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Accuracy of Carbon dating

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I find the fact the Christian scientists say that carbon dating is very innacurate kind of funny. I've never heard any reason why it is other then from Christians themselves. Yet carbon dating works well and is very predictable. I watched a tape of a Creation Convention the other day that had a Christian scientist discussing this and said that carbon dating isn't right because they have found human remains that date the same as the dinosaurs and earlier. He said they used their method of dating which is "more" accurate then carbon dating. Where is the conclusive evidence that this "dating" is more accurate. Then he showed some pictures of the artifacts, remains and prints. Note that these images where rather hard to see; kinda seems fishy huh? blink.gif

Anyways does anyone know anything about carbon dating compared to what Christian scientists use? It's begining to seem like they're just making stuff up to prove that evolution is wrong. Especially since they supposedly have access to these artifacts, but take lousy pictures of them.

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Naveed , Carbon Dating is actually flawed from a scientific perspective . As it turns out you can carbon date a vase but you will only find out how old the clay is not when the Vase was cast , the same goes for other things like wood and stone . It's the reason carbon dating isn't used for varifying the dates of cave paintings and such ..

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