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Retired FBI Agent Reveals Details Of JFK's Assassi

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Former Agent Says Oswald Made Offer To Cuban Officials

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It's been nearly 40 years since President John F. Kennedy's assassination, but questions and theories about the shooting that shocked the nation won't go away.

Retired FBI agent James Hosty says recently declassified documents reveal a lot of information about the case, with which he is intimately familiar. Before Kennedy was murdered, Hosty said he was assigned to investigate Lee Harvy Oswald.

In a book he penned, Hosty says Oswald visited the Russian Embassy in Mexico for clandestine reasons just before the assassination.

"They were trying to pull an inside coup and overthrow Castro, and Castro found out about it," Hosty said. "And that's when Oswald went to Mexico City, met with the KGB chief assassin for the Western Hemisphere, and met with the Cubans."

Hosty said he was already looking into Oswald before Kennedy's death, but was missing some details.

"We found out after the assassination that Oswald had offered to kill Kennedy to the Cubans," he said.

Hosty said that lack of information happened in part because investigative agencies were not sharing information.

"There was a breakdown on the part of the National Security Council, breakdown on a part of the FBI, breakdown on part of the CIA," he said.

Antonia reported that the pictures of the past are still not complete -- a sentiment which Hosty shared.

"We'll never know for sure because Oswald's dead," he said. "In fact, many of the people involved are deceased. It's been 40 years; it's kind of hard to put it all together."

Hosty was interviewed for a Nov. 20 ABC News special that will tie into the 40th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. He is also slated to speak Thursday at 7 p.m. at Johnson County Community College in a free event.

The Kansas City Channel

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In my opinion Hosty is suspicious.

First he claimed that oswald said nothing in there interview.

He claimed for years, that there were never any notes taken at that interview.

And then when he decided to publish his book, all of a sudden these hand written notes of the interview appeared.

If he had the notes hidden in his files, than for years he lied about there existense.

The Marsh collection.

There are some exellent JFK assasination Images and files in this collection.


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Scott McClellan's Dad Barr has also come out with a new book about the JFK murder I have seen him interveiwed on Paula Zahn and the Jesse Ventura show and seems very credible. His conclusion? LBJ was in on it also:

user posted image

Barnes & Noble

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Thank you for starting this Thread.

Odds are, I am probably one of the few Members on this site who remembers November 22nd in great detail, being a personal witness to History.

This year is the 40th Anniversary of the assassination. That fact alone is enough to give me nightmares! Difficult to comprehend that much time has passed.

When opening Pandora's Box, I am hoping that enough time has elapsed, that information WILL start coming out of the woodwork. Accurate information, that is.

However, Cuba is still ruled by the same dictator, 40 years later. Perhaps after his death, we may begin to know what REALLY happened.


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