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Paralysis followed by an evil laughter and more

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Wow, I'm not sure what brought me to this sight but I'm here. When I was a kid between five to eight years, my body would become paralyzed as well. Now, this was in conjunction with a sleepy daze that I would go into before I would fully awaken but I would be unable to move my body. Now this happened a lot when I was young but I also used to dream a lot during that time as well. Now that I’m older, I don’t dream hardly at all anymore nor do I have this paralysis thing happen when I'm lying down.

The way I used to move or get myself moving was concentrating on making quick jolting movements with my feet or legs, which in turn would make the bed move and allow me to move.

There was one incident that I will remember for the rest of my life. Within a few weeks of this incident happening, when I was in paralysis or whatever you want to call it, I would hear movements in my room. The incident itself, I’m assuming happened late at night, because my parents had turned the lights out in our living room and I didn’t hear the TV on. While I was lying there, I heard a movement at the foot of my bed and then, you know when you get that feeling like someone’s looking or staring at you, that’s what I felt. The funny thing when I wasn’t able to move I could always move my eyeballs, this time for some reason my head was faced towards the ceiling so I couldn’t really see around my room too good, unlike other times were I would be laying on my side or somewhat on my stomach, it was almost like I was moved into this position. At the foot of my bead I then began to hear a low deep chuckle/laughter. I was so scared, I didn’t know what to do...the rest of that experience has left my memories years ago, perhaps through not wanting to remember or who know?

Well, I would like to say it was a dream but I know it wasn’t. It was clear every time 100% of the time as a matter of fact. I could hear the TV in the living room other times and the discussions or the voices from the TV and hear my parents talking. This time although in fear and even though I was young, I ensured that this was real, by listening to other noises around me like the wind outside, the creak of my bed, the heater working and the chill of the air.

As far as trying to suppress the past, I can tell you for a fact, I know what I know but the fear of the event I believe triggered an effect that kept this in the back of my mind, I think...who knows.

One other note and maybe this ties in who knows, actually let’s make this two more.

When I was approximately the same age around eight to ten living in California, its been a while, but back to it...I was babysitting my sister...wait the dreams and stuff happened when I was about twelve or so...so scratch the five to eight...anyways, While I was babysitting I got this feeling like something was watching me while I was sitting in our recliner in our living room...so I went to my room and grabbed my bat...like I was really going to do something...LOL, while I was sitting there, I saw something move by our hallway really quick, I turned to look and nothing. So now I’m freaked out, but my curiosity keeps my peripheral up, this time I see something again, its short and dark, I quickly turned my head and you know when your young or even whenever and you do that, things aren’t really there, well, not this time. As I spun around and looked I saw it as it began to run away, it looked like a little man, about a foot tall with raggedy cloths on and what appeared to be a head dress with a small cane in his hand. I was so scared I nearly p***ed on myself but was concerned about my sister. So I got into angry mode and gripped down on my baseball bat searching for this thing but to no success. Now, years later in the military I was driving down the road near my aunties house in Waialua, HI and I saw what looked like a bird run in the middle of the street, it turned but it looked like again, a one foot tall type of man in rags, a headdress that was distinctive like it was in some sort of ceremonial attire. I attempted to stop but it was too late, I struck it with my vehicle and heard the thud. Now my first wife was with me and saw it too and screamed, when I told her I wanted to stop she yelled at me not to get out of the car and she was scared. So I waited till I got to a lit street and examined the undercarriage of my car and the front. My plate had a small dent towards the bottom that curved in, like I struck something the height of a foot, but there was no blood or anything else. I turned around on the road and saw nothing else.

Now, years later while I was stationed in Pendleton, on my way to work it was foggy and as I got off the freeway headed for the gate, I got a weird feeling, and again from left to right running this time I saw the same thing I remember seeing two other times, I slammed on my brakes, and as it ran across, it looked at me intensely and made it across the road. I continued to go to work but was freaked out and called my second wife what I saw, she has been the second person that I've told this to and now that this is on the web, I guess everyone else knows now too.

Along with the sleep paralysis is also a brief story of when I was in charge of a route checkpoint located in Northern Australia, this was for a support mission in east timore. As I went down to go to sleep, I felt a slight paralysis in my body, and if your not familiar with a military tents some have opening on the top to air it our, well when I got this sensation, I saw green eyes from the top staring at me laughing, I jolted my leg again and woke up, grabbed my weapon and told another sergeant, we checked the perimeter and nothing. It sure as hell freaked the other marines out as well. Later I talked to a Australian MP's who said that there have always been stories of the devil walking in the woods and would change shape as well.

As far as all the freaky stories I know of, that’s about it. I've seen small things hear and there but only glimmers of what could have been my imagination but this stuff I just told you happened. Please, if anyone knows anything of this or can point me in the right direction for additional research, let me know. Thanks for your time.

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Hi Ta grin2.gif

I've posted a few stories like this one about sleep-paralysis.......scroll back and have a look sweetie.

Hammy x x x

PS Welcome to the forum wink2.gif

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Thank you, oh great pic on your profile by the way. Any other thoughts or suggestions or even guidance on this particular subject would be greatly appreciated.

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My little hamster cartoon?

Or my ugly mug?


I'll C&P some stories for you if you like?

Hammy x x x

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As promised, a C&P of one of the stories for you ~

As someone who has suffered from Sleep Paralysis, I am very interested in 'The Hag' syndrome.......

Many people the World over report similar experiences, most of it being down to a sleeping problem (the brain wking up while the body is still asleep). The experience is very very vivid and utterly terrifying. I personally could feel 'waves' of evil radiating from my 'attacker', could actually smell it!

So, anyhoo, here's a little story about Sleep Paralysis tha seems to have a supernatural angle..........enjoy

'The following story is backed up by many sources, including testimony from the victim himself. For various legal reasons, the names of many people and places in the original story have been changed. Anyway, here's the story, and it's quite eerie.

In the early 1990s in a certain area of Louisiana, a group of property developers got permission to buy a parcel of land that was mostly a desolate eyesore. One narrow crumbling house stood at the end of the strip of land, and the landlord who owned this old dwelling, which was built way back in 1870, keenly accepted an substantial, but undisclosed sum from the developers. It was what is known as a compulsory purchase deal. There were two elderly people in the house, both of them were in very bad health, but the old house was their home, and they told the landlord they didn't want to move. The landlord warned them that a surveyor had condemned the house, and when the old people said they hadn't seen any surveyor, the landlord alerted the social services. Days later, the people were taken into care by two social workers and put into sheltered accommodation. But before this took place, something seemingly amusing took place. One of the old people saw the landlord talking to the one of the property developers, who was a 42-year-old man named David. The old white haired lady shouted: "Where's Agatha going to live now?"

"She's koo-koo." the landlord whispered to the property developer.

David asked the elderly eccentric woman who Agatha was.

The old woman said, "Aggie! The very old woman who's lived with us for years. We asked her to move with us but she doesn't like the area where we're going to, because there's a church right on top of us."

David didn't want to make a scene, and felt sorry for the old and apparently confused woman. He knew there was no woman named Agatha at the condemned house, but he said: "Ah, don't you worry lady. Agatha can stay with me if she wants."

The landlord turned away and his shoulders shook as he tried to stifle a chuckle.

"Are you sure?" the old woman said, and she smiled. She turned to face the old house and said, "Aggie! This man here says you can move in with him."

Then after a long pause, the old woman said: "She accepts your invitation, as long as you don't live near a church. She's a bit eccentric about churches you see."

That really cracked the landlord up. He said: "Aggie's eccentric?" and grinned at the irony of the old woman's remark.

But then something happened which wiped the grin off the landlord's face. The three people present heard laughter from the condemned house.

The property developer looked at the landlord with a puzzled expression. He said, "Did you hear that?"

The landlord nodded, then said he had to be going. He had to pick his kids up from school.

And so the nightmare began. The old woman went off to say goodbye to her old friends who lived around the corner, and the property developer David fastened his seatbelt and drove off, feeling quite uneasy all of a sudden.

He drove to his luxurious home, and as he got out of his Mercedes in the driveway, he distinctly felt something pat his bottom. He glanced around, but there was no one about.

David told his wife Emma about the weird laughter in the condemned house, but she said he was being silly. They had dinner that evening, and Emma went to visit her friend Kayleigh, who lived miles away. Kayleigh was involved in the preparations for a relative's wedding and Emma had promised to help out.

So David was alone for three hours that evening; at least he thought he was alone. He put on a few classical CDs and opened a bottle of wine. He inhaled the aroma of the perfumed candles Emma had lit, then relaxed on his chesterfield, lost in Mozart. Half an hour later he'd fallen into a light sleep.

Something was pressing down on his chest. At first he thought that Emma hads returned and was playing about. But David opened his eyes and saw something that chilled him to the bone. A hideous old woman with a long hooked nose was pinning him down. David couldn't move. He was paralysed. He tried to speak, but could only touch the roof of his mouth with his tongue, which felt dead. He couldn't cry out. The old hag smiled and revealed three decaying yellowed teeth. Saliva dripped from both ends of the woman's sickly sagging pink lips. Her face was a mass of wrinkles and her cheeks drooped down to her flabby jowls. Her watery eyes were yellow, and a mass of red veins encircled her faded bluish-grey irises. The old woman looked as if she was centuries old. Her claw-like hands undid the bun of greasy white hair and her locks fell down past her shoulder. In a horrible raspy voice she said: "You are a fine laddy." and she cackled. David's heart felt as if it was going to explode. He kept trying to wake up from the nightmare, but he slowly realised that this was no bad dream, it was something to do with the occult. The old crone licked his lips with her pink tongue which was mottled with white warts. She said, "Ooh, I'll stay with you as your wife if you desire."

David closed his eyes firmly for a few seconds then opened them.

The old hag was still there, still trying to molest him. From somewhere deep down, David managed to summon up the strength to move. He screamed out and the old woman screamed back in protest. David managed to lift his arm and he took a swipe at the gruesome figure, but it felt as if he was hitting a sack full of bones. Suddenly she was gone.

David got up and saw to his horror that the shadowy figure of the old woman was now at the other end of the lounge. She wet her fingers and began pinching the wicks of the perfumed candles, extinguishing them, one by one.

David turned up the light dimmer and saw the weird-looking old woman in the full light. She was crooked and bent over, and she grinned at him then disappeared.

David got into his Mercedes and drove non-stop to his friend Alec, who lived three miles away. Throughout the journey, the property developer continually felt something stroking his hair.

When David told Alec about being terrorised by the old hag, his friend assumed the wine had gone to his head. But David said he was sober and deadly serious. Alec asked him why the ghost of an old woman would choose to pester him, and David remembered something. Earlier that day, one of the old people who were being forced to move from the condemned house on the purchased land had told him and the landlord about her concern for a certain "Agatha." Now it all made sense. With his tongue in his cheek, David had jokingly suggested that Agatha could move in with him.

Alec said, "I see, and you unwittingly invited the ghost into your place. It is a bit of a coincidence I suppose."

David said: "Please believe me Alec; that thing is demonic. How do I get rid of her?"

Alec said: "I don't know. Tell her to pack her bags."

"Huh? How do you mean?" David asked his friend.

"Just tell her to beat it." Alec said.

David sighed and shook his head. He said, "I don't think it will work. Hey, wait; that woman today; she said something about Aggie not liking churches."

"Are you for real? Come on level,." Alec said and laughed nervously.

But David didn't laugh. He said, "Alec, have you got a Bible?"

"Oh don't start David." Alec said. He was getting a bit spooked by his friend's behaviour.

"Please, have you got a Bible?" David said, and he looked at the large mahogany bookcase behind his friend.

"Yeah, not that I ever read it. Here." Alec pulled a large leatherbound copy of the Holy Bible from the shelf and David snatched it off him.

"I hope to God this works. I'll ring you later." David said, and left.

That night, David sat in his lounge, watching TV. Then suddenly he saw something move out the corner of his eye. He turned and saw the old hag, cowering in the corner of the room. Emma was due back any minute, so he had to act now.

"Why don't you come here?" David asked the spinechilling apparition.

"Throw that blasted book away and I will!" the old woman said.

"Are you Agatha?" David said, and he picked up the book.

"Yes. Please be rid of that book ma dear. Go on, throw it on the fire." Agatha suggested, staring at the Bible with a transfixed gaze of dread.

"You're not wanted in here any more. Get out of this house." David said, plucking up enough courage to take the book over to Agatha.

"You don't mean it! I know you enjoyed my caresses." said the withered old crone.

"In the name of God, I order you to leave my home." David said, and noticed that the apparition seemed transparent.

"I thought you loved me." Agatha said, her voice becoming fainter.

David hurled the leather-bound Bible at the grotesque vision and it vanished before the book passed through it.

David never told Emma about his supernatural ordeal, but the girl was perplexed when David came home the next day with five copies of the Bible. The property developer placed the holy books in different rooms of the house and later visited the two old people he had forced into dilapidated accommodation. He asked them who Agatha was, but the old people refused to comment. The old woman just smiled and said, "So you met her then?".

David hasn't set eyes on the old hag since, but had graphic nightmares about her for over a year.

According to psychologists and psychical researchers, David's case is by no means an isolated one. For centuries, many people (mostly males) have reported being terrorised and assaulted by sinister entities like the witch that molested David. In fact, many psychologists have named the bizarre phenomenon 'Old Hag Syndrome', and have noted that the traumatic experience of being assaulted seems quite real to the victim and usually occurs shortly before sleep or just after the sleeper has awoken in the middle of the night. Involuntary catatonia (a sudden onset of paralysis) has been blamed, but this explanation does not explain why the victim sees and feels the presence of a hideous crone during the episodes. Furthermore, the Old Hag Syndrome is apparently on the increase...sweet dreams.'

Hammy x x x

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Tainvestigation, sounds like your little friend was what some of the Indians here call "Cornakushka"(spelling?). They are supposedly small, magical people that live like Indians. They can grant powers, and take life. I noticed you said something about a headdress.

Next time Snuffy comes down we will go talk to Indian Steve....I think he has some evidence and small arrowheads.

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Thanks for the additional info, here is another link that involves several different views and cultures mixed together...

Little People Geow-lud-mo-sis-eg

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