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Am I that big of a ninny?

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OK- So I am not the brightest star in the galaxy. I have been trying for two days to post my picture to my profile. I get a upload failure each time. The picture is .jpeg. I am thinking that maybe my modem is too slow!!! I tried to size it and it was tiny looking, couldn't even see the wart on my big nose. Any help?

Thank you,

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Hi there,

Welcome to the forum. thumbsup.gif

If your having problems getting your picture to upload, the most likely cause is that the image is too large, either in pixels or in filesize.

You'll need to resize it so that it's under 20 kilobytes in size, and at most 100x120 pixels. If you need a hand resizing it, feel free to email the picture to me and I'll get it resized for you. Address is:

You might also have better luck posting your picture in our 'Rogue's Gallery', which doesn't have a pixel size limit - you can find the Rogue's Gallery Here.


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