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Oak Island article

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Is Oak Island’s treasure really on Birch Island?

First Nations translator deciphers ancient stone as a treasure map

By Angie Zinck- Lunenburg Progress Enterprise – October 18, 2006

WESTERN SHORE – You many have heard about the Da Vinci code, but the Ranville code could be what wolves the longest running treasure hunt in recorded history.

Keith Ranville, a First Nations man, has traveled form Winnipeg to Nova Scotia in hopes of unlocking the secret codes on Oak Island. He says he has done so by re-translating one of the stones found on the island over 200 years ago.

The Oak Island Tourism Society confirms that the stone in question was first found in 1803 by the Onslow Company. Found 90 feet down the Money Pit, the stone was believed to be two feet long and 15 inches wide, weighing approximately 175 lb.

Since that time, it has been said that the inscription on the stone read “forty feet below two million pounds are buried,” as translated by James Leitchi, a professor of languages at Dalhousie University. Some researchers have questioned this translation as Mr. Leitchi was involved in a treasure hunting company trying to sell stocks.

Today, the actual stone is lost. It was used as a hearthstone in two homes on Oak Island, but it was moved to a Halifax store front where it went missing when the building was torn down. Its last known location was round the Centennial Pool area.

Mr. Ranville used pictures of the stone to decipher its series of shapes, lines and dots to reveal a new translation that read more like a map.

“I’ve brought some new stuff to the table,” he says, adding that the stone’s etchings could be used to figure out the mystery of Oak Island.

By his translation, much of the digging in the Money Pit area has been a waste of time and money.

“I believe the pit wasn’t meant to go beyond 100 feet,” he says. “I believe it wasn’t meant to go beyond these symbols.”

If one were to take Mr. Ranville’s code and follow it, it would lead you off Oak Island the site of all the treasure hunting for the past 211 years, under the water of the bay and onto the neighbouring Birch Island via man-made shafts.

“The instructions at the bottom of the pit tell you about where and how to locate these shafts and I believe they’re in Mahone Bay,” he says.

Mr. Ranville believes the two islands are connected by these shafts. He said that aerial shots of Birch Island prove the island has been touched by human hands. These aerial shots of the 16-acre Birch Island do show a large triangle which takes up a good portion of the island landscape.

“What I want to do is investigate this island where I think these symbols lead to,” he says.

Mr. Ranville has contacted the owner, Christopher Ondaatje, to inquire about doing some soil testing and exploring on the island.

In addition to being the home of the famous treasure, Mr. Ranville believes Birch Island may also be an ancient burial site ofr those who were involved in the original treasure hiding scheme.

“This is a significant Nova Scotia heritage discovery and that is Canada’s national treasure brought here for our guardianship long before Canada was established,” he says. “We should respect the civilization that is responsible for the makings of these structures.

“They were a very unique culture and may hold the secret to many ancient structures.”

Although he doesn’t know who actually buried the treasure, Mr. Ranville believes Oak Island and Birch Island need to be protected from further change to unlock their true history.

At the time of this interview, Mr. Ranville had yet to hear from Mr. Ondaatje regarding the island. He says he will continue to research the island and its tales of mystery and treasure. Check out Google Earth on the World Wide Web to see satellite photos of Birch Island and its triangle.


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I've read heaps about Oak Island and the 'Money Pit' It's pretty amazing, I'd love to know whats really down there at the bottom!!

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I really want to believe in this at heart; I've always been interested in such things. However, after recently looking into this case, doubts have arisen. I really wish they'd solve this thing, because nothing new ever comes out. Usually, I prefer some things to be left unsolved, but in this case, it's so annoying I just want it to be over. I can't imagine anything being worth this much trouble to hide. Well, very few things worth this much trouble.

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New: Oak Island Secret Treasure Cipher

Recently Mr. Ranville made it known of a translation of a watermark cipher that he broken down from top to bottom descriptively, while Mr. Ranville was investigating the Oak Island treasure mystery’ he came across a watermark in a book the Oak Island Mystery by the Fanthorpes. The theory of Sir Francis Bacon and his relation to Oak Island is not relatively new, many books on Oak Island mention Sir Francis Bacon as contender of who? As a possible suspect that he may have involvement in the Oak Island treasure mystery that is now in it’s 212th year of many searches for the trophy treasure that past treasure hunters failed to grasp. Perhaps with more advanced treasure-hunting equipment and exploring Mr. Ranville’s Oak islands research concepts will give us a better understanding of this enigma. It is said Sir Francis Bacons personal writings were and preserved in mercury and hidden some where in the Oak Island treasure mystery?Keith Ranville a Canadian First Nations Native, is known for his translation’s of the Oak Island Money pit symbols, and for his newly discovery the Birch Island triangle.

Mr. Ranville explains his theory in diagrams: http://www.treasurestories.losttreasurehun...termark-cipher/

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3 topics on oak island, can a mod merge these.,

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New National Treasure Hunter

Frank W. Pandozzi Production, LLC

506 Valley Drive East

Suite 101

Chittenango, New York 13037

315-*** ****


For more information:

Frank W. Pandozzi

Frank W. Pandozzi Productions, LLC

315-*** ****

315-*** **** (cell phone)



March 1, 2007

Legendary Treasure Story To Be Filmed

Chittenango, NY – Frank W. Pandozzi Production, LLC the producer of Exploring Historys Treasures TV series, has received the exclusive rights to film the Oak Island treasure story. Ryan Prucker of Imagelight Advertising & Production, LLC will be the co-producer.

For centuries the treasure on Oak Island, Nova Scotia has been a mystery to treasure hunters, historians, and adventure seekers.

“The Oak Island treasure has been as puzzling as any treasure story in the world. What is buried on Oak Island and where it is buried has received interest for more than two centuries. Some say the “Holy Grail” the cup that Jesus drank from at the “Last Supper” is buried on the Island. Others have speculated that the treasure may very well be a book or a letter that could significantly affect the world today. Whatever is buried on Oak Island may now be located based on a new interpretation of a centuries old clue. The clue could lead to what the treasure is and it’s whereabouts,” Pandozzi states.

The Oak Island treasure legend began in the summer of 1795. Three individuals, Daniel McGinnis, John Smith and Anthony Vaughn were adventuring on Oak Island when they discovered a spot on the ground that looked as if it had been recently uncovered. Fifteen feet above the ground, swung a ships tackle hanging from a sawed off tree branch. On the tree were carved strange markings.

Visions of a buried treasure danced in their heads, so the three kept digging.

Digging deeper a former oak Island company encountered a flagstone with a strange inscription scrawled into it. It is this mysterious cipher that has captivated the world of treasure hunters. No one has been able to establish what the code means.

However, Keith Ranville, a Canadian Cree Native Indian, has studied the clues and believes he knows where the treasure is buried.

“Keith Ranville has worked diligently to uncover the mystery behind the code. I believe he is on to something,” Pandozzi says.

Filming will begin sometime this year.

Frank W. Pandozzi Production, LLC in Chittenango New York started operations in 2005.The production company produces Exploring Historys Treasures Television series and DVDs.

The series features history, metal detecting and treasure hunting.

Imagelight Advertising & Production, LLC in Syracuse New York is the co-producer of Exploring Historys Treasures TV series. Imagelight also provides full-scale film production, editing, media buying services as well as advertising to businesses and corporations. Interested parties may visit www.Imagel.net

For more information please visit www.exploringhistorystreasures.com, or


Frank W. Pandozzi


# # #

New Leading Research:

Oak Island Treasure Hunter/Researcher

Keith Ranville

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Oak Island Reveals it’s Secrets March 9, 2007

It is I, keith Ranville’ Oak Island’s leading treasure hunter; up to now’ I have been receiving considerable amount of attention for my discoveries, concerning the Oak Island treasure mystery evidence brought forward as clues that was not fully understood up to now. Pay NO attention to scrupulous people portraying they know me? Here are some of there opening statements; keith old chap or I know keith , ect..

These People are opportunists that are trying to cash in or hitch a ride on my growing treasure hunting notoriety for my discoveries without them having any such notoriety for themselves, to display nor they have a recognized reputable treasure hunter background, to comment on’ in regards of my research, that they have no involvement in or they do not have a full understanding of any of my research concepts. At this time I am involved in a project regarding an Oak Island Documentary, that I will be showcasing adventurous treasure hunting footage and all my new research discoveries and new information that will be explained in full explanation in the documentary.

I give thanks to websites that host my logical research and the theories that arise from it, from the hard work I made into adventure, that caught the eye of websites that venue’s information and entertains peoples curiosities. The supportive people of me will have a noticeable Canadian Heritage involvement, on any out come of this Oak Island legendary historical venture.

Oak Island treasure mystery is mystic place that has many avenues of clues that can lead to many places, there is a right path and I am on it’ and I invite the world on my quest in to discovery, that will be taking departure for a scheduled “voyage” so all can a board on the release date of my documentary when announced.

Film Documentary information



Oak Island’s Leading researcher

Canadian Cree First Nations & Sinclair Heritage

Keith Ranville

Edited by Magikman

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