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What Is The Christian View On The Dinosaur?

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i guess no one bothered to read the book of job in the old testment i dont much think it matters what version you read but doesnt it say some thing about a livithan and another beast sorry dino's are beasts just like us humans can be concidered beast by other alien races maybe ....if it bleeds its life blood its alive doesnt realy matter what you call it... myths and ledgens had to start from some thing in real life other wise in this day and age your nothing but a meer creative spark in the mind of a child

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Did you know that apparently to the bible, the earth was created about six thousand years ago? But, also the ancient egyptians, greeks, or the norse believed in multiple gods? that was before six thousand years ago and many of the stories in the bible are very similar to stories in their religions. And why would god ignore these people to what really happened, don't forget the ancient Indians, Chinese, Japanese, and other people lived before Christianity existed. Did they all go hell because they didn't know better or hear the word of god? So, what I'm trying to say is that maybe the Bible doesn't have all the answers to life. Once, Christianity came around they punished those who believed in the old religion. All the religious beliefs were probably started by people way back in the day who couldn't explain why something happened or why are here, or as my good friend has always said, religion is a good way to control to people, do what we say or we will persecute you or you'll go to hell. Christians can apparently explained dinosaurs in the bible, but that's a bunch of bull. And they say being gay is unnatural, but scientists have proved that peguins and other animals have homosexual relationships. Religion is the result of human's unknowing.

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