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The Binding... By Glen Johnson

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The Binding is an innovative comedy. Looking at mans fear of the unknown. The things that hide in the darkest corners of our creative imagination. We bend them into stories and fantasy, in a hope to hide our fears and unanswered questions.

Eons after science almost destroyed mankind, humanity gave up looking for a god, and looked into themselves.

The survivors could hear a new song emanating from the ruins of the past. An ancient song, older than religion and time itself. They heard the magic.

But the holocaust caused a spell uttered eons ago, when the magic was once before strong; to weaken. A spell that now released unmentionable creatures into the world once again; creatures their ancestors had banished into another dimension.

Powerful magi’s could aid mankind, but they have grown old and tired with time. Leaving the hope of all humanity on the shoulders of a slaphappy human, a drunken elf, an ambitious dwarf and a grumpy angel.

These follow a second level female magi into the heart of the Dead Zone; the creatures domain. Looking for the most powerful spell ever uttered, that’s been carved onto a Stone Tablet, and then accidentally misplaced.

If they fail the darkest creatures imaginable will ravish the world. Mankind becoming nothing more than a new food source for them.


Thousands of years have passed, the Earth has re-cooled, and the clouds of ash have settled, the continents re-aligned, mountains that toppled lay at rest.

Now the magic has re-awakened. Forgotten for eons, now it has been re-established. People that survived turned from science; the cause of their pain; back to the Earth, to what is natural, to what has always been.

No one knows what year it is. Then again no one really cares. What is known is back at the end of the 21st Century mankind using science almost succeeded in destroying themselves, few survived the chaos they unleashed, billions died. Those that survived wished they had perished along with the others. They had to struggle with what was left, what managed to pass through, what was later referred to rather ironically as Armageddon.

But after some time, those that did survive could hear a new song emanating from the ruins of the past; a new 'voice'; that of magic. Long forgotten, hidden beneath science and religion, the sound drowned out. They gave up looking above for a god they decided didn't exist. Instead they looked within themselves. Then they could hear the ringing loud and clear. Realizing it had been there all along. Once again the 'voice' prevailed.

Also from the rubble came new races, some say they had been there all along, hidden, fearing reproach; dwarves and elves now walk the land, crawling out from their hiding places. New mankind they were called.

Some humans heard the 'voice' louder than others, becoming powerful magi; sorcerers, because of evolution, radiation the 'voice' no one knows.

Thousands of years passed. The earth changed with its new residents. The past was forgotten; the old world became nothing but a distant un-used memory.

Then it happened! A dimension held back for eons spilled fourth into our own. Later all made sense. The magi studied long and hard and they say they found the answer.

Few things survived the holocaust of distant past; one thing was a simple book! In this book it told of the time before the Great War. A time before science, when the 'voice' was as loud as it is now. In that time all the great magi came together, forging one spell; to be the most powerful ever uttered or used the spell of 'Binding'. All the vile creatures that walked the earth, creature later only referred to in stories and myth; where torn from the world, thrown into a prison; dimension, where they waited, poised.

The power released from the weapons of science weakened the spell; cracks appeared. They started to seep through; some whispered that this is where the dwarves and elves really appeared from. Then eventually it crumbled completely, the beasts of nightmares, from the darkest parts of the imagination; returned, the flood gates opened.

The small book gave hope. The great magi of old had written down the powerful spell; engraved it on Stone, then placed in a sacred place of keeping. Locked away for eons until it would be needed again.

The time is now!

A small group consisting of a female sorceress, a human and a dwarf, along with an elf are being gathered to head out across the wastelands, towards hope; so they believe. Pulled together by fate. Their guide a small leather bound book. Having to travel through what has been released.

Will they survive long enough to find the ancient carved Stone? Will they have the strength to return it to their ruling magi? Will the magi be able to comprehend the spell; have they the power to even make it work again?

Or will the powerful demon king called Vorr get there first?



Pramos sat still, holding his breath, fearing that the sound of it would give his hiding place away. He had only gone a short distance from the protective barrier that the magi from his village had erected.

The creature stood not more than ten paces away, its small piercing eyes scanning the area; it believed it heard a noise?

Pramos couldn’t believe his bad luck. He had traveled this short path hundreds of times, never before knowing any of the creatures brave enough to approach this close to the village? It must be new to this area, scouting out a new territory.

Suddenly the creature jerked around facing his location, its large nostrils twitching, had it picked up his sent? God what he wouldn’t give for a weapon right now. Never before needing one for the short trip, he cursed himself for becoming lacks. He groped around on the ground next to himself, feeling for a stone. He touched one, not taking his eyes of the beast, he wrapped his hand around the reassuringly hard surface; it was better than nothing, he thought to himself.

His hand twitched ready to strike out at the tall lean creature. But he knew there was still a chance no matter how small that it could carry on past.

The creature was what was aptly named a Tigerman. Imagine a house cat, give it the appearance and intelligence and size of a tall man. Lean, strong, powerful arms tipped with razor claws, mouth brimming with canine teeth. Standing on powerful hind legs. Then give it a crazed temperament to match. This one though was on its own. Unusual, they hunted in packs of about ten or more. But seeing it up close he noticed it was wounded, that’s probably why it was willing to come so close to the village; desperation and hunger was driving it to do things it normally wouldn’t.

Promas lifted the stone slightly. He knew he would have no chance against a Tigerman normally without a descent weapon, but this one was wounded. If he attacked before it noticed him he might stand a fair chance.

Once again he hesitated, not really sure why. Relying on his instincts, some thing that has kept him alive for the last twenty-two years.

Suddenly the creature jerked its head around facing the opposite direction. Then out of nowhere a blinding white flash struck the beast in its chest, tossing the animal backwards like a rag doll, dead before even hitting the ground.

Promas knew before he even looked who would be stood there.

“Am I glad to see you.” He shouted from his crouched position. Raising himself up, looking over the boulder he was crouched down behind. Dropping the stone to the dusty ground, and wiping his hands of his dusty trousers. Not doing much to enhance their already dirty appearance. The same dusty grime that covered his sleeveless top. Already a sand color, years of use washing away any once colorful design. His hair faired no better. Forever out in the desert, away from the protecting barrier. It was clean but dusty. Hair in a dreadlock design, purely to save having to do anything with it. Supple brown leather boots, tied up to the knees, trousers tucked into them.

“I felt its presences, never has one come this close before.” She spoke in a silky voice, almost whispering but her words carried easily to his ears.

“It was wounded, possibly a territorially dispute.” He said dusting himself down. The creatures’ blood was spotted all over his garments and face. He looked down at the creature, a gapping hole passing right through it, cauterizing the arteries and bones, leaving an almost perfect hole, no blood ran from the cauterized death blow, the blood on his top was from the initial strike.

Minika was the village magi, every small village or town had one, to protect the populous and keep the magical barrier around the dwellings operational. Standing tall, as all the magi did. Giving of an aurora of pure power, and self assurance.

She glanced at the creature once to check it was dead, not really needing to. The spell she cast would have killed most living creatures, apart from the dragons, and a few other more powerful species.

“Lets get back to the village, the smell of blood will soon draw others.” She said looking at Promas’s blood splattered garments.

He didn’t argue. Turned and stated following her. Her movements were graceful and sure, she seemed to glide rather than walk. But even she as powerful as she was, was only a second level magus. Having to overlook a small settlement was part of her tuition. Being away from the larger cities, time to study and contemplate things, time to make decisions on her own. In four days her Time of Seeking would be over. She would move up to third level, taking her place back at the larger city dwelling, just over six days away.

“A message has arrived from the city.” She said over her slender shoulder, wrapped in long white flowing garment that all magi donned themselves in.

Promas wondered why this concerned him. The city couldn’t of sent a message to him, most people in the small village here didn’t even acknowledge his existence.

“We, that is the Council of Brothers, have a proposition for you.” She talked as she strode along, unconcerned with any danger to her person, her magic even at second house was powerful enough to protect her.

Curiosity, as ancient legends said; killed the cat. But in Promas experience it didn’t just kill it, it striped its bones of flesh and buried it in a very deep hole.

“Why does this concern me?” He asked. Curiosity might be dangerous but it was also contagious.

“What would the magi in the city want with me?” He ran a little to come beside her.

“You! Why would you think it was addressed to you personally?”

He hated the way magi never gave a straight answer, always talking in riddles. But one thing was sure, his curiosity was ringing like a bell.

Copyrighted Glen Johnson 2003/Under America Copyright Laws

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I like this, when do we get to see part 2?

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ohmy.gif Wow excellent opening, I'd definitly buy this book, it has me hooked already.

More Please thumbsup.gif

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whistling2.gif MORE!!!! w00t.gif

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The room was warm; just the way the occupants liked it. Kept at just above body temperature by their powerful magic.

Around the large oval pure white table, which took up most of the space in the bright airy room, sat the Council of Brothers. Four men and three women. All dressed the same in long white flowing garments. At the table head sat Sameon; head of the Council of Seven.

"Time is almost upon us brothers and sisters," he said bowing his head respectively to all around the table.

"The message has been sent; soon the Stone Tablet will be in our hands." He waited for any response, none was fourth coming. But they seemed a little confused about what he was referring to.

"We, as you know, have to act swiftly. They…" He waved a soft supple hand out the large crystal window towards the protective screen of the barrier.

"They always seem to know what our next step is going to be, as if they got inside information." He laid his hand down softly upon the smooth white wooden surface. All the council members felt his gaze drift about them.

"So before the latest information reaches our enemies ears, I took it upon myself to send a message to the closest magi to the area in question." None could meet his stern gaze, all feeling as if they were being suspected of spying themselves.

"She is only second level I'm afraid, but we have no choice." They seemed a bit taken back by this information. All at the table were seventh level magi; the highest level achievable. And at this most crucial time; so they gathered by his words; he was resting their last hope on the shoulders of a magi of only the second house.

"In four days she was to be made up to third level," he announced, answering their unspoken question. But even so third level against all that lay on the other side of their barriers!

"I read uncertainty in your eyes. Do you not think I have thought this through? Believe me I have." He stood from his elaborately covered wooden seat, and started pacing behind those still seated.

"There was a time when I would have gone myself, most here would. But not now, not anymore. We are too comfy in our large sun lit rooms, are rich finery. We seldom travel outside our fare city; I can't remember the last time anyone here has. Do any of you?" He now stood behind his chair, gripping its tall back, his knuckles looking white through his stretched skin.

"The book has finally been deciphered, the location verified. After years of intense study the book reveals the answer to all our questions, and the cure for the sickness that ravishes our land." His age seemed to get the better of him, having to once again take his seat. All around the table started murmuring among themselves. He waved his hand to quite them.

"We have speculated and guessed, but we have no need to anymore. The book reveals all." He lifted his hand slowly, tracing a rune in the air; it looked as if the effort was too much for him. But as he did so the temperature in the room raised slightly.

"If you will excuse the heat, I find it eases my weary bones." He settled himself down in his chair and continued talking.

"In the distant past we have reference to a Great War, one that almost destroyed our world, science it was called, man tampering with thing that didn't concern him. Magic was unknown to them, something scoff at, only appearing in storybooks taught to the young. But there was a time long before science, before religion, when the magic was as strong as it is now, stronger some says.

“Also creatures of nightmares walked the land, creatures we are all too familiar with." His look once again went out the window. He stared for long moments. The other council members looking at each other wondering if they should speak.

Then he continued:

"They came together and joined their magic abilities into the most powerful spell ever uttered; the spell of Binding. All the creatures that walked the land were swept away. Contained." He sighed. The others once again looked around at those sat at the same table as them, they all knew this, all knew the ancient stories, even the smallest child did.

"But the Great - so called - War made cracks appear, the magic was failing. Slowly the vile creatures started to pour back in. We had to hide, use large amounts of our magical ability just to keep the protective walls in place. Time has gone on, generations have come and gone. Now I believe we don't even know the powers we were once capable of, because so much of our resources go into keeping the barriers up; keeping them out." He took his eyes from the window and peered once again around the room.

"The book tells us of a Stone, a Tablet of rock which the ancient magi engraved the words of their powerful spell upon. The spell what would return the creatures back into their bondage, releasing us from our fear and hiding." They looked at each other, had he really broken the ancient code, was it possible he really did know the tablets location?

"I have finally cracked that code, after decades of studying. And even as we speak the message I have sent would have reached its location. Even now Minika would; with a group of helpers; be on her way to the stones location." He stood, turned and placed his wrinkled old hands on the crystal glass of the window.

"She is our last hope my brothers. There is no time for us to make the journey for I fear they already have guessed we have cracked the code, at this moment I can feel them gathering, getting ready for one last all out assault. And who knows this time they might succeed in penetrating the barrier." He turned to face the council members once again.

"You will have to forgive me for not telling you more. For not giving you the tablets location, but you yourselves must find it strange also that they can predict our every move. So you will indulge an old mans paranoia when I tell you that only myself and Minika know the tablets location." He waited for an uproar, but none was fourth coming.

"See we are growing weak, now none of you even speak up like you use to, all like sheep doing anything I ask." None could meet his eyes, all knew him to be right.

"Within a few days we will know if she’s succeeded. Mainly because if she doesn't we won’t be around for much longer to try again. You see there’s a down side to all this, that which I can gather from the ancient book. The down side being, if we let them reach the Stone first, they can use the spell to do the same to us, as we intend to do to them!"

Copyright Glen Johnson 2003

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Vorr sat on the throne; his throne. He had worked long and hard to gain the position he now had, and it was all about to fall apart because of one sniveling human being.

“They know its location,” Vorr said between his talon hands, which was cupping his narrow face, long red fingers tapping his protruding fangs as he talked.

“I can feel them stirring, their anticipation.”

“But Sssire we are ssstill awaiting conformation from our ssssssource,” Slis hissed between his gummed mouth. A creature which was now groveling before the large throne.

“Bah. She has grown weak and scarred, but then that’s why she approached us in the beginning…” he tailored off. “The weakling,” he spat.

One of the creatures bowed low to the ground, it could almost of lick the earth if it wanted to from its position.

“What do you wish us to do sire?” Qwat; the second groveling creature; inquired.

Many creatures filled Vorr’s chamber; his throne room. The two stood before him now were messengers; lackeys, willing to do any menial task just to get recognition from their Lord. There was a time when these creatures saw none as their equal, more-or-less one to rule over them. But times have changed. Being sent into another dimension by the powerful spell of eons past changed some of their views. Once they had fought each other, no leadership, and no direction. But then they never believed they would be sent away.

Vorr had crawled and kicked his way to the top, many lying dead beneath him, he had many scars to prove his ascension to leadership. All the other species leaders now bowed to him.

Vorr was what some would call a demon. But that name conquered up false images, ones of tall red humanoid creatures, whip tailed and sharp horns; living in Hades, or as some called it Hell. But it was a big misunderstanding, they didn’t live in Hades they lived on Earth; well at least that was before the Binding. Stories and false ideas passed down from generation to generation, had been warped. They appeared long ago in the struggle for life, along with all the other creatures, vampires, ghouls, dragons, werewolves, trolls, humans, dwarves and elves just to name a few.

But the humans saw themselves to high and mighty to share the same space as the ‘lower’ animals, as they referred to them. The humans had become powerful in magic, hearing the ‘voice’ loud and clear. The other inhabitations of their world were to busy fighting each other to notice the humans gathering together, whispering, scheming. To busy to notice the humans banding together until it was to late. The humans called upon all their joint magical talents, and wiped all the others away in one mighty spell. The spell of Binding.

Over time these others became nothing but fantasy and stories. But they had been poised, waiting, always waiting for a chance to get back through, take their anger out upon the ancestors of those than imprisoned them. And now they had a leader to help them achieve just that.

“They know its location, and before long we will once again be crawling on our bellies in a prison of their making.” He roused himself from his throne, pulling his immensely powerful body from its seat. His wings unfolded; stretching them, releasing his pent up tension, tail flicking from side to side, crawled feet griping the ground as his eleven foot of height strolled around the throne thinking.

“They will obviously have to send a party after it, a group to verify its location.” His hand stroked his curled horns on his head, a habit he always done when he was thinking.

All in the large room waited. None would interrupt while he was thinking, none had the nerve to. They had seen what happened to the last to interrupt his musing; some even had to clean it up.

“This is what we shall do.” He retook his seat, wings tucking in behind himself, tail flicking casually over the arm rest.

“My commanders.” As he spook this, a large group; one of each species, walked, crawled, slithered and flapped to place themselves before him. It was a gruesome sight, one born of nightmares. Each of the respective Houses now bowed (if they could) before him.

“Each of you will rally your armies; call them fourth from their dwellings. Each will watch and surround a location I will give you forthwith. The time is now brothers, we too have a prophecy such as their own, but in this one we are the ones to come out on top, we will control this world that was almost destroyed in ages past. We will find the Stone before them and use its power on them.” This was met with an uproar, screaming, screeching, howling, and banging of all manner of different types of hands, feet and coils.

“Prophecy? What prophecy?” Came a crisp voice from the back of the crowd. Those around the voice moved away, letting the figure have space to breath.

“THE PROPHECY I HAVE JUST ANNOUNCED!” Came a thunderous roar from the throne. Vorr’s breathing lowered dangerously, droplets of anger spreading across his high forehead, dripping from his protruding horns. Clawed hands clenching and unclenching on the grotesquely carved chair he sat upon.

“Fine, fine, just clearing that up. So now you’re a prophet as well? Just checking, thought I heard wrong. All cleared up now thank you.” The figure stood, long black cloak wrapped around itself; in a now empty space.

In one movement Vorr flung himself from his throne, leaping through the air in an astonishing amount of speed for a creature so large, landing in front of the lone speaker. His feet apart, chest heaving, wings completely out stretched, slightly encircling the lone figure, in its huge wingspan. Tail lashing about like a thing possessed.

The figure didn’t even flinch, just stood his ground, picking a small bit of imaginary lint of his cloak and flicking it to the caverns floor.

“Once again you question MY AUTHORITY VROCOS?” Vorr was shaking with rage, clawed hands twitching. Small flecks of fire flickering out of his inflamed nostrils.

“My Lord;” the last word spoke with a snarl; “I am but a humble servant. I was simply clarifying the point for those not so; shall we say; completely with it… if you get my meaning.” He leant forwards a little to speak the last words.

Vrocos was the head of the order of vampires, the only one ever to have the nerve to stand up to Vorr. The only one with enough power behind himself to back his words up. Vorr also knew this. And at the moment didn’t need rivalry or divisions, so all he could do was try and come out on top of the word games they played.

“If any of your people,” Vorr swept his hand to encompass all the vampires in one section of the vast chamber, “don’t understand my simple words, then I suggest you talk with them in your own time.” This gave way to sniggering and laughter all around the immense chamber.

Vrocos didn’t even twitch at the sarcasm, he simple bent a fraction at the waste, in a feeble attempt to show his servitude. He then turned without another word to Vorr, and walked back towards his brethren.

Vorr eyed his back, in one movement he could kill him, rid himself of that annoying vampire. Time, he though to himself. In time, once we have rid the world of the human parasites I will kill you, then I will not have to put up with your constant interfering anymore. In a sudden swift movement Vorr turned around to face most in the chamber. His features changing instantly.

“Brothers and sisters, soon all will be ours. Soon we will be the dominant species as in times past. SOON WE WILL CONTROL ALL” He had his arms spread out wide, wings flapping behind himself, mouth in a terrible attempt at a fake smile, lips twitching at the effort.

But the applause that now followed was only half hearted, and soon faded out.

Vorr walked back through the crowd towards his throne, it parted like a foul sea. As he approached he walked past Slis, one of his lackeys who were still applauding. With one powerful arm he smacked Slis across the face sending him somersaulting through the air, landing in a pile of coils on the other side of the throne. Slis untangling himself, smiled through a split lip; smiled at the attention his Lord was giving him.

Vorr slumped himself back down in his throne. Turning his attention back to matters at hand. The destruction of the human parasites. But first he needed that Stone Tablet.

Copyright Glen Johnson 2003

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Loving that!!

Is this a work in progress or published?

I love the variety of characters and the way you bring them to life is fantasticly vivid. clap.gif

Where can I get more?

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