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Cretoxyrhina v Mosasaur debate

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i realy hate it how people Find one thing like this and say "Mosasaur is Crap" and "Mosasaur beatin by a shark" let me make a list of what people did not take into accout

1. it was young or wounded from a fight

2. it was unable to Breath or siwm

3. i dont hate the Shark i hate the Fact some people think Mosasaur die From them all the time

well..... i had somthing else but i forgot anyways can someone start a active Marine Reptile Club or frogfish you got a dino club up right...... i sorta like land ones but the Sea has Realy got me Going and if you have not read about it the link is http://www.oceansofkansas.com/page1.html :tu:

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Club? :hmm: Why not just create a thread? :tu:

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