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Reincarnation and angels ?


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Image credit: Jeroen van Valkenburg
Image credit: Jeroen van Valkenburg
Ken Korczak: Do people come back from the dead to live again as new people in different lives and times? Are there invisible guardian spirits, angels or entities watching over us at every minute? A friend of mine whose nickname is “Flick” has found evidence of this by accident. Flick was born and grew up in a small Minnesota town. He worked as a banker for most of his life. Upon retirement he became bored and so took a course in hypnotherapy, after which he opened a small, part-time practice as a hypnotherapist. Mostly, he helps people to stop smoking, lose weight, or conquer phobias.One day an obese woman came in to be hypnotized for help with weight loss. Flick said, “She was an excellent subject for hypnotism. She went under fast. After leading her through some mental relaxation exercises, I asked her to go to the point—the particular incident—in her life which was causing her to eat too much.”Flick explained that sometimes a traumatic event from childhood “gets stuck” in the subconscious mind. Even though the event is forgotten, it still holds a deep influence over the person through adulthood, sometimes causing negative behaviors, such as overeating, fear of water, heights, animals and such.“After examining this woman, I was certain her chronic overeating had its basis some-where in childhood,” Flick said. “So I asked her to go way back in time, and find that point where her desire to overeat had its beginning.”In a few minutes, Flick noticed that the woman’s demeanor changed. Her voice sounded different. Her body language became odd and stilted. “I asked her what was going on,” Flick said. “She told me she was out in the woods at a celebration with a group of Indians. I was not sure what she meant by this, so I asked her to say more.”The woman went on to tell Flick that the year was 1670.

She was a member of a Native American tribe and lived somewhere near the Rocky Mountains in Montana or Colorado. After enjoying herself for a time at this party, the woman said another member of her tribe came to where she was celebrating and chastised her for goofing off while her mother was gravely ill and near death back at her home.Later, the woman said that she was banished and sent into exile from the tribe for her disrespectful behavior, and would have to fend for herself in the wilderness. She was led to a place high in the mountains and left with nothing but the clothes on her back. She said she wandered in the lofty wilderness for many days, and that she eventually died a slow, horrible death of starvation.“After I woke her from the trance, we both were very surprised by the story she had told under hypnotism,” Flick said. “I personally do not believe in reincarnation, and neither did my patient.”But whatever the case, Flick said the woman’s overeating problem quickly disappeared, and that she no longer felt an abnormal need to eat more food than she needed. “I guess if she had experienced starvation at some point—whether it was in another lifetime, or some powerful fantasy—it was a strong motivator to overeat and keep on extra weight. And once she learned that starvation was not a true possibility in her current existence, her weight problems were over.”Flick said that he has had several other clients spontaneously regress into seeming “past lives” and some people even become “channels” for other beings, including angels and ancient teachers.One time, Flick was extraordinarily surprised when working with a petite 76-year-old woman who, under hypnotism, suddenly began speaking in a thick, booming, masculine voice.

Flick said: “The woman wanted to be hypnotized to overcome her persistent grief over the untimely death of her daughter in a car accident. When she was in deep trance, I asked her to find a mental or spiritual source of strength within herself that would help her withstand her tremendous grief.” Suddenly, in a robust voice, the tiny elderly woman said:“THANK YOU, FRIEND, FOR YOUR LOVING ASSISTANCE. BE CERTAIN I AM GUIDING HER THROUGH HER PAIN. LOVE WILL HEAL HER, AS WILL THE UNDERSTANDING THAT THERE IS NO DEATH, ONLY TRANSFORMATION.”Flick said: “I almost jumped out of my chair! This little old lady sounded like a Marine drill sergeant! You can’t imagine how odd it was to hear this thick voice coming from this little lady. I asked: ‘Who am I speaking to?’ ” The voice said: “TOR-Al.”“And who or what are you, Tor-Al?” Flick asked in amazement.“OF THE WISE ONES ... I AM ASSIGNED TO THIS GENTLE BEING.”“What do you mean — ‘assigned’ to her?”I AM HER LIFE ASSISTANT. SHE KNOWS OF ME, BUT NOT DIRECTLY. I AM ALWAYS WITH HER.”“Like a Guardian Angel?” Flick asked.“OF THE THRONES,” said the voice.Not sure what the voice meant by “thrones,” he moved on to the issue at hand. He said: “It seems to me that this woman needs a great deal of help right now… she’s in a terrible state of grief.”“YES, BUT WHAT IS NOT APPARENT NOW WILL BECOME KNOWN IN THE GREATER CONTEXT OF HER EXISTENCE. THE DEATH OF HER DAUGHTER SERVES A PURPOSE, JUST AS HER GRIEF SERVES A PURPOSE. IT SERVES THE GREATER LOVE… IT IS IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO.”After conversing with the booming voice that called itself Tor-Al for several more minutes, Flick brought the woman out of her trance, and commanded her to remember the Tor-al incident. Upon awakening, the woman wept gentle tears, and said she felt suddenly lifted of her heavy burden of grief, as if someone had “picked up one end of it to help carry it.”Flick said, “She felt lighter and also became certain the death of her daughter carried a higher purpose, and that eventually, perhaps after her own death, she would rejoice in the greater purpose of everything… at least that’s the way she felt.” Once again, Flick says, despite these and other fascinating cases, he is still a “nonbeliever” in both reincarnation and guardian angels.“I suppose it’s possible, but I also know the human mind is vast, still widely misunderstood, and probably capable of all kinds of seeming miracles, like harboring impressions of past lives, or fragmenting independent personalities that can exist like isolated beings within the context of one’s normal mind,” Flick said.There was one thing that made Flick think twice, however. After the session with the elderly woman, he became curious about the Tor-Al’s phrase “of the thrones.” He went to the library and looked up a book on angel lore. He was surprised to discover that, according to an ancient medieval field of knowledge called angelology, angels actually come in nine orders. They are: seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominations, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels and angels.

Ken invites you to visit his blog: http://www.ironghost.wordpress.com

Image credit: Tom Miller
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I found that really interesting,I do belive in reincartion and that we / I have visited the earth plain before.I'm a spiritist and any thing to do with the "afterlife" has me hooked.

This is a never ending subject, the answer to this will be after death.

My belif isnt some thing which Ive been "made" to belive in, or because it says so in the bible, or because my friend says so or its tready,

Its what I want to belive.

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Yes, this is a very interesting story. I belive in reincarnation, as I have had more than one experience on the subject.

Like Johns spirit says, it is a neverending subject.

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There is definitely something to this subject. I also feel as though I had existed before, whether that was here on earth or on a different plain. I read and heard of stories from mothers who's little three or five year old suddenly tells them of another life. I read about one little boy (I believe he was four) who told his mother that he was in a car accident when he was a different man. Such things should not be dismissed. Children do have fantasies, I admit, but when they tell you something in detail and never have been exposed to such before, then one begins to wonder.

I also had a personal experience with a little girl (she had the brightest blue eyes and was about 4 years old also). She came up to me and began telling me all these stories and she ended each story with, quote: "...but that was when my mum was a baby and I was her mummy."

At first I didnt' think of it much, but she repeated it with such fervor, I couldn't help but think it was true. :yes:

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That was definitely an interesting read. I'm not sure where I stand on reincarnation - it would be mildly reassuring to know that death isn't the final straw, but you have to wonder about a soul that's been around the block a few times. Would it show wear & tear? Would it be affected by the previous incarnations?

My practical side makes me want to say that it's possible the two examples in the article had read about these people or experiences somewhere, and lodged it in their brains, only to have them come out under hypnosis. But then again, my not-entirely-practical side argues that it would be nice to know that everything has a meaning and a purpose.

Ack. Now my head hurts. :hmm:

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Yes it was an interesting read indeed.

I have never really thought about reincarnation until a close friend who believes in nothing but christianity told me that she thinks it occurs. I couldn't believe my ears when she said this because if you know christians they believe in nothing but Jesus.

Anyway this sparked me to search a little further into the subject. I realized then that reincarnation or its principals are even in the bible. Yep thats right you christians who may be reading this. There are several passages but I'll speak about the one in the new testament when the Jewish religious leaders were trying to figure out who John the Baptist was. Do you remember? They said is he this one or that one who has come back from the dead. My goodness when I read it for myself again I couldn't believe it....right there in the bible in plain site. LOL.

I am now of the opinion that this life and this world is some kind of proving ground. A place where 'lost' souls come to be 'redeemed', if you will. A place where we come to learn lessons. I believe that we don't stop coming back until we've been fully redemeed or die innocent. This would explain the death of innocent children would it not? Especially the death of completely innocent embryos! Who haven't even had the chance to 'lie' like little kids lol.

I don't know....there is so much more than meets the eye on this topic. But like they say in the bible in the last days knowledge will be increased.....

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Ken Korczak, you are a gifted writer. Your stories are plausible and so easy to take literally.

I would hate to find that you are just making it all up so brilliantly.

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Ken is not making this up, because there is tons of this kind of thing out there, and because religious prej. does'nt want it excepted, except through there own views, which is apparent with his use of the terminology that was used to describe a possability of what it actually was.

If you were to get rid of the religious veil, and it's terminology, as well as any spiritual, and spiritualist descriptions/beliefs as well, it would be easier to accept what it actually is. I noticed that in the field of hypnotherapy, they don't think of using the time/space explaination.

In your mind there is no time, or motion,or distance. Which means no past, present, or future. And time is'nt linier either.

Here is an account of one of my own experiance's. It was when i was starting to think in different mindsets other then the one that i had known generally for 39yrs, before it started to happen in earnest.

It was around the time when the religious armgeddan was supposed to happen. I had had the vivid memoryvisions since i was little. At around the time indicated, many strange thing's were manifesting in the reality around us, that corrasponded with my memoryvisions. I could "see" and know, about thing's that others could'nt see.

I had had a country job at the time, to get away from other people, because i did'nt want to know them the way i do when i look at somebody, and know, and sense thing's about them that were true, yet secret. It was around the time when a different reality sequence was running, one that had reflected not only the coming armagedden, but the way people were as well. And the creatures that took advantage of the belief's of those three groups in general.

This next part is so in tune with what Ken has written, that i thought to write it, so here goes.

It was the weekend, and i had early morning delivery's, it was about 1am in the morning, and i was driving northeast on rural rt3. At this time i had been experiancing a lot of anguise because of my experiance's, not only in my unlocking memory's, but through the real world manifestations that seemed to reflect what i knew from them. Bear in mind that these memory's are not thought up, they are just there. And they are in layers that corraspond with each sequence of events that i was encountering. During the one i am writing about, i was looking at it through the viel of religion.

At this point i had been having a loty of strange memory's, and events that came from them, in many area's.

I was scared all the time as well, because i had experianced encounters that had left physical scars, from people who were being controlled by entities, much like the one that spoke to the hypno guy in the article, scars caused from sequencal events. I was driving, and i was tired, i noticed a brightening on my left side, when i turned my head to look, i saw a creature with seven tenticles paceing my car on the drivers side. It was white, and laced with black streaks running through it ugly{body?}

I heard a sibulent voice in my mind say, 'littleone, it's you' I was so scared, every hair on my body stood on end, and i pulled the car over, because in my fear, i wanted to confront the empty alien thing, i was sick of the fear, and had decided to end it. I slammed out of my car, and i shouted at it 'what do you sick thing's want, why do you bother me?

The next moment, i felt different, it was like a blurring, and when it ended, i was staring at a overcast sky, with no sign of the creature.

After i had got back into my car, and delivered a few more stops, i finaly stopped shaking, and leaned back to let the stress of it go with some deep breaths. At this point i was next to a sign that said "awakened wolf healing arts" I was stricken and could only sit back in my carseat, as the visions ran through me. I "saw" myself, in what i used to call divergent timelines. The woman who ran it, could actually see the energy's which compose human beings. At that point in the divergent line, i had already figured out that my memory's about who i really am, were being blocked.

I saw myself calling, and making an apointment with her on the phone, and then it skipped to her business, i was sitting in a recliner, and we had just finished a discussion about the energy's, i had told her i thought there was something wrong with mine. I remember her looking at my head area, and then she did something, and the barrier on my memory's, were gone. When i woke, i immediately blanked her, and shielded the memory of her releaseing me from my barrier's.

I saw myself leave, and during that, i remembered i had made a surface thought pattern that reflected who my person is supposed to be. To keep anyone who could, from realizing i had been partially freed. It did no good however, i remember being accosted by the image of my grandmother, who i have only ever met when this life has ended, or in little sequence's during this life, that i have remembered once again. It was the woman who had both praised, and mocked me, for caana.

The point being i could do thing's no other human could, i could manipulate those around me, to get what i wanted without them ever realizing it, amoung other thing's, which is prevented by the physical damage that was done to the right sphere of my persons brain, which i later found, freed me from their influence's, and keeps them from seeing anything in my mind. and they can no longer control me when they try, all i feel is a painful throbbing from the damaged part of my brian when they do.

It is what makes me so weak, with no energy, when they try. As the poster said, he does'nt know what to believe of it himself, only that there is a basis for it. Those type of creatures don't exist in this part of the sequence's, our current "reality". But the thing that spoke from the little old lady, i know what they are. And it has everything to do with your mind, not your brain, which is considered the mind by to many who run thing's.

Hypnotherapists live a potentialy dangerous life, if they should unlock a personality from another life that had what those here call power, they will die/ or suffer the equivelant of a memory wipe., because the one who has been freed from the constriants of their percieved person, will leave no trial. They have thing's to hide from, that people can only describe through the horror of beliefs here. Because they don't know what is actually going on, beyond the ignorence of those belief's. And i'm also talking about the medical/pyscological field, whatever they do within it.

If they can't see or touch it, they don't believe it, even when they are spoken to directly, as Ken pointed out in his article.

It is their biggest defense against those who call themselves the living. And why they can manipulate the event's that they do. Without any fear of being caught. The creature i saw, corrasponds with the spiritualist belief creature that uses the seven chakras within the human body. One of the parasites i mentioned in my earliest writing here at U.M.

The beast use's everything/everyone it can, through the monsters it had developed. I once wrote that humans here where designed, to be used by the creatures that feed off of them{emotions/sexuality} along with the way's to prevent that from happening.

If i ask for any belief of what i myself write, it would be for people to pay attention to the how's that prevent such a disgusting union. And to know that they can escape it, not just prevent it. In this current scenario sequence, those creatures have been long defeated/erased. Along with the structure the mans voice through the woman in the article hinted at.

People can die, and stay that way now. Not as undead, or an empty bodyless nothing, but erased, an end to the tortures of the beast, who made you think that there are souls, to cover up what it had been doing, along with the structure that supported such vileness.

Anyway, everyone here has lived multiple lives already, why they have experiance's like the one in the article. The false hope, which is no hope at all. Thank you Ken, for writing such a needed article here. Just remember, there is no safety in ignorence, just slavery. I know that i wrote this without the usual prej. against those who still foster such thing's through their belief's, it is because i am speaking with the knowledge of what had formed those prej. within the different mindset's of self, that had the misfortune of experianceing it all.

When you can remember all those "lives", and what the bigger picture from all that knowledge it represents is, and what "reality" actually is from that knowledge, which you can't get from the worldview here, only through yourself, you tend to keep to what needs to be done, to rid yourself of it, so you can be your realtrueself. Who is so very different from what are called human here. The cause of most considered mental instability, is those other personality mindsets, which people don't reconize as such, and fall prey to the medical opinion of the day on it, leaving themselves vulnrable to what i have been discussing here in the thread.

The more bizarre mental states come from the creatures of your belief, why it is so very important to believe in yourself, not an outside force, because when you leave yourself open to those forces{divine} you will be used by any of them that choose to use you. And not one will be yourself.

Just another case file that will be ignored, peace and goodwill to you Ken. :D

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Interesting article posted by Saruman!

I have always believed in reincarnation, I must admit.

It seems to me that the hypnotherapist could possibly go into other areas within his work. I found it fascinating regarding the two stories of the old woman and the obese lady.

He should write a book, it would make intriguing reading.

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Thank's for posting the article Saruman. It's just that the Ken guy pointed out some thing's that i saw were significant in the report of his encounter with it. His own atitude was a proffessional, yet he pointed out his rejection of some of the belief structure terminology, which was what i'm getting to with this myself.

He showed the way of his own thinking. There are people out there that make what they believe control them to such an extent, that their thinking influence's there proffession, it was a relief to read actually. His refusal to label the experiance himself into a spiritual context, helped to point out what i was trying to say in my own post. :D

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Thank's for posting the article Saruman. It's just that the Ken guy pointed out some thing's that i saw were significant in the report of his encounter with it. His own atitude was a proffessional, yet he pointed out his rejection of some of the belief structure terminology, which was what i'm getting to with this myself.

He showed the way of his own thinking. There are people out there that make what they believe control them to such an extent, that their thinking influence's there proffession, it was a relief to read actually. His refusal to label the experiance himself into a spiritual context, helped to point out what i was trying to say in my own post. :D

Hey, Caana, just wanted to say thank you very much for your kind words -- and I very much enjoyed your post -- thoughtful, disturbing, well written, and a lot to think about.


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