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My own ghost story

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I'm a newbie here, but I think its time to relate my own story to you folks. I'm not sure what was happening to me at the time of this story, but I found it frightening, hence my signature "Do not mock what you don't Understand."

Years ago, i'm talking 1987-88, I was fresh out of college, but i had several setbacks. Within a year of my graduation, my mother, my grandmother and my sister all passed away. Different reasons, but the i'm telling you tihs so you'kll understand that I was pretty much all alone. I lived in my grandma's old house and my best friend from High School, Scott, and his girlfirend (I'll call her Micky" to protect her privacy) were really my only friends.

Micky thought she was a witch. meaning she was interested in the occult, and was pretty informative on things, but its not like she was samantha stevens or anything. Scott and I had always been interested in the supernatural, but we didn't go overboard or anything. Interest was just a thing we had in common. Well one day on a lark we bought a Ouija board. I should say I bought it since i paid for it. Micky asked me not use it alone though, claiming it could end up...bad. Being interested in the supernatural but still skeptical I didn't listen. We all used the board together in their apartment several times (another story, that actually predates this one...but this one to me is more interesting) but I usually took it home with me. Ignoring micky I used it alone in my house one night. I'll never forget this name....Beth Easton. A spirit that said its name was Beth Easton came through the board.

remember I told you I had lost my immediate I was lonely. So this Beth Easton was a welcome companion when I was alone in my much as one can be when communicating through a ouija board. Until one evening "Beth" told me she knew I was lonely and would visit me at night. I'll tell you the truth....I really thought in the back of my mind that this was all coming from my imagination. I didn't have Internet access back then (who did? It was 1988!) but I did do a little research. beth claimed before that she died in a road accident on a local road. I never found any reference to it. But then, i'm not fox Mulder. I probably didn't research enough. anyway, I pretty much figured it was just my subconscious wishing for a visitor beyond Scott and micky.

I should mention I had a dog. The dog would always climb up on my bed at night abd sleep. That night...or i should say morning...around 4 AM IIRC....I woke up. I felt something like a hand touch me. I swear to you that I felt the bed depress as if someone else had climbed in. At first i remember thinking I was dreaming but I know I was awake. I looked at my dog...she had sat up and was panting as if something were frightening her. Then...i'm not kidding...the dog bolted out of the room like a flash. Now I know I was awkae, and worse...someone invisible touched me. Now I know this was like 15 or so years ago, but I'll never forget that feeling. It wasn't like a cold clammy hand touching was as if an unseen but real woman touched me on the chest. Scared out of my wits I quickly followed my dog's sage advice and ran out of the room. The dog and I ended up s;leeping on the living room floor with the lights on until sunrise.

For about a week I refused to go upstairs in my own house...that I had grown up in! I was convinced that someone...Beth...was up there waiting for me. I'm sorry, but i'm not horny enough to have sex with a ghost! (If thats all she wanted! I felt something sinister!) I slept on my couch by the front door, but I had several dreams that something was up there calling me at night. Needless to say, I didn't sleep well or much! Even my dog, who usually slpet on my bed when I wasn't home wouldn't go upstairs. It might have been my imagination, but I used the ouija to talk to Beth and she told me she was in my house and wanted to be with me. She said she was lonely too, and that we "were meant to be together". That scared the bejeezus out of me. I asked her to leave but the board went crazy. I finally confided in Scott and Micky. I knew they at least wouldn't think I was crazy. Micky, whom I really can't take completely seriously still, got some of her witch stuff together and cleansed my house. Don't ask me how, she just walked from room chanting and throwing incense. Scott took the ouija and burned it in the woods. (As I said some other stuff happened with that board, but its another tale, and i'll tell ya later, probably.) All in all, the dreams stopped and I felt like something had indeed left my house.

My own thoughts: I believe in spirits and ghosts and even demonic forces. I don't UNDERSTAND them, but I believe they exist. I think I'd invited by accident some kind of spirit into my home and that it somehow wanted to take advantage of me. I also think I was lucky. I prayed, and i'm not a religious person...I believe in God, but i'm not extra religious...and I trusted Micky enough to let her perform her ritual. I think I'm lucky that whatever entered my home left without causing me more than a couple of sleepless nights.

Well, thats part of the reason I'm here in this forum. my own story. I promise you that its true to my best recollection.

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Now that is a really freaky encounter. I also believe in ghosts, demons and whatnot and I really don't want to figure them out. Unfortunately, they have let me know that they exist in their own ways. I have been curious about oiuja board but not that curious. It is one thing to encounter a ghost and another to invite one in unintentionaly. You were lucky to know your witch friend. Others are not so lucky.

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