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Darkness from the Light.

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There are plenty of vampire books circulating, so I thought I would give the vampire myth a new twist. I started this the other night. I was just messing around… see what you think?

Darkness from the Light.

The World goes on unsuspecting. Below humanity lie things they could never understand.

Gods have for eons being walking with the mortals. Powers continually at work, holding the doors of darkness at bay. Angels guard the true of heart, pure the clean. Vampires feed on the criminals the wicked. The two powers co-exist. The light and the Darkness working on every street of every city, feeding and protecting. Until the Light turns to Darkness, one changes sides, becoming what he once fought against. He gains powers so vast none can stop him, a joining of the two breeds. Now the two sides have to come together else everything they have worked for, for eons will be destroyed.



Darkness offered scant concealment to what he was momentary about to do. He could feel the raw power running through his veins, all powerful. Now a mixture of the two breeds. He knew he shouldn’t be here, shouldn’t be stalking as he was. But the fever that shook inside him offered him no other choice, and he hadn’t the strength to challenge it.

Once he protected people from the very thing he was about to do. He was once a Guardian, powers equal to few. He had life and death hanging in his very actions. Now he held only death, clutching it close to his now black twisted heart.

His once pure clean robes were now stained with the blood of others, those that had become his meal, his salvation, his new curse.

As he stood, silently, waiting for her to walk along. He could smell her sent, perspiring in the humid evening air. The sent of lavender washing over his acute senses. The way her sleek body moved in and out of the shadows that the scant street lights offered.

He had seen her many times before. Smelt her pureness, her perfection. He had often stood over her, protecting her from others. Now as he watched, smelt her, he understood their craving, their want, their need for her, their uncontrollable desire, their thirst.

She was the first he had thought of, once he had gained his new power, his new distorted gift. His new hunger. She was all that dominated his sleeping time, as he lay in his newly acquired crib. She ran through his mind like a hunger, nothing else would do, he needed only her. Until tomorrow when he would hunt again.

The wind picked up, blowing the fallen leaves along the sidewalk. The rattling lids of the bins that sat upon the curb, ready to be emptied first thing in the morning. But tomorrow they would find more than rubbish littering the streets.

The tall buildings all around had few lights glowing from their drawn windows. Few people walked the streets at this time of night. But she did, always came this way. Finishing work late, and then strolling home in the humid evening breeze. Never concerned with her own safety. But then again she never needed to have worry, she was being protected. Now she was the hunted not the protected. She had become the prey.

Nights before he had stood over her, his embracing arms protecting her. Now his wished for those same arms to hold her in a different way, as he drained the sweet blood from her warm scented smooth body.

He could now hear her tall high heeled shoes tapping along, heading in his direction. She mumbled to herself, as she swung her briefcase, as she ambled along, enjoying the evening stroll. Not realizing it would be her last.

Her headphones held back her long straight jet black hair. So black is shinned blue like a raven’s wing. With the blonde lock in the front he so loved. She listened to her electronic music; the frantic sounding strings of Apoplectica could just be picked up by his newly acquired hearing.

She needed no coat in this warm evening, so it hung over her left arm. She wore a red tight fitting two piece suite.

"How ironic for it to be blood red," he whispered to himself. Tongue wetting his parched lips.

She continued her walk, oblivious to any harm, any danger. Never once realizing her own mortality.

“Humans, so caught up in themselves. Never truly realizing their needs their desires until it’s to late. Such short pitiful lives they lead,” he mussed.

He readied himself now, pulling back on his long robes, that once shone whiter than pure cotton; radiating like the very sun. How they dulled so quickly. His back was against the cold stone wall, water dripping from high above, that struck his head, running down his pale face. He raised his head upwards, collecting the cold water in his mouth, and then spitting it out. But water no longer quenched the thirst he carried inside him.

He could hear her foot steps getting loader now. Not long. It will soon be over, she will soon be apart of him. He went to turn, draw out from his hiding place, snatch her two slender arms, and pull her into his being. But as he turned she didn’t stand before him, another did.

"Don’t do this Vangal, there are other ways. We can still help you, its not to late," the figure before him said. His bright white robes shinned like the day star. Robes Vangal himself use to be so proud of.

"Its to late for me now, I'm to far gone," he responded, lowering his head slightly.

The white robed figure moved closer, a supportive hand coming up to reassure an old friend. "Its never to late to turn back from the darkness Vangal." His voice soft and comforting.

"You don’t understand what I have been through. You could never understand none of you could."

"What is there to understand? We know what you have become. Isn't that enough to know, enough to work on."

"You have no idea of the power, the thirst," Vangal answered as he straightened himself up once again. "Do you think I enjoy being this way?" He announced, hands encompassing his now dirty grime covered robes, his matted hair and bloodshot eyes. "If I could turn back now, don’t you think I would?"

The hand of his old friend wavered for a moment, unsure of what to do.

Vangal could hear the woman’s shoes clipping along the sidewalk. Her sweet voice humming a vague tone that had no words, just instruments.

The hunger was becoming to much. The want over powering his newly acquired senses.

"Listen Vangal, we can, and want to help you."

"Help me by getting away from here," he said, eyes looking up from under hooded brows. "I have to feed. You know what I have become." Spittle dripping from the corner of his mouth.

"You know the rules better than any of us. You know I can’t allow you to feed here, upon her." The white robed figure stated. As he pulled back his hand and standing legs apart, blocking the way.

"Don’t make me fight you Drasell; you know you can’t defeat me. None can, not anymore." There was a sad tone in his last words.

"Vangal please," Drasell begged. "I am not your enemy. I am a friend," he stated taking a step closer.

"I have no friends now. The life of a vampire is a lonely one, a solitary one. If a vampire is what I would be called. Or maybe I’ve become something different." His head lowing once again.

"You can be cured Vangal there are ways known to the Council of Three. They can heal you of your suffering, your pain and want. From the thirst that burns inside you."

For some unexplained reason hearing the Council of three mentioned made him angry. In one lighting fast movement Vangal leaped, flying straight at the others heart, a supernatural speed. Before his old friend even knew what was happening. The white garments no loner pure and unblemished. Now a circular patch of blood spread across the chest area. The body of his one time friend twitched then fell backwards into a heap upon the cold wet ground. The light emanating from his body now dieing away, seeping away with his cooling life blood.

"What makes you think I want help," Vangal asked, while holding the still beating heart in his dirty, long finger nailed hand. He raised it to his mouth and gave it a long lick. "Sweet. But not as sweet as others I have tasted. Or those I am going to taste. To be honest I thought it would be sweeter, considering what you are, what I once was." He dropped the red muscle, letting it fall onto the stomach of his one time friend. The body wavered then disappeared as if it had never been there.

"Good bye old friend, we will meet again soon, in the ancient meeting place of our kind, when, and if my time ever comes."

He licked the remainder of the red liquid from between his fingers. Then turning he shot out the alleyway faster than a bullet from a smoking gun, directly toward the unsuspecting woman.

Her cries rang out in the still night air. None could respond to her screams, it was already to late. He didn’t feast there; she was to valuable a meal to drink quickly. She deserved more respect than that. He carried her in his strong arms, flying through the night sky, heading towards his new layer, where he could feed upon her at his own leisure, at his unadulterated pleasure.

The room was large and airy, nestled upon the top of a eighty-four story building, with views all across Manhattan, and the rest of the adjoining city of New York. The walls made up entirely of glass, giving a spectacular view all around. No discernable entrance was apparent upon any of the glass walls.

All around the outer walls stood shadows of people. All that could be seen was their dark outline, the head, shoulders and the long trunk of the body, arms held flat against their sides. None moving. But you got the sense that they were alive, breathing, watching. That they could spring to life at any given moment. But at the moment none moved. Stood shoulder to shoulder all around the large glass room. Hundreds of them. Waiting.

Stone figures also stood upon many pedestals, small shapes of ancient ones, statues of many varied gods. But the other three gathered in the center of the room didn’t worship these statues, because they themselves are living gods. Three beings sat around an immense circular white table; ignoring those stood around the walls; each of the three figures facing the middle.

"He has gone to far," One said.

"Agreed," said Two.

"What are we to do?" Asked Three.

"Call together the Tribal Council of the Vampiric Clans," answered One.

"Will they come? It has been a long time since they have been in our presences," said Two.

"They have as much to lose from all this as we have. If not more. Besides, they cannot reject a summons," One replied, then continuing, "never before has this come to pass. Never did we foresee it coming about, the joining of our two kinds. We didn’t even know it was possible."

"I will put forth the summons as soon as we are finished here," Two stated.

"We have finished. Put it forth, call the Black Clan leaders to us," One said. "We shall meet on the grounds of Carp'olas, on the bones of our ancient ones. On neutral ground." One finished.

"Do you think Vangal will come also?" Three asked.

"I hope for all our souls he doesn’t, so we do not see what he has become. Others may strive after what he has achieved. What he has accomplished," One stated. "The young ones are always vulnerable; they could be swayed by his appearance. He is a danger to both sides; Light and Darkness. You can be assured they will other their full support."

"But will we take it?" Three asked.

"We will except any help coming our way, be it theirs or others. They are the strongest clans, we go to them first." One finished, and then turned to leave, before remembering one more thing. "Once we have finished with Vangal we will start on the Black Clan leaders. We have allowed them to much power for way to long. Times are changing, they should be no more. We will wipe them all away." With his last words he turned and vanished, leaving just the two figures still sitting at the large table.

As One vanished, the walls came to life. The stationary figures moved as one. Light emanating from their bodies, glowing as bright as the sun. Their robes turning a luminous white. Turning as one the figures faced outwards; towards the horizon stretching city below; then in one supernatural feat the figures blended through the glass walls, disappearing into the dark evening air. Taking up the stations for the night, watching and protecting the unsuspecting race of mankind.

"Times are changing," said Two.

"Changing indeed," answered Three, nodding his head solemnly.

"Do you think he will go through with it; destroying Vangal?" Asked Two.

"He knows he has no other choice. He is almost as powerful as us now. The more he drinks the more powerful he will become. Especially when he’s feeding on the life force of the righteous ones, the pure of heart."

"Even so, do you believe One when he says he will destroy him?" Asked Two.

"He will accomplish it. Ones priorities are with us, and all the Guardian Angels in his keeping. The love for Vangal; his son; is long gone."

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Whoa! Kryso you certainly have a talent for writing excellent opening chapters. Have you had any books published already?

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Thanks Halo... The Soul Reapers is about to be published by Lightning Books! I will post a date once I get it from them... thanks for your coments!

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Glen, What can I say mate ?...Awesome. I love Vampyre stories and this one has got me hooked allready thumbsup.gif .

Come to think of it all your stories so far have got me hooked in.

I can't wait to get my hands on one of your books. Excellent work mate thumbsup.gif

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I totally agree with TheOracle.

Everything I have read here makes me want more.

Please, please, please tell me what, when & names of all your books.

I feel a spending spree comming on!

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whoa that was an amazin opener big fan of vampires and that made me wanna buy the book and all so when can we all expect this book out ??

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This was truly fantastic,i cant wait for it to come out.Im hooked already. thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif

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Excellent!!!! That is the only word I can think of.

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