their children with explosive and blow them away together with people they hate, to those who don't yell "For Almighty God" before killing innocent people and to those who don't treat women like they are just pets at home.

yea your right....think about all those military installations in Hiroshima & Nagasaki ...they really deserved that, but thats just anchient history right.

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yea your right....think about all those military installations in Hiroshima & Nagasaki ...they really deserved that, but thats just anchient history right.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki was identified as an industrial site that supports/builds the war machines of the Japanese Army.

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Hiroshima and Nagasaki was identified as an industrial site that supports/builds the war machines of the Japanese Army.

Oh so all those hundreds of thousands of civilians that burned to death were just collateral damage, much like the women & children in Lebanon. Oh thats o.k. then i'll sleep a lot better now.

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Oh so all those hundreds of thousands of civilians that burned to death were just collateral damage, much like the women & children in Lebanon. Oh thats o.k. then i'll sleep a lot better now.

YUP! That is the reality of that War. The Japanese people were supportive of their government and the war. Their labor and effort is part of the war capability of the Japanese Imperial Army and to win you take out the war capability of your enemy.

It is not much of a collateral damage when the ones who gets killed is aiding the ones shooting at you and wants you dead as well.

Had the Lebanese been know to have been trying to rid of Hezbollah from their land, the story would have been different. Like I said, they somehow suffered the consequence for harboring such militant group.

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With the news that muslim extremists (British of Pakistani decent) wanted to blow up at least 20 planes full of innocent people, I really don't have alot of sympathy for muslims getting 'steamrollered' in this war. They have allowed and continue to allow the radicals from within thier society to hijack an entire religion (It was already backwards-just more so now). The war Israel is fighting right now is just a battle in a much larger war: The West vs. Islamic Fundamentalism..Being passive about it won't do you a bit of good. They will bring the war to you..

It's on!.. :gun:

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Come on...its patently obvious that targeting civilians is exactly what they are doing.

They're even targeting UN staff.

Well if we are going to be flippant....considering that Israel is one of the strongest, most technologically advanced military forces in the world with one of the biggest and best airforces and considering they have performed over 5000 air sorties they are doing a bloody poor job. Assuming you are correct and that they are targetting civilians and UN workers and that Lebanon is a very small country, quite densely populated then one civilian per five bunker busting bombs and untold shells is a dreadful return. It would have been cheaper to just give each civilian a million bucks and ask them to move.

Back to reality, read the UN report into the 'targetting' of UN workers. It is in this thread somewhere, I am surprised you missed it. That assumes you actually did some unbiased research before leaping to your viewpoint.

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Boy, just think, all these barber shop solutions would die a quick death if the arabs were to somehow take over the world, wouldn't they? What about the rest of us? Many of us raise hell if we can't complain withing earshot of the President. I wonder how long we'd all last in an arab ruled world. You know, one were women are not allowed to drive cars and men are forced to watch their families dipped in acid?

I swear to G-d, I wish the hippies were right and just talking to the devil would make him understand the error of his ways but, I'm sorry to bring the real world here but, it just ain't so.

Evil does exist, Virginia. Hitler was a practice round. Do you ever sit and wonder why this medium that you type on was not invented in the muslim world? Why didn't the communists ever dream this one up? (Keep voting socialist and you'll find out).

The truth, like it or not, is that free will is a wild animal. Holding back freedom is like holding the ocean in a fork. The freedom to read and epress ones self is what detroyed the Catholic hold on Europe. The freedom of communication will errode anything that tries to limit it. That's why China is taking steps to limit what Google can present.

Sit tight, my friends. The devil has been located. He is in the minds of countless millions. Evil is being pressure washed off of the land. some good soil wil be lost and some waste land will be the result but, the lost land will be insignificant in retrospect, when your daughters go to the voting boths and driving schools, and medical colledges, and are concidered equals to men.

Question the mission if you must but, irregardless of the means, the devil is in pain. Don't curse the old guard, It was the old guard that tried to put out the fire in the Library Of Alexandra. Don't embrace the new liberal ideas to tightly, they were the same ideas that destroyed the Greeks, the Romans, and may very well drag down the modern world.

Do you think that it's possible to say these things on the streets of a muslim ruled nation? Are you foolish enough to htink that these kinds of ideas would even be tolerated on the net in a muslim nation?

Call it racism if you will. I really don't care. There was a time when the only good NAZI was a dead NAZI. In the future they will say the same of islam. Do the math. Draw the paralells. They are each a system of belief, and both are not good for the resst of the world.

On the other hand.islam does not beniefit humans. It does not allow for new ideas, new science. It is caught in the middle ages. It's newest idea is ancient history.

It's not an issue of do you like it. You don't have to like it, but you should be smart enough to know that it's true.

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Iranians among Hizbollah combat dead - TV

JERUSALEM, Aug 10 (Reuters) - Members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard have been found among Hizbollah guerrillas slain by Israeli forces in southern Lebanon, Israel's Channel 10 television reported on Wednesday citing diplomatic sources.

It said the Iranians were identified by documents found on their bodies, but gave no further details on how many were discovered or when. Neither the Israeli military nor Hizbollah representatives in Beirut had immediate comment on the report.

Iran, like fellow Hizbollah patron Syria, insists its support for the Shi'ite guerrilla group is purely moral.

Israel says many of the rockets being fired against its civilian and military targets are Iranian made, and that Hizbollah fighters taking on its forces trained in Iran. Washington also accuses Tehran of actively funding Hizbollah.

Iran's Revolutionary Guards are traditionally very close to fellow Shi'ite Muslims in Hizbollah and were deployed in south Lebanon in the 1980s.


Well that's pretty interesting...

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Interesting but, old news. I'm sure that ERIKL has seen a few dead syrians amoung the terrorists too.

I've never said this to a man before but, ERIKL, may I sharpen your blade?????

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Interesting but, old news. I'm sure that ERIKL has seen a few dead syrians amoung the terrorists too.

I've never said this to a man before but, ERIKL, may I sharpen your blade?????

Yeah, I know but I only found the story tonight. Erikl is actually the one that told me about the Iranians found dead there in chat the other day. :tu:

I just keep getting irked that the UN isn't taking a gander towards Iran and Syria about their support to Hizbollah. <_< I mean, does a country really have to declare a war for them to wake up instead of just having a proxy type war? :rolleyes:

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Kratos :tu:

I know where you're coming from.

I would like to add that during the Korean conflict, the U.N. was a major leak.

On the one hand they demand d that the Soviet Empire cease it's agression. On the other han, every military move made had to be cleared throught the "Security Council", The Soviets were a member of that "Council".

Take note, the arabs are members of hte U.N. Would an arab nation, with a dedication to destroy Israel actually vote for anything that would negate that goal? Of course not. That's why they are demanding a return to the old status quo, the same setup they had before this latest incident.

In effect, they are asking for a "Do Over".

I wonder if the world is stupid enough to go back to a setup that didn't work last time and give the devil another ... "Do Over"?


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I guess this thread it as good as any to continue posting updates on the Lebanon/Israel conflict.

Israel takes key town in Lebanon

Israeli ground forces took control of a key southern Lebanese town and claimed strategic hilltop positions Thursday in a push to widen their hold on border areas before a possible drive deeper into the country.

The offensive on Marjayoun and nearby areas coincided with a decision by Israel to hold off on a planned major thrust to give diplomacy more time.


Israeli infantry advanced through Marjayoun and the southeastern town of Qlaiah overnight virtually unopposed. They were followed by tanks that drew intense Hezbollah fire.

"I can see two tanks burning some 500 meters from Marjayoun," one resident said by telephone.

A third tank arrived later and removed several casualties, he said, adding that Hezbollah fighters were raining rocket and mortar fire on the Israeli force between Marjayoun and Khiam.

The move into Marjayoun - a mostly Christian area about eight kilometers, or five miles, from the Israeli border - gives Israel an important foothold. The town was used as the command center for the Israeli Army and its allied Lebanese militia during an 18-year southern Lebanon occupation that ended in 2000. The high ground around Marjayoun, including the village of Blatt, overlooks the Litani River valley, one of the sites for the relentless Hezbollah rocket assault on northern Israel.

In Israel, Hezbollah rockets Thursday killed two Israeli Arabs, including an infant, medics said. Lebanese sources reported at least two civilian deaths.

The military gains in Lebanon, however, did not amount to a critical battlefield loss for Hezbollah. The Islamic guerrillas have little support in the Marjayoun area and Israeli forces came under heavy attack before reaching the town.

Hezbollah said it destroyed 13 Israeli tanks, including at least seven during fierce fighting on a critical travel route called the Khiam plain. Israel says Hezbollah has used the flatland for its rocket barrages on the Israel town of Kiryat Shmona. Israel did not immediately announce possible tank losses or casualties.

The fighting came just hours before a senior Israeli official, Rafi Eitan, announced that a planned expansion of the ground offensive would be delayed to give diplomats at the United Nations more room to seek a cease-fire deal. Lebanon and its Arab allies demand that Israel withdraw it forces as a precondition to any plan.


The strike at the nonworking lighthouse, built early in the last century during French colonial rule, was the first in central Beirut since a warning Aug. 3 by the Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah that such a move would bring retaliation against Tel Aviv.



Israeli troops pull out of Lebanese town

Israeli forces on Thursday withdrew from the southern Lebanese town of Marjayun after taking control of it for several hours, a top Lebanese security official said.

"There is no more Israeli presence in Marjayun," General Adnan Daoud, who leads a 1500 strong joint police and army force in the area, told the private Lebanese LBCI channel.

The Israeli army had said it was operating in the area of Marjayun, a mainly Christian town, that its forces were "going in and out of the town."

Hezbollah also was launching a counter-offensive against Israeli troops trying to advance towards the Shi'a Muslim group's stronghold of Khiam in south-east Lebanon, witnesses said.

Several Israeli tanks were destroyed during Hezbollah's counter attack amid violent clashes, they said. The Shi'a Hezbollah said it destroyed 14 tanks.

Israeli tank columns pushed seven kilometres into Lebanese territory towards Khiam, the site of a former notorious prison run by Israel's now defunct proxy South Lebanon Army militia during its long occupation of Lebanon.


They should really stop doing that, claiming to have taken control of a town and then pulling out right after. It makes them look like they are retreating or perhaps they are? Guerilla forces will routinely allow their enemy to roll into a town with little resistance only to counter when they get squeezed together in the streets making an easier target.

edit: the link to first story is now to a different story, IHT has pulled the story by the looks of it.

Edited by Hermetic Hermit
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Feel good story for a change: Israeli Brother Mourns Siblings by Donating Brother's Eyes to an Arab

NAHARIYAH, Israel, Aug. 10, 2006 — In an odd twist on battlefield injuries, an Israeli victim of Middle East violence has helped an Arab regain his vision.

Last week a deadly Hezbollah attack in northern Israel left two Israeli brothers dead.

They were both husbands with children, and in the immediate aftermath, it was hard for those on the scene to think of anything beyond the horror.

But their surviving brother did, and he asked surgeons if his brother's eyes could be donated to help others in need of medical assistance.

There was a long list of patients in need, including an Arab, Nikola Elias, who was blind in one eye and had lost nearly all his vision in the other eye.

Dr. Uri Rehany, an eye surgeon, said he was told by Motti Tamam to "go ahead" and use his brother's eyes to help the Arab man, as it would be a mitzvah, meaning a good deed.

Gaining Vision and Some Hope

The surgery was performed in a Nahariyah hospital in northern Israel, where the eye ward took a direct hit from a katyusha rocket.

Doctors worked in the basement, and the next morning Elias was able to see out of his new eye.

"He could read numbers," Rehany said.

When he was told a Jewish man was the donor, Elias was confused, the doctor said.

"There is a war between Israelis and Arabs on the one hand, and he is getting the cornea of a Jewish man, who was killed by an Arab missile," Rehany said.

Now, one week later, Elias' right eye is recovering beautifully.

He'd been waiting to meet the Jewish man who allowed this to happen, and today we brought the two men together.

"I feel happy because something from [my] brother is here," Tamam said. "Look, now my brother can see."

They held hands, exchanged phone numbers, and gave each other hope after Elias received a precious gift, in a war zone.



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Good story Kratos :tu:

Sounds like Olmert could use some good news these days....

Olmert must go

Ehud Olmert may decide to accept the French proposal for a cease-fire and unconditional surrender to Hezbollah. That is his privilege. Olmert is a prime minister whom journalists invented, journalists protected, and whose rule journalists preserved. Now the journalists are saying run away. That's legitimate. Unwise, but legitimate.

However, one thing should be clear: If Olmert runs away now from the war he initiated, he will not be able to remain prime minister for even one more day. Chutzpah has its limits. You cannot lead an entire nation to war promising victory, produce humiliating defeat and remain in power. You cannot bury 120 Israelis in cemeteries, keep a million Israelis in shelters for a month, wear down deterrent power, bring the next war very close, and then say - oops, I made a mistake. That was not the intention. Pass me a cigar, please.

There is no mistake Ehud Olmert did not make this past month. He went to war hastily, without properly gauging the outcome. He blindly followed the military without asking the necessary questions. He mistakenly gambled on air operations, was strangely late with the ground operation, and failed to implement the army's original plan, much more daring and sophisticated than that which was implemented. And after arrogantly and hastily bursting into war, Olmert managed it hesitantly, unfocused and limp. He neglected the home front and abandoned the residents of the north. He also failed shamefully on the diplomatic front.

Still, if Olmert had come to his senses as Golda Meir did during the Yom Kippur War, if he had become a leader, established a war cabinet and called the nation to a supreme effort that would change the face of the battle, a penetrating discussion of his failures could be postponed. But in blinking first over the past 24 hours, he has become an incorrigible political personality. Therefore, the day Nasrallah comes out of his bunker and declares victory to the whole world, Olmert must not be in the prime minister's office. Post-war battered and bleeding Israel needs a new start and a new leader. It needs a real prime minister.


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