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Moonlanding- hoax or real event?


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Debate Topic: Was the moonlanding just a hoax or did Neil Armstrong really say those fateful words as he stepped down on another world?

Frogfish will be debtaing that we did land on the moon while abecrombie will be debating that it was a hoax, nothing more than a movie.

This is a 1v1 formal debate.

It will consist of an Introduction, 5 bodily posts and a conclusion from each participant. No Flaming, bad manners or profantities will be tolerated. Please make sure you quote ALL your sources!

Please be aware that:

There is a point deduction for debaters who fail to make a post within the 7 day time frame. The deductions will be 2 points for every day the participant fails to post after the 7 days.

This is to ensure that debates continue in a timely fashion. If for any reason you cannot post within the 7 days, please ensure that you let myself or Tiddlyjen know to avoid having the points taken off your debate.

If, however the participant does not then attempt to make a post for up to 2 weeks after the 7 day rule has started an immediate disqualification will occur.

Good luck!

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The Apollo 11 Moon landing...Definitely "one small step for man but one giant leap for mankind". In a race against the Soviets, the USA landed on the moon first, claiming victory. They collected samples, took pictures, and sent messages. Alas, even with all this evidence, many still dismiss the Apollo landings as a hoax! They say we had no reason...we didn't have the technology.To call such a great achievement for the astronauts, the US, and the rest of humanity is a shame.

In this debate, I wish to convey to you how and why the Apollo 11 Moon landings are real. To deal out undeniable proof that this was no hoax, but rather a representation of the ingenuity and perseverence of man.

My 5 Bodily Posts

1. How and why we went to the moon

2. Picture Evidence

3. Physical Evidence

4. NASA's opinion

5. The Nature of Conspiracies

I hope this debate will change the minds of the conspiracisy theorists, so that they can appreciate and stand in awe of one of mankinds greatest feats.

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First off, I would like to acknowledge the Debate board, Saruman , the debate moderaters, judges, organizers and leaders and the members here in this 2006 season. Now we are beginning a new tournament and therefore round 1 is here , I wish goodluck to frogfish in debates tournament 2006= hope readers are intreaged by fair and reasonable ways we will argue two different points on the same topic.fairly so it might keep and hold a newcomers interests in debate forum. Frogfish , put your seatbelt on ,…its going to be a bumpy ride , . Abecrombie. Lol-seriuosly though…..



Apollo 11 : Moonlanding: Portrays Hoax

The year:1969

NASA was to be the main communications in the Apollo lunar flights to the moon.

Mission: Apollo 11


Who remembers the Moon landing when it was broadcast over a televised channel in the year of 1969 ? . Moreover, that famous flag posted on the lunar surface? Who remembers the many photographs that became the icons of NASA and the moonlanding flights of the Apollo missions and the astronauts Neil Armstrong?

What more, even to those who where not even born yet, have heard the infamous quotes of Neil Armstrong when supposingly set foot on the moon and at live broadcast states,” one step for man, one giant leap for mankind”?

Of course, we have all heard of these major topics ive just mentioned. Why? 1969 was culture popular, and many changing technologies, along with civil awakenings, were fresh and benefiting in the reputation as well as economic standpoint of the America. Important military status put us in first as power and as a country when it came to he international relations, that’s the real game plan and we as a population arent always allowed to play or even observe.

. Markets, treaty’s, and natural resources, as well as trade the market was thriving.

The U.S.A. was suddenly having re-occurring spurts of a beneficial uplifting on the charts of technoli achievements and at the turn of the century the space age was born.

Movements such as to activists and civil rights leaders, laws were brought forth by them and then to be murdered at the very decade, al with in the years concerning the 1969 events similar to the cause, foremost ever-changing year especially the year of 1969. It is because of these many coincidences

In addition, altering events of the time before Apollo 11, and even after apollo11, it is these missing gaps of questionable authenticity are jepordized.

It is those in political positions, who have kept the basic population out of top secret files, out of restricted areas, no comments ,or ,and cover-ups, that meet the string and ties the criteria. Tangled up, those knots fit together a firmly stitched fabrication of what many are referring as a hoax.

In my ongoing posts merely these five basics bodily posts will be brought about, and the source as well.

Let us ask ourselves this important question. Why wouldn’t it {the u.s. moonlanding of Apollo 11} be a hoax?Why? More questions are answered to reason out these motives, of a hoax.

Any conspriericy theory making more sense, than in history s’ inprovable facts or always changing what the facts are to fit in with whatever is in present pascifying the ear of the people. .must be a cover up . A hoax. The real question is why ?


CONTENTS …5…bodily posts


I will start my bodily post #1



Bodily post # 2

“Not so” picture Perfect


Bodily post #3

THE LOST FILM {, nasa lost in space }


Bodily. Post #4

ARPANET- alternate motives


Bodily post #5

President Nixon and Military relations,

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