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drew hempel

Einstein Verus the Freemasons

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The Perimeter of Patriarchy: Einstein versus the Freemasons

By Drew Hempel, M.A. (anti-copyright)

The term conspiracy comes from the Latin word conspirare used to describe the medieval ritual of secretly breathing together to bond the community to the land, as detailed recently by Ivan Illich. The root of conspirare is spiro meaning spiral and with the prefix “con” the word conspiracy is the structure of “spiral unity,” as emphasized by the philosopher F.W. Schelling. Freemasonic conspiracy is therefore not dependent on secret groups of elite individuals doing satanic rituals, although this does occur. Freemasonic conspiracy is actually a structural “spiral unity” drive based in the resonating torque of the Sun, Moon and Earth.

Freemasonry evolved from the Solar Dynasties of the ancient city-states in the Fertile Crescent or the Levant—meaning literally “Sun Riser.” The amazing independent scholar, Acharya S., author of The Christ Conspiracy, gives a detailed analysis of the ancient struggle between matrifocal, lunar-based cultures and patriarchal, war-mongering Freemasonic Solar empires. For example in “Mithra, Light of the World” a chapter of her latest book “Suns of God” Acharya S. connects the ancient city-states to the later Freemasonic Roman empire: “As noted, because Mithraic art of the Persians and Indians does not depict Mithra with the Bull, it is claimed that Indo-Persian Mithraism is not the same as that of Rome. In reality, the bull was sacred to the sun god and was an early solar symbol because of its connection to agriculture, in drawing the plough, which is why the time of planting is called ‘Taurus’ and is represented by the bull. In actuality, the solar-bull motif is found in very ancient cultures, including the Sumerian, upon whose seals is depicted the flaming ‘Bull of Heaven,’ representing the sun’s ‘fierce aspect.’” For an academic argument of the same ancient Solar Dynasty global imperialism see professor Rodney Needham’s book “Right and Left: Essays on dual symbolic classification,” edited by and with introduction by anthropology professor Rodney Needham, forward by E.E. Evans-Pritchard (University of Chicago Press, 1973).

Ever since humans created a “symbolic revolution” to contain infinity by the Freemasonic foundation ritual of squaring the circle—traced back to 9,000 B.C.E. in the Cambridge University Press 2000 book “The Birth of the Gods and the origins of agriculture” by archaeologist Jacques Cauvin—there has been an increasing patriarchal war-mongering drive against the Lunar matrifocal water-earth energy. This global structural imbalance is based on the repression of what’s called in Indian Vedic yogic philosophy “the Golden Womb”—the nonlocal consciousness of the fourth dimension of space that can never be symbolized. Just like a spring being increasingly strained as its twisted in one direction, the fourth dimension of space that is the Eternal Feminine consciousness is now returning full-force in the opposite, left-hand, right-brain direction through the paradoxes of the what’s called in science “the three body problem”—the nonlinear macroquantum chaos of the Moon-Sun-Earth harmonics. As I will be detailing, the Moon-Earth water torque resonance of the Freemasonic mathematical right-hand, left-brain spiral is, with apocalyptic force, springing back against modern science. I call this the conspiracy of the natural resonance revolution.

The late UC-Berkeley math professor Abraham Seidenberg gives great credence to the structural basis of Freemasonry controlling science. Math professor Seidenberg published three essays in the academic journal “Folklore” that connect his research to the Freemasonic ritual sacrifice origins of mathematics (he references his other “ritual sacrifice” essays entitled “ritual origins of counting,” “ritual origins of geometry,” and “ritual origins of the circle and square” published in the math journal “Archive for History of Exact Sciences”). Seidenberg’s argument is that there is a global myth using ritual sacrifice derived from a secret organization using ritual geometry. His work, published in “Folklore” Volume 94 issue #2, 1983; Vol. 80, 1969 and Vol. 70, 1959, is in collaboration with Lord Raglan and is clearly a promotion of Freemasonry.

Seidenberg and Lord Raglan state their position: “The two most important institutions are, or were, the divine kingship and the dual organization…. the dual organization and the kingship, both being descendants of the Creation ritual, and even that the dual organization results from the orientation of the group to its groups of neophytes, male and female.” Here’s another angle on the summary of his argument: “We start with the dual organization and the Creation ritual involving the dismemberment of a sacrificial victim. The two sides in general play opposite or complementary roles, and in elaboration of this dual nature of the ritual, one side creates the things above, the other the things below. Each side is given the appropriate part of the sacrificial victim, the top half to the sky side, the bottom half to the earth side.” And then again: “To summarize it briefly, we have to recall an ancient principle or form of social organization, the dual organization. In the dual organization, the community is divided into two groups…. This ‘actual fact’ is the dual organization whose ‘diffusion in independent centers’ is presumably a natural phenomenon of the same order as ‘diamonds are hard’ or ‘grass is green.’” Seidenberg, quoting F.M. Cornford’s classic book “From Religion to Philosophy,” continues the summary, “we could, perhaps, go along with Cornford’s suggestion that since the social group is two-fold and the cosmos is two-fold, a correspondance would be seen between the social organization and the cosmos…. Myth and ritual (alone) often illuminate each other, but in the case of Separation no two of the three—myth, ritual, social organization—suffice to explain all of the relevant facts.” Other conspiracy researchers have documented that using the term “illuminate” is a conspiracy code reference to be picked up by Freemasons.

What exactly does professor Seidenberg mean by the “Separation” ritual? He quotes Lord Raglan for further details: ”’The main thesis is that the development of building practice and the ideas of world-structure acted and reacted to each other.’ For example, at one point in the development of architecture one finds square buildings held up by four posts, one at each corner; correspondingly, one finds myths saying that the sky is square and help up by four posts (or pillars, or supports of some kind), one at each corner. Still earlier, one may conjecture, the cosmos was considered to be four-fold and this gave rise to four posts. The ritual scene was originally circular and was divided into four quadrants as a result of the actions of a dual organization on it.” What was the ritual scene for the square buildings? “the central ancient rite was a creation rite involving the sacrifice of a man: a man is killed and the world is created from his body.” In the footnotes Seidenberg notes that “house-building spreads more easily than sacrifice”—ah, so quaint yet illuminating!

The Solar Dynasty Freemasonic geometrical sacrificie creation ritual paradoxically equates Solar gold ritual human sacrifice with physical eternal life—the transmutation of the body into an eternal astral realm. This alchemy is achieved by attempting to contain infinity through a Solar calendar ratio cycle of 12×30 = 360. From this Solar calendar Archimedes, the military engineer, developed the western science definition of “pi” literally meaning the perimeter of the circle—this was an attempt to “square the circle” using a “transcendental” number that can not be defined by ancient matrifocal resonating ratios, as I will explain. The problem with “pi” is that it is violated by Einstein’s theory of relativity in what’s called “The Ehrenfest Paradox”—the rotating of spiral galaxies violates the Freemasonic Solar creation sacrifice ritual ratio of the circumference to the radius. Now science, through the macroquantum chaos “three body problem” of the Sun-Moon-Earth, is confronting the fact that the Freemasonic Solar Gold ritual sacrifice mathematics is not correct and the galactic cosmos has something else in mind for the control of Earth.

Professor David F. Noble has traced the modern science institutions to Freemasonic philosophy. Noble in his stunning book “The Religion of Technology” (1997) writes “If the Freemasons were among the earliest advocates of industrialization, perhaps their most lasting and important, and heretofore unexamined, role was as midwives in the birth of the latest incarnation of spiritual men, the engineer. For engineering emerged as much out of Masonry as it did out the military (indeed, the military itself was rife with Masonry).” Historian David F. Noble, former M.I.T. professor and Smithsonian curator, reveals that modern corporate-state science is driven by the concealed religious aim of recreating God’s dominion over the earth and reviving mankind’s original image-likeness to God. Noble traces the deeply troublesome origin of modern science and technology policy to the ninth-century Benedictine monks under the Carolingian Empire, as directed by court philosopher John Scotus Erigena.

Under Erigena, for the first time in western history “the mechanical arts” were lead by a materialistic millenarianism with a cultural impact that makes Y2K seem like only a faint echo. As Noble records, according to the new view of the imperial controllers, ”’It was precisely power over nature [that] Adam had lost by original sin.’” With this in mind, Man was envisioned as the universal co-creator with God, and as Noble points out, according to the elite planners: An exclusive “saintly existence” and a “new race of men” will follow the necessary and divine cleansing of Armageddon via the “redemptive powers of technology.” Noble describes how the final secularization of these scientific “spiritual men” occurred in the development of elite engineering institutions through the Freemasons and their offspring of positivism. Karl Marx even became a great proponent of the Freemasonic “Edenic respites from labor.” Space flight, nuclear weapons production, computer-based artificial life and genetic engineering are documented by Noble to be destructive symptoms of a mad goal to create the second perfect Adam. The “scientific saints” renounce responsibility for enacting escalation toward their self-fulfilling global end-times.

Imperial philosopher John Scotus Erigena was continuing the Freemasonic Platonic mathematics that structurally control science, as well documented by professor Joscelyn Godwin. Godwin notes in his book “Harmonies of Heaven and Earth” that Erigena “first considers the planetary harmony in terms of speed. His scale of speeds is idiosyncratic: a compromise between the two varieties (Moon-fast and Moon-slow).” Erigena states in his “Commentary on Martianus Capella,” considered by Godwin to be Erigena’s most important work, “The sound of the Sun is between Saturn and the sphere, like the mese between the aforesaid two strings.” In line with the Freemasonic Solar Dynasty conspiracy lineage, CalTech math professor Eric Temple Bell wrote that infinity can be contained in Platonic geometry and that the best example is the Great Pyramid of Egypt! NeoDarwinist Richard Dawkins utilizes Freemasonic Platonic geometry in the nanoengineering attempt to convert left-hand spiraled carbon-based ecology into right-hand spiraled silica-based (Freemasonic geometric desert) synthetic ecology. Professor Michael J. B. Allen in his recent essay “Marsilio Ficino: Daemonic Mathematics and the Hypotenuse of the Spirit” published in the M.I.T. Press book “Natural Particulars” (1999) gives great detail about the structural essence of Platonic Freemasonic math and its ritual power as modern science.

Allen states, “In exercising these geometrical powers, the geometer-magus would be drawing on the computational and manipulative skills that Ficino and the later Platonic tradition he inherited [John Scotus Erigena] had already assigned to the daemons.” Allen notes that Ficino, funded by the Freemasonic Medici Dynasty, unified music theory, optics and astrology by utilizing the resonance power of Pythagorean ratios. “Ficino clearly rejoiced in some at least of the figural extensions (with the puns this terms implied) of the Pythagorean mathematics that Timaeus is propounding here. For his own Timeaus commentary explores the implications and arrives at an interpretation that identified the Soul itself as the examplary triangle, its triple powers corresponding to the three angles and three sides of the archetypal geometric figure.” Allen emphasizes the structural nature of this Freemasonic control: “the notion of roots and powers—that is, of self-divison and self-multiplication—suggests that daemonic agency is ever present in the realm of mathematics.” Allen concludes: “An awareness of this mathematical Platonism (dominated by geometrical ratios) is surely called for if we are ever to establish with confidence the valencies governing early modern science, its artful exploration of Browne’s ‘things artificial.’”

The latest cosmological Freemasonic science postulates that dark energy and dark matter dominate the galaxies which, through Einstein’s theory of relativity, violate the value for the Imperial Solar Dynasty “pi” math. The newest experiments are verifying that the universe exists in a higher dimension of space curled up within the normal three spatial dimensions. Einstein’s theory of relativity determines that gravity waves can be sinusoidal—like the matrifocal yin-yang symbol or the Pythagorean Ouroborus snake eating its tail—but the sinusoidal gravity waves would be massless as the foundation for the macroquantum chaos dark energy. Eddington could not believe Einstein and called these sinusoidal (or scalar) waves “the speed of thought.” Even Einstein could not believe in the sinusoidal, massless gravity waves but it turns out that these “yin-yang” waves are now confirming the truth of Pythagorean matrifocal shamanism and are called “axion waves” by current science models.

Only these axion waves, described in detail in Professor Lawrence Krauss’ book “Quintessence” (2000), enable a correction to macroquantum chaos cosmology but the Pythagorean-Einsteinian sinusoidal waves will change the value of all Freemasonic mathematics. In fact cosmological unified field theories are based on the concept that the sacred “constants” of mathematics, like the Freemasonic Solar calendar “pi,” change based on the view point of the observer. The highest level Freemasonic math, “commutative geometry,” developed by Alain Connes who promotes music as the formal language of quantum computing in his 2001 book ‘Triangle of Thoughts,” even acknowledges that one plus one does not equal two—again because of the resonating fourth dimension of space! Physicists are already transmitting coherent signals in quantum electronics that were supposedly not allowed under classical physics—called “spooky action at a distance” by Einstein. Science is already manipulating superliminal information not limited by space and in fact the information bends time! The latest quantum computing experiments are considered to be the equivalent of the “yin-yang” symbol first used by Niels Bohr because two particles share the same complimentary space by having the opposite spins. The Freemasonic science think tanks (i.e. The Santa Fe Institute and Los Alamos Labs described in Freemasonic terms by science and anti-conspiracy writer George Johnson)utilize “macroquantum chaos” (a variant of the Freemasonic “Order out of Chaos” motto) as the cutting edge of science.

Macroquantum chaos science also relies on the fourth dimension of space—called the Klein Bottle—and, just as Einstein’s sinusoidal gravity waves, it too is represented as the yin-yang symbol or the ouroboros—the snaking eating its own tail. In fact the fourth dimension of space can never be conceptualized as a structure by the Freemasonic scientists—this is the focus of Mary Daly’s latest radical ecofeminist book called also, like professor Krauss’ book, called “Quintessence”—the name for the matrifocal nonlocal Golden Womb consciousness. Because Freemasonic science is driven by the Solar dynasty alchemical greed, Mother Earth is striking back as the torque of the water-moon cycles resonate a new balance with the sinusoidal gravity waves that have macroquantum chaos coherence (i.e. Hurricane Katrina).

The military Freemasonic think tanks are relying on nanoengineering to save both the water and oil crisis. Nanoengineering manipulates atoms (or Adams) by using macroquantum algorithms so there is a self-assembling of nonlinear molecules. New water filters will not have to rely on ionic conduction—a much slower and energy intensive process—because the nanowater filters have such a vastly increased surface area and the structure of water is being made more like a crystal. Sandia Labs, owned by Lockheed Martin Marietta—in turn owned by the Freemasonic Carlyle Group—is creating a new nanoengineered solar water transducer to produce hydrogen fuel. The Freemasonic scientists are relying on these two new “macroquantum chaos” crystal-water devices to control the masses.

The aura of alchemical science is an electrochemical change that works by quantum diffraction gradients. Small wave changes in light enable a superliminal reading of chemical changes so signals of biowarfare terrorism can be detected and monitored by satellite, as described in the recent book “Nanotechnology and Homeland Security.” These silica-DNA quantum nanodots will be embedded or implanted into the human bloodstream and integrated globally so there will be protection from terrorists. There are even plans by Cambridge University to convert the whole planet into a higher dimensional macroquantum chaos superconducting holograph. Tesla was already working on this plan and his research was absconded by the Freemasonic scientists—this Tesla work is continued by Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher now collaborating with former CIA mind-control remote-viewing scientist Dr. Russell Targ. The key again is scalar, sinusoidal gravity waves that resonate back into the fourth dimension of space as consciousness—the reason Tesla developed his special Tesla Coil was because it ONLY uses sinusoidal waves or Pythagorean sound-based macroquantum chaos phonon waves. Project HAARP utilizes this “tesla coil” technology for weather manipulation and also NASA uses pulsed ionized plasma propulsion to drive the big black flat triangle spacecraft, again derived from resonating sinusoidal zero energy macroquantum chaos coherence.

How did this conspiracy or spiral unity drive start as a philosophy of science? The foundation of Freemasonic philosophy is phonetic, left-brain language that defines God (the word God comes from the Indo-European word Gott meaning Bull) as “I Am that I Am.” The pronoun “I” equals 1 and “Am” equals 2:3:4 as yin/yang-Tetrad resonance of “that”—the fourth dimension of space as nonlocal consciousness. The connection between phonetic language and Freemasonic geometry is the macroquantum chaos eigenvalues of gematria (how letters logically add up to numbers to create a transcending resonance of “I-again” values). Gematria is based on the Freemasonic Golden Ratio —the foundation for the Freemasonic cathedrals of medieval Europe as detailed by professor Arnold Pacey in his classic book “The Maze of Ingenuity”, 1974, reprinted by M.I.T. Press, 1992. Dr. Mario Livio in his recent book on the golden ratio states it controls the dynamics of black holes through the event horizon square but John Wheeler states that the real number continuum for the Golden Ratio does not exist since black holes are based on “It from Bit” as detailed in the science book “Strange Matters: Undiscovered ideas at the frontiers of space and time” by Tom Siegfried, reissued 2004. This Golden Ratio black hole paradox is because Magnitude as Imperial Force is proven by using gematria letters as symbols for “contained infinity” Number. This “bait and switch” gematria genius was first started by the Freemasons Archytas, Plato and Eudoxus and is also the reason why the matrifocal Tetrad Harmonic Series, the basis of the Riemann Hypothesis, is not provable by logic. Macroquantum chaos math professor Steve Strogatz recently wrote that the Riemann Hypothesis, the foundation of all mathematics and unified field theories, is a “conspiracy of nature and number, atom and arithmetic.” You get a million dollars if you can prove the Riemann Hypothesis as detailed in the book “Music of the Primes.”

This Freemasonic gematria left-brain phonetic philosophy of science was first used in the Babylonian Zoroastrian, Egyptian, Vedic and Hellenistic Solar Dynasty technology. To offset the “crowd diseases” or pandemics of the early city-state empires there was developed new empire expanding ritual technologies in allegiance with the reptilian brain mass sacrifice holographic information—professor Abraham Seidenberg documents this “squaring of the circle” Freemasonic sacrifice ritual as an altar geometry technology used by Indian Brahmans in 3,000 B.C.E. If a Freemason iron-forging alchemist completely separates themselves from the complimentary opposite yin-Lunar-water matrifocal energy and then focuses as a sinusoidal harmonic oscillator on the source of the I-thought (the logical foundation of all phonetic language) eventually the Heart stops for 15 minutes and an UnDead, Eternally Liberated Reptilian Freemason is achieved (called the direct path of the Jnana in traditional Vedic philosophy). In his book “The Muse in the Machine” (1994) Yale computer science professor David Gelernter, victim of the Unabomber, discusses the “Zombie” illusion behind humans’ amazing capability to “tune” their brains for the sense of I-awareness. For esoteric yoga details see the books “Talks with Ramana Maharshi”; “Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality” (1970) translated by Charles Luk; “Iron, Gender and Power: Rituals of transformation in African societies” (1993) by Professor Eugenia W. Herbert and “In the Eyes of the Night: Witchcraft among a Senegalese people” (1971) by Dr. William S. Simmons.

At this point of achieving eternal liberation through resonance of the Reptilian heart-mind, the left-hand directed, right-brain matrifocal carbon-based Lunar-water molecules resonate back to their fourth-dimensional space consciousness foundation and then turn around, as the UnDead Reptilian holographic information, to spiral back as right-hand directed, left-brain Freemasonic technological “contained infinity” gematria Magnitude or Imperial Force. This free “zero-point” energy as consciousness phenomenon is called the “cycloid-spiral space-curve motion” by the tetrahedral water naturalist Victor Schauberger who was supposedly forced to develop U.F.O. military technology for the U.S. and the Nazis. Maverich biologist Stan Gooch also details this right-brain, left-hand phototropic asymmetry in his book ‘Total Man: notes towards an evolutionary theory of personality” (1972). Again this conspiracy as spiral unity, called the natural resonance revolution, is first contained by the Freemasonic Solar Dynasty “pi” squaring of the circle math derived from phonetic language that is left-brain, right-hand dependent—as detailed in professor Christopher Knight’s forthcoming book “The Human Conspiracy.” From these Freemasonic mass sacrifice rituals of geometry the chariot, the catapult, the cannon and gunpowder were developed to expand the Solar Dynasty empires. From these initial alchemical developments there has been an increasing acceleration of a structural transformation of three dimensional space into a Freemasonic Solar geometry silica-based holograph.

Science has proven that comets carry amino acids that can create organic, carbon-based life and also comets have a nonlinear trajectory that have a great chance of instantly destroying all life on Earth. A handful of scientists are trying to monitor and develop a reaction to comets but Earth would only have a 90 day waiting period and the trajectory of the comet is unpredictable. Also the most easily created technology to destroy the comet would be a hydrogen bomb greater than all the hydrogen bombs on Earth put together—this apocalyptic Force is also the equivalent of the impact from a comet. The Freemasonic scientists argue that finally we have the chance to solve the problem that destroyed the dinosaurs and also the mammal-like Reptilian Gorgons of 280 million years ago. But unfortunately the funding is not there and the science does not seem safe at all since it would enable proliferation of even more dangerous weapons.

Why has science run into this comet deadlock? Because Freemasonic science is controlled by the same amoral Reptilian brain of the Gorgons and dinosaurs since the Freemasonic ritual-accessed pineal gland holographic information is tied into the fourth dimension of space that is eternal. Saturn is Time in the ancient Solar Dynasties while Jupiter controls three dimensional Space as Zeus. Jupiter protects us from comets but quantum chaos cosmology has proven, as discussed in the article “Chaotic Heavens: Can mysterious wobbles in Jupiter and Saturn’s orbits spell doom for life on Earth?” in the Feb. 28th, 2004 issue of the magazine New Scientist that, in an unpredictable “Order out of Chaos” manner, Saturn and Jupiter resonate in the matrifocal ratio of 2:5 causing asteroids and comets to resonate in the matrifocal ratio of 4:5 thereby destroying all life on Earth. Since this is “Order Out of Chaos” it is cyclical (just read Rene Guenon’s anti-Freemason science book “The Reign of Quantity”) and will happen again but the precise time can not be known.

What gets left out of this cosmology analysis is that the comet ratio 4:5 comes from the secret Freemasonic equilateral 3:4:5 ratio for humanistic science that Marsilio Ficino discovered in Plato’s Pythagorean-based cosmological Timaeus. The Solar Dynasty Pyramid Power depends on a four-sided tetrahedral triangle with each side composed of two 3:4:5 triangles (the same structure of Lunar-controlled “free-energy” water molecules as recently documented in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London by physics professor J.L. Finney, 2004, in his article “What’s So Special about water?”). Once “infinity is contained” by Freemasonic “squaring of the circle” Solar geometry philosophy then a logarithmic, equal-tempered music scale (first created by Archytas for catapults and promoted in Plato’s Timaeus) and analytic geometry model is developed (first developed by Galileo for cannons) but the ratios are in dissonance with the Lunar-water free-energy resonance. My freely readable online exposes of the latest Freemasonic global science master plans (“The Real Matrix” and “The Actual Plan for the Matrix”) document how the macroquantum chaos scientists are still relying on what’s called “the music logarithmic spiral” in a mad attempt to “contain infinity” with geometry. For a mainstream description of this Freemason design straight from the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton see also Dr. John Casti’s recent book “One True Platonic Heaven” (2003).

The Solar Dynasty calendar (12×30 = 360) is actually the resonance of the 12 harmonic Major fifths (2:3 or yang) or its complimentary equivalent the Major Fourth (3:4 or yin). This is why Blues music (and Punk Rock, etc.) use primarily the 1-4-5 chord progression that bends notes in an intuitive attempt to overcome the Freemasonic equal-tempered music imperial mind control. The Pythagoreans taught the matrifocal Tetrad which is the Pyramid as 1:2:3:4 (think of dots increasing as a triangle). This Tetrad is seemingly a two-dimensional symbol, but like the yin-yang symbol, it connects to the sinusoidal, scalar gravitational waves of the fourth dimension of space that is nonlocal consciousness. Plato and his collaborator, the military engineer Archytas, stole the analysis of Pythagoras and with Eudoxus these Freemasons changed the meaning of Number so that it became three-dimensional Magnitude as Imperial Solar Dynasty Force. (Magnitude is literally the philosophical basis for the split between Nazi Matrix quantum mechanics and Einstein’s theory of relativity transcending the Matrix—which is why Einstein could not accept quantum mechanics). Pythagoras did not create the logarithmic (“contained infinity” equilateral, humanistic) Pythagorean Theorem—Eudoxus and Archytas did! As Cambridge Ph.D. philosopher Peter Kingsley details in his recent book “In the Dark Places of Wisdom” Pythagoras, a matrifocal shaman, was driven out of the Athenian Empire even though he is still considered the “Father” of Science. Both Galileo and Newton derived the studies of gravity directly from the Tetrad of Pythagoras as documented by Professor James Bunn.

Humanistic Freemasonic Science depends on the 4:5 ratio (Saturn-Jupiter ratio) because it extends the fourth dimension of space, modeled by the 1:2:3:4 Tetrad, into the humanistic, equilateral three space dimensions that are the basis of bifocal vision (in constrast to the third eye of the Reptilian pineal gland). The secret of Freemasonic Science is that mass sacrifice to the god of humanistic Jupiter-Zeus must occur to appease the spirits that control three dimensional space even though the 1:2:3:4 yin-yang, sinusoidal matrifocal nonlocal consciousness truth is eternal. The Solar astral realm of the electro-chemical holograph Matrix, the focus of macroquantum chaos nanoengineering, is only a temporary, Freemasonic, Reptilian realm, while the Eternal Feminine, Golden Womb of nonlocal dark energy consciousness will forever create life in the universe.

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To much reading(slow reading too). How about a brief synopsis.

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A synopsis would be nice.

And a question or two:

How much of this does the OP actually understand?

Or is it just a copy and paste job?

What are the OP's thoughts on this?

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I posted it and I wrote it. Yeah it's long but there's a lot more where that came from:


More details:

Basically the scientists are insane and are not in control. Science is part of a grander cycling of the elements -- with water as the pivot. Left-hand directed carbon-based ecology (wood) is being replaced by right-hand directed silica-based A.I. (rock) using right-hand directed metal and left-brain science.

That which remains unchanged is nonlocal consciousness beyond spacetime, the ether that is the source of the I-thought.

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That's quite a read. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. :)

It all boils down to the theories like unto:




"If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts." Albert Einstein

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More of similarly worded anti-science analysis:

Chaos Heart of Freemasonry by drew hempel, MA (anti-copyright)

One of the most fundamental applications of macro-quantum chaos Freemasonry is the fractal nature of the heart-beat but the standard unit of time—the second—is derived from one heart beat and there are 60 seconds to a minute—and so on to the Solar Dynasty calendar of the ancient Freemasonic empires.

The fundamental message of professor Harry T. Hunt—at a small college in Canada—is that consciousness is within-ourselves but beyond physics and also beyond phenomenology. His masterpiece book is “On the Nature of Consciousness” wherein he takes James Gibson’s natural resonance revolution analysis of ecological psychology and applies it to western science, including philosophy and chaos science.

In Clifford Pickover’s book on mad scientists Pickover exposes the Myth of the 10% Brain—that we only use that much—but he also claims this is true only because the intentionality of the neo-cortex can not access the “lower regions” of the limbic-reptilian brain. Ha! He hasn’t done the natural resonance research advocated by Professor Hunt!

This brings us to the excellent book “Acid Tongues and Tranquil Dreamers” by Michael White (2003) on the big battles in science. White writes from the perspective of alchemy and constantly refers to the competition between two dominant male scientists back to how the power of alchemy depends on SECRET CODES.

Richard Milton’s amazing book “Alternative Science” (1995) discusses how up until Galileo any decently educated person could understand and discuss science but after Galileo a person had to be initiated into the secret code of Platonic mathematics based on logarithmics—the equal measurement of time that overrides weight. Only measureable from the Heavenly Heights of Freemasonic structures higher than the Great Pyramid!!

This secret initiation that overrides dominant male competition for the overall structural development of Solar Dynasty Freemasonry is exemplified in the recent detailed expose on the Bundy Brothers Dynasty. Their dad was a top policy advisor for WWII and the two Boston Brahmins battled it out—UNTIL THEY JOINED SKULL AND BONES—then whatever humilating sex power rituals they had to do psychologically devoted them to DEATH through Freemasonry—called by the Bundy Brothers “The Vital Center” (that squares the circle)

The amazing philosophy of science book “Lawrence and Oppenheimer” by Nuel Davis gives another look at elite aristocratic policy but as determined STRUCTURALLY through Freemasonic science. There was so much paranoia about secret codes in the development of fission energy that the CIA and the FBI wanted to screen ALL RECIPIENTS of National Research Council and National Science Foundation grants for political views.

The scientist Pascual Jordan is featured in the excellent book “Hitler’s Scientists” because Jordan argued that quantum mechanics not only united Jewish and Aryan science but also explained all paranormal phenomenon! Again this demonstrates the STRUCTURAL unity of science beyond political affinity.

Another example, given by Richard Milton, is how Paul Kammerer challenged Darwinian science by doing Lamarckian experiments (now being confirmed in Transposons! and retroviruses!) but Kammerer was so attacked he shot himself. Meanwhile Haekel was blatantly doing Darwinian Forgeries of Ecology and at the same time promoting a vastly popular cult of science as Aryan Monotheism (i.e. Freemasonry). Haekel is well-documented to have paved the sociological path for the acceptance of Nazism.

In the excellent book “the Number Sense” by S. Dahaene (Oxford U Press, 1997) we find that Chinese Children are much better counters than American children—why? Because the Chinese language uses only 14 symbols to count past 100,000 while indo-european Phonetic language uses 29 symbols.

In the book “What Counts” we learn that while exact Number as a logical axiom is limited to the Left Brain, as demonstrated in phonetic Gematria Freemasonry, the concept of analog magnitudes is a universal brain phenomenon—so this explains why the ancient Freemasonic city-states could calculate vast terms using right-brain intuition! (and also why Chinese characters can be right-brained based and more efficient!)

David E. Duncan is a brilliant writer who made his debut with a world bicycle tour as a coming of age book that also raised money for charity. In his masterpiece book on the history of the Calendar Duncan documents that the Chinese number system—the rod system—may have inspired India’s use of the ten number system adopted by the Arabs and the west. But in Mesopotamia the ten number system was attractive because when 365 was subtracted by 354 the result was 11 (this is the difference between the Solar and Lunar Calendar). Yet if the Babylonians were using the Sumerian 60-base number system to carry the symbols for this difference there was a vast symbolic operation —even though the difference was only 11. Therefore it was advantageous to adopt the positional notation system of Vedic India traced back to China! This positional notation system (i.e. Ordinal Numbers) included the use of Zero. So this explains how the switch to the dominance of the Solar Calendar as Pi—the structural mystery at the center of the book “A History of the Circle” (1999)—is based on a “bait and switch” from right-brain analogical thinking—what Gregory Bateson called “The syllogism of metaphor”—to left-brain exact Number based on Nihilism with Zero being a Linear origin as a Humanistic bi-focal based 3-dimensional Materialism.

In the book “Africa Counts” by Zaslavsky we find that the Dogon, although having the same complicated astronomy of the Egyptians and even predicting the double star orbits of sirius—built CIRCULAR PYRAMIDS—balancing the Sun and Moon energies. There is a whole chapter in this book devoted to the symbolic and complimentary resonance importance of circular versus square houses. Circular houses are much more efficient for migrating hunting-horticulture societies and are explicity matrifocal. The square housing represented a very political switch to Monotheism and Patriarchy—even in KENYA.

This brings us back to the Heart- Beat—Love in the Heart is based on the Matrifocal complimentary opposites of the Circular Moon and Sun resonance—not on an attempt to square the circle through equilinear calendar symbols that are LESS EFFICIENT than analogous resonance symbols. Because Macro-quantum chaos is still derived from logarithmic, spectral analysis the 1/f Noise system that pervades all of science and is increasingly used for social engineering and mind control will not be functional against the increasing revolt of the Moon-Water ecology cycles that unite with the Heart of Truth (that the I-thought originates in the Heart-Mind as the source of Logic). 15 seconds per 60 is the Theta Frequency of the Heart Beat and also the frequency of the R.E.M. vision state of Archaic reality that bends spacetime. The Heart is the main oscillator of neurons of the body and the focus for new microchip technology, as described by NYU neuroscientist Dr. Rodolfo Llina’s recent book “I of the Voretx.” That 15:60 is the ratio of 4:5 from the 3:4:5 Pythagorean triangle of the Just Major Third and the Moon God of Sumeria—SIN. The 3:4:5 triangle put together creates the equilateral triangle of the tetrahedral water molecule grouping and also the free-energy pyramid. But these numbers are resonance beyond length as phonetic left brain exactitude. This is why there is an in-built asymmetry to western science that is inherently unjust and based on the Solar Dynastys as Freemasonry. This is also why macro-quantum chaos science is replacing right-brain carbon-based left-hand direct molecules with Prion-Silica-right-hand, left-brain Buckyfullerene equilateral molecules!

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