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Turkey Trouble on Thanksgiving

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Associated Press

Nov. 26, 2006 06:41 PM

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- Guess who dropped in for Thanksgiving at the Cobbs' house in Bloomington, Minn.?

A wild turkey, busting through the dining-room picture window.

“It's terrible. My house is a disaster!” Sandy Cobbs said Friday, amid window glass littered on a bloody carpet in her dining room. “Everybody thinks it's funny, but it's not. I just couldn't believe it was Thanksgiving and there was a live turkey in my house.”

Once might be funny, she said, but this was her second holiday feathered fiasco.

The first turkey attack came on Christmas Day 2004, confirmed Bloomington police Sgt. Mike Roepke. Sandy and Bill Cobbs were at their daughter's home that day and the neighbors called after seeing a hole in the same dining room window about 16 feet above the ground.

On Thursday, Sandy was in her kitchen preparing sweet potatoes and vegetables to bring to her sister's when she heard a thunderous crash.

“At first I thought my buffet fell over. It was so loud and kept crashing,” she said. “I went in there and said, Not again. Not again.' He was huge -- two or three feet tall.” It looked like the big bird had landed on her now scratched-up glass dining-room table and flopped to the floor.

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A wild turkey CAN grow to a weight of over sixty pounds. That weight is rare to find these days because of over hunting by the founders of our nation.

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