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Don't join the army

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I tried to get in the army..I was in but i needed a minor knee operation. and they wouldnt pay for it...now Im glad it worked out that way..I hate illegal war. :hmm:

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I would agree to certainly consider the implications of joining the military before doing so. Nobody wants a reluctant soldier on their hands; if you don't want to do the job, stay home.

Having said that, I don't agree with war. However, I believe it vital to fight at rare times. Like now, in Iraq, I think that is a bogus war. No disrespect to military, as they do their jobs honorably still, unaffected by the politics of war, they fight bravely.

This thread was never about the respectability of soldiers, so I understand, it was about the dangers of signing your name to the government. As for people who call anti war folks babies and they need a spine or something degrading to that affect, I'm anti war and I could do things to someone that would disgust you to imagine----and I'm anti-war. Reluctance is not indicitive of ability.

I agree with you 100%. And I'm the same as you when it comes to the last few sentences.

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seahawk fan

First of all I am in the Army and have been to both Iraq and Afghanistan and this is more complicated then you would believe. It doesn't matter what you think, pandora's box has been opened and the enemy is coming for us. Militant Islam is entrenching itself all throughtout the Middle East and South East Asia and their target number one is the United States. You can try to blind yourself to the reality of the world but sooner or later everybody in this great country of ours will be experiencing what the Iraqi's, Afghani's and the rest of the volitile world deals with. I have seen and read things that you will never have access to, I know the truth and the forces of evil, ignorance, hate and injustice are on the move. Sooner or later attacks will begin to find their way here, and the delicate balance that is our society will begin to falter. American's are an ignorant people, you don't know what it is to suffer. What it is like not to have running water, food, healthcare, shelter, injustice, sewage in your streets, no power, roving gangs of thugs and killers that act without impunity. No this country needs to understand what it mean to sacrifice, and I don't mean going without cable or your Ipod for 2 minutes. No your blind and ingnorant and you dont have the guts to stand up and protect this country, with your life if you must. All of you, you talk but that is it. Well I can say that my actions speak for me and I will volunteer to back into the breach and protect this country and even those that dont have the will or courage to face an enemy that would rape your mother, sister or daughter in front of you just for kicks. That is my response to your video, because that is the closest you will ever get to facing fear and the animals that are out there waiting to strike this nation.

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