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Faithful hoping for miracle cure

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user posted image rHundreds came to St. Michael's Catholic Church on Sunday hoping and praying for a miracle through the hands of Dr. Issam Nemeh. Nemeh, born in Damascus, Syria, is a Westlake anesthesiologist. Dozens of people claim he has the gift of divine healing. He says he does not. "What we do is prayer, and Jesus does everything," he said. "I take no credit. God assigns you to a certain function. All the credit is the Lord's. I'm not worthy. Only the grace of God." People lined the aisles of the church's auditorium as Nemeh and his assistants, including his wife, Kathy, walked around to people in wheelchairs. They talked with people who walked with canes or who were being helped by family members. He hugged them, sometimes whispering to them, sometimes saying nothing. Others, such as Melissa Howell, 34, of Buffalo, N.Y., came to testify to the healing she says was made possible through Nemeh. The mother of two active children was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis two years ago.

She told of foot problems that left her barely able to walk, of the two lesions on her spine affecting nerves so that she felt tingling and numbness in much of her body. "I was at my breaking point," she said. But family members sent her newspaper clippings about Nemeh, and she called him and made an appointment in his office. "I didn't know what to expect when I went to his office," she said. "I just took all the faith I had and was ready to accept whatever God chose for me."

IPB Image\ View: Full Article | Source: Canton Rep

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