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Ok, this is a story I wrote just to write something once. it´s not one of my best work, and the spelling might be bad (as well as the grammar), but I hope you enjoy it. (And, if anyone happens to live in Allentown, I really hope I won´t offend you).

Eikichi, Allentown

Eikichi was bored. He was sitting by the window of his small house in Allentown. Allentown was a small town on the outskirts of Pensylvania. All the houses were small and had only one room, except the Emperors house. The Emperor was a short and fat man, sitting on his throne all day pretending to read some importent papers, eventhough the entire Pensylvania knew that he couldn´t read. Eikichi didn´t like the Emperor. Twise he had asked for a job in the palace, and three times he had been turned down. Now he was sitting by his window, bored. He saw all the poeple walk past on their way to their jobs or to the town shop. Once Eikichi had seen all the poeple walk by him about four times, he desided to do something. So he took his coat, or what was left of it, for he didn´t have the money to by a new one, and walked out through the hole that should´ve had a door, but didn´t, for it had blown away in the last storm, and towards the palace. It wasn´t hard to find. If you just followed the road you´d get to it, and see the changes in the town on the way. Most of the houses near Eikichi missed doors and sometimes even windows, while the houses closer to the palace had doors, and sometimes two windows. The reason he was walking towards the palace was that there was no other way to go. Allentown was surrounded by a high wall, and the only way out was through some underground tunnels that had their start inside the palace, (what did you expect?) and ended in a forest outside the wall.

While he walked, Eikichi hummed a melody wich had no meaning, but it was the only melody he knew, so he had very little choise (if you didn´t count the option ”not humming”). Eikichi was going to leave the town for a while, but he had a small problem. How would he get past the gaurds that gaurded the door to the tunnel, but that was a problem that Eikichi didn´t reallt worry about. He wasn´t the brightest man in town, but he wasn´t stupid. He knew that even gaurds had to sleep and drink and so on, and the weather was on his side today. It was hot. Really hot. All he had to do was to bring the gaurds some water, well a lot of water, and then let nature have its course (not in the way one might think, though. the water in Allentown made the person who drank it fall asleep. everyone knew this, and yet everyone drank the water). Outside the town shop there sometimes stood a girl that sold water, since it was very dry in Pensylvania. ”Sold” might not have been the right word, though. Since there was a spring right outside the wall water was always avalible, so the girl accually gave it away, wich was good since Eikichi didn´t have any money.

Luck must´ve really smiled for Eikichi today, for the girl stood outside the shop with two barrles of water and a lot of cups.

”Hi there!” Eikichi said when he got up to her.

”Hello.” She answerd. ”Would you like a cup or water?”

”Give me two really big ones!” Eikichi said with a smile. she looked at him and sighed.

”Here you are.” She handed him two large cups of water. He took them and smiled again.

”Would you bring back some wood while you´re out there?” a voise behind Eikichi asked.

”Sure I can” he answerd and turned around. Behind him was his neighbour, a small thin man who couldn´t have more than a couple of years left to live, if even that much. ”How much wood?” he asked

”Just so that it´ll do for the fire toningt.” The man answerd.

”Will do! Take care, you all!” he walked away with the cups of water and a huge smile on his lips, humming the melody without meaning again. The man shaked his head and took a cup of water.

”He´ll only be gone for a couple of hours. It´s not like everyone´ll die before he comes back.” He said. the girl nodded and took a cup of water as well. They both drank, and a few seconds later, they fell to the ground, sound asleep. Unfourtunetly the fall would result in that the old man broke his leg and died from boodlost, so he wouldn´t need the wood that Eikichi would bring back, but Eikichi didn´t know that.

Eikichi had reached the palace now, and saw the gaurds who were standing outside the door. His smile grew when he saw that the soliders were thirsty, and he walked up to the quickly.

”Would you like some water?” Eikichi asked the gaurds and held out the two cups of water. The gaurds eyed him suspitatly, but took the cups and drank all the water. A few seconds later they fell to the floor, snoring. Eikichi laughed and jumped over the gaurds, contiuning through the door and out through the tunnels. The weather was nice outside Allentown, as well, and Eikichi had a good time as he walked the forest, picking up some branches to bring back to his neighbour, who didn´t need it anymore.

When he had walked the forset for a few hours, he desided that it was time to get back before the gaurds woke up, so he walked back to the door wich lead to the tunnels that would take him back to the palace. One of the odd things in Allentown. there was one tunnel that led out of town, and one tunnel that lead in, but only one door in the palace. This tunnel was shorter and easier to walk, so it didn´t take Eikichi more the a few minutes to get back, just to see that two new gaurds stood outside the door.

”Hi there!” Eikichi said to them, for he knew that he was already in trouble.

”Hmpf.” Said one of the gaurds.

”Come with me,” said the other and took Eikichi´s arm so that he dropped all the wood. He was lead to the Emperor, but he didn´t fright. The Emperor wouldn´t punish him so hard for just sneaking out a couple of hours.

”Who´s this?” the emperor asked when Eikichi was brought infront of him.

”A man who we found sneaking out, Emperor.” The gaurd answerd and bowed, draging Eikichi with him.

”Really?” the Emperor said. ”And how did you do that?”

Eikichi shrugged.

”No big deal. I gave the gaurds some water and they fell asleep. Then i sneaked past them and out through the tunnel. I´v done it a number of times, but I forgot that they were changing gaurds today.”

The emperor laughed, but was impressed.

”Did you really?” he asked. ”What is your name, son?”

”Eikichi.” Eikichi said.

”Very well, Eikichi. Do you have a job?”

”No. Never had the chanse to get one.”

”The you have a job now. As of today, you´ll be my entertainer.”

”Thank you. Do I have to do anything special?” Eikichi was slightly suprised by the greeting he got.

”Not really. Tell me a story from time to time, and make me laugh. That´s all you have to do.”

”All to easy. I´ve got a story for you right now, if you wish.”

”By all means.”

So Eikichi told a story his father had told him about a fox that chased a rabit into a hole he liked so much that the fox desided to stay, and he and the rabit became friends. Eikichi continued to tell stories to the Emepror for a long time, and he totally forgot all about disliking the Emperor and bringing the wood to his neighbour, that didn´t need it anymore. He lived hapily in the palace, and never took one stop outside the wall again, if he wasn´t send there on a job.

The End

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cool .. very nice ((Jer)) .. post another please .. rolleyes.gifthumbsup.gif

You should go on with these stories .. there are some people put there who would love to read them .. wink2.gif

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Thanks a lot, DJ. We´ll see if I post another.....all my other stories are quite long....

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