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Alan W

Abduction video.

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Did you even look at the link> Didn't think so, cause if you did you'd know that there were no aliens on that page. ;)

No your right i didnt see whats in the 2nd link. :lol:

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Totally fake. Maybe it looks real, but fake but well done. :hmm:

Doesn't even look real to me. The aliens look like suits.

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On one side of the story, the way the family was acting was very realistic, and like the video said, it was top notch if the film was faked.

On the other hand, this one is obvious, the aliens look pretty darn fake. Easily can be people in costume. Although that comment about the eye sinking in I don't really know how to respond to it.

I would think that a real alien's head would look less stiff and more natural.

EDIT: I should have read the entire thread before posting. I now know it is a fake.

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