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Dewey the library cat passes on

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Dewey the Cat Dies in Librarian's Arms

Dec 1, 4:24 PM (ET)

SPENCER, Iowa (AP) - The final chapter is closed on Dewey Readmore Books. The 19-year-old cat, who became a mascot for the city's library after being found in a book drop, died Wednesday in the arms of librarian Vicki Myron.

The temperature was minus 10 when Myron and another librarian found Dewey under a pile of books in the library's book drop when they came to work one morning in January 1988.

"We didn't know if someone abandoned him or if a Good Samaritan found him on the street and shoved him in the book drop to get him out of the cold," she said. "His paws were frozen. We warmed him up and fed him and he just purred and cuddled. From day one, we felt he'd be the right personality for the public."

Since then, Dewey became famous, Myron said.

She said TV crews came from as far away as Japan to do stories about him. Myron said she has found 222 "hits" for Dewey on the Internet search engine "Google."

Dewey's name was chosen in a local contest to name him shortly after he was found. He was named after the Dewey Decimal System, a system used in most libraries to catalog books.

Dewey, who Myron said still came running for cheeseburgers, boiled ham and chicken garlic TV dinners, had been experiencing health problems recently and was diagnosed with a stomach tumor shortly before Nov. 18, which was officially marked as his 19th birthday.

After his health rallied, he started "acting funny trying to hide" and Myron decided to take him to the vet and have him euthanized.

Library employee Kim Peterson said the staff is talking about having Dewey cremated and burying his ashes at the library.

bye bye kitty

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hmm thats sad.

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Wow, that s great that the cat lived so long...I hope my cats make it to 19..

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What a rotten thing to do!

Now ya got this ol' grumpy desert cat all teary-eyed and blubbering!

How am I expected to keep my reputation as a hard-hearted ol' bachelor when ya got me sniffling like a gurl!


What a great story. Makes me wish I had met Dewey. I'm a cat lover, so this story hits me right in the ventricles.

Dewey was lucky to have such loving people look after him all these years. No doubt, he addded a great deal of charm to the library.

Rest easy, Dewey. May you find slow mice and fields of catnip on the other side!


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