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Bush accepts Iraq-Vietnam echoes

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I don't think anyone here really implied this anyway :hmm:

To be honest Saddam when he was in power kept his people in line. He had the right amount of dictator and crazy to keep people scared of him. With the exception of the Sunni I don't think anyone was really supportive of Saddam. I think he was a bad guy for sure on the other hand like I said he did keep his country in check.

....umm okay....

For some reason I really don't think these guys are doing this to sway votes to the democrats. Only because they have been doing this for a LONG ass time. This theory just doesn't work....

I can certainly see why your defending his lies.... :hmm: BTW those people you listed as cry babies are the only ones being critical of Bush. If the mood in the US that I think it is come November the republicans will loose this election. Fact is the Bush administration is the most corrupted bunch of crooks to ever be elected. Illegal wire tapping, passing torture into law....these things are very scary and very Orwellian.

- Well, it was not implied to you then.

- Yeah, so Saddam has to dig mass graves to keep them in check. :wacko: I guess we should do that in every country to make it look peaceful?

- You think they are doing it then to sway the Iraqi to favor them? :rolleyes:

- Saddam did not cooperate and was monkeying with the UN weapons inspector. Bush does not even have to lie to make a case that Saddam was being deceptive about having WMD.

UN Resolution 17. That is not a Bush lie, right?

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