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D.E.F - (not another book?)

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I’ve been home ill today, so I started a new book, see what you think… It’s up to chapter 3 only… And is a very, very ruff working, so don’t expect to much, lol…. Kryso…

D . E . F

The year 2073. The world stands on its final footing. Back in 2058 a new organization was put to work; to find the cure for world hunger. Since the 20th century the worlds population had increased 20 fold. Wars were now fought over food not land! The new organization, using the best and brightest from ever nation, succeed in creating D.E.F (Digitally Enhanced Food). But the name came to have a more sinister meaning! The machine manipulated ‘time’, speeding up the growth process. But it also caused a ‘rip’ in space and time. Other worlds/dimensions which had been poised waiting for mankind to make such a mistake churned through, reaping death and almost total destruction. Now the survivors live in underground cities; hiding, trying to find away to close the ‘rips’ back down, and return to some sibilance of life they once knew. Now a small group unknowingly holds all mankind’s hope in their hands. A father holds back a secret, possibly sending his sons to their death, a secret that if it seeps out will cause total panic. Time is one luxury they don’t have. But time is what they need.



Time will tell. All things it seems is judged by time; supposedly healed with it. But like most people I don’t have the luxury of time. What is time to me? Something that hangs on my wrist, something that’s just another fashion accessory; another article of clothing to color coordinate with what I’m wearing at the ‘time’. People’s lives are ruled by it, and occasionally die for it! But what is ‘time’ to us? What does it mean? Time is not physical not eternal. Time only represents itself to us by the rotation of our planet. Twenty-four hours; one day. In the eternity of space, time cannot be measured, time cannot be controlled. Until now! So we thought.

I sit now staring at my computer screen, wounding where it all went wrong? Why did I not see it coming? Now though it’s to late for me, my ‘time’ is running out, my ‘time’ as they say has come. For me, for my part, all I can do is try in the last few fleeting moments I have left to try an explain where it all supposedly went wrong?

The year is 2073. The ‘time’ is one of the darkest in our world’s history. A world that only a decade ago was celebrating; celebrating a new era, a new begin, a new ‘time’ for all. A ‘time’ it turned out to be the most devastating our world had ever faced?

But let me start at the begin, where most stories should. Please bear with me, its been hard on me, as it has with every other human on the planet I suppose, (those that are left) but like most I believe my story to be harder, worse, that much more need for attention than others. Even now the words, the visions come hard. Who would of believed? Who would of known it would have come to this?

You see we thought we had created something marvelous, something amazing, and something beyond all our previous expectations. Something that would become our ultimate downfall, our own demise. Take us to our untimely deaths.

The world’s leaders joined in praise and exultation at what we had created. A new start they said, world peace, no more want, no more hunger, no more war.

And in hindsight it was just that, at first that was until it stared to happen? Became apparent what we had really created, what it represented?

You see wars were still fought, but no longer over land, but rather over food. The worlds population in the early 2062; I sigh realizing that its been like this now for over ten years, ten years of agony, constant fear and hiding. You see in 2062 the world’s population had increased twenty fold since the start of the 20th Century. The world was starving itself to death. Too many mouths to feed and not enough land to grow it. World leaders had to try and over come each other’s differences to group together to find an answer.

They did in 2063, when a new organization was started. An organization whose main goal was to stop world hunger by means of the latest technical advances. In the early parts of the 20th Century a new discovery was made concerning G.M (Genetically Modified) foods, which a few years later was banished, made illegal because of the unstable food it produced, and the effects it had on humans at the time, which wasn’t discovered until a few years later.

Now in the 2063 they had the Technology to make it safe, and take it one step further. Instead of G.M. food, they could use the same concept but speed up its production by means of a new machine; called D.E.F (Digitally Enhanced Food.) How fitting that name now seems. Food grown at an experiential rate. A machine that used time, bent it, altered it in new unexplored ways. Creating food from seed to product ready to eat in a matter of microseconds.

The world celebrated the new discovery. Embraced it. Huge factories appeared on the horizons across the world. Producing an abundance of food, food that would solve the world’s problems.

But there was one thing not considered? The ‘time’ taking away from the food which should have been there to make it grow, produce the finished product, this was ripped away from it. We believed it was canceled out. To be honest we didn’t really think about it, what was ‘time’?

That’s when it started to happen. Around the factories time anomalies, things not making sense. Trees aging to fast, saplings one day then becoming full grown trees the next! This was nothing so we believed, for we were feeding a world. Areas around the factories were cleared, sections put aside for the time to seep into the ground; unaffecting people.

That’s when it happened. We didn’t realize, not even in hindsight looking back, that it would of come to this.

One day the world was turned ‘upside down!’ We still don’t understand what truly happened, but then again now it doesn’t matter. Where the factories were one day; the next rips, gashes in time! Doorways to other worlds. Worlds that had been waiting for mankind to make such a mistake. Worlds that had been waiting for eons of ‘time’, waiting for such a chance to get through; enter our world!

I suppose looking at it in a twisted sort of way we had succeeded? We need to cure the world’s hunger, created an answer to the problems of over population. In the first year of the doorways opening over one quarters of the worlds population where wiped out; destroyed by the explosions created by the ‘ripping’ of the dimensions. Another two quarters were killed, fed upon by the creatures that spilled through! Creatures that needed no sleep, creatures that needed only to eat, feed on the weaker human race. We have now become nothing but a new source of food for them.

That was just over ten years ago. Then the remaining few humans left alive came together to fight this new foe. No longer any race differences, what it matter what color your skin is, now it’s down to species. The human race came together like never before, came to each other’s aid, creating a new civilization, one bent on survival. New cities came into being, cities where the few reaming humans banned together. Protection being the name of the day. Cities where people such as myself devout all our time in trying to come up with a solution in shutting down the ‘rips’; the doorways. While all the time fighting back the creatures bent on our destruction.

We have small groups that volunteer to go outside the protection the city offers, go and do studies on the ‘rips’, bringing back information we need in order to find a way to shut them down.

My two sons’ are among them. They along with three others journey to the closest ‘rip’ to bring back precious information. I can see them now readying to pass through the protective screen that surrounds our entrances to the world above. I must leave off for now as I go to say farewell to my only family left alive. Maybe it will be the last time I see them.

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Your imagination is amazing.

The story is captivating and I'm desperate to know his secret...

can you post the next chapter or do I have to wait until it is published?

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