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Van Helsing

Nazca Lines

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Van Helsing

I was watching the latest episond of the TV show which aired 10/25 and was sur-

prised when the segment about the Nazca lines ( Sp?) came on. The narrator rambled on about what the lines could "be" and mentioned within his list "landing strips for alien spacecraft". This really took me by surprise because this was a major topic of controversy regarding the validity of Eric Von Daniken's scholorship and intention in publishing his "Chariots Of The Gods?". The photo which he published along with the speculation that the lines were landing strips for UFO's was blasted in another book which showed the same photo of the same line with a persons foot in it. The "landing strip" was about six inches across and four inches deep.

There are plenty of valid speculations regarding those and many other carvings found around the world. It just seems a little irresponsible to mention, even in passing, one that has been shown to be a misconception at best and a blatent attempt to deceive for the sake of fostering a point of view at worst.

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Welcome aboard Van Helsing , supa name BTW thumbsup.gif

We have had several discussions on the Nazca lines HERE is one of my favorites . It would be great to hear some practical theories on the subject . I'm not sure the landing strip theory is very well thought out , butl then again those little green men might only have little space ships .

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