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Africa-The forgotten world?

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Has the continent of Africa and its people been ignored and abandoned by the rest of the world or are we do all we can with results hardly measurable in the short-tem?

Pagan_2K will be debating that we do ignore Africa, its people and its problems while Subtemperate will be debating that we are doing all we can and will eventually save this beautiful land and its people.

This is a 1v1 formal debate.

It will consist of an Introduction, 5 bodily posts and a conclusion from each participant. No Flaming, bad manners or profantities will be tolerated. Please make sure you quote ALL your sources!

Please be aware that:

There is a point deduction for debaters who fail to make a post within the 7 day time frame. The deductions will be 2 points for every day the participant fails to post after the 7 days.

This is to ensure that debates continue in a timely fashion. If for any reason you cannot post within the 7 days, please ensure that you let myself or Tiddlyjen know to avoid having the points taken off your debate.

If, however the participant does not then attempt to make a post for up to 2 weeks after the 7 day rule has started an immediate disqualification will occur.

Good luck!

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(I assume i am suppose to go first)

In the present there are many problems that the world is encountering, from homelessness and disease... to drought and natural distasters. Everywhere you look there are people in need, Africa obviously not being an exception.... In this debate I wish to convey the fact that whilst the problems in Africa are serious issues that should concern us all, steps are being taken that will see us get on top of the issues, and the people and their land will be saved.

I wish the best of luck to Pagan with his side of the debate :)

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