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New Song-Demons IN My Mind...

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Hey whats up?

since i found this Artitst section on here...

im gonna post my dark song called

"Demons IN my Mind"

Its a rap song.. and i rap....

Beat Produced by my dawg "Ccytzo Loc"

Vocals by Me...

Here the link http://www.soundclick.com/bands/4/murdaous...uicidemusic.htm

Its the song on tha top called

"Demons IN My Mind"

I don;t know how many people on here even like rap music..

but if ur into Dark Hard rap sh**.. then check it out.. peace... thumbsup.gif

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Ohh yeaaa for the music .....

does it have to be just the TEXT lyrics..?

or can we post audio... 2..?

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