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Mastering unnecessary answers

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There was once a young architect with such extraordinary skill that his work dazzled all who saw it, marveling at the intricacies and detail of his magnificent mansions. Not only were the mansions of sublime detail but possessed uncanny qualities of substance and structure previously thought impossible by all architects. Quickly his fame spread across all kingdoms and his designs were sought after by common men and kings alike; each eagerly wishing to incorporate his techniques to improve their own dwellings.

But being so young and so new to the world of architecture the young master quickly became a source of bitter envy to all architects who jealously sought to discredit the young master. Feeling themselves superior in knowledge and veterans of structure design, the old architects questioned the young master relentlessly asking him any and all matters of practice and theory. Responding easily even the young master’s theories were dazzling but still they scrutinized every word he said, carefully looking for a discreditable reply. Although he answered with amazing wisdom and insight he continued to gain enemies for his fame caused intense jealousy among all in the trade. To add to his problems many of the novice architects counted themselves against him and disregarded his advise because his instructions on building were tedious and difficult; asking more than what the average designer was willing to do.

On and on it went until the constant interviews and questions heavily discouraged the young master, so being sadly disillusioned with the endless bitter inquiries and the steadily increasing number of people who disliked him, the young master found a scribe and dictated to him all the necessary instructions for serious architecture. And finally after the instructions were finished the young artist retreated to his masterpiece deep in the countryside never to build again.

But not only did he refuse to build, he refused to speak or communicate at all in any way. Many men sought his company, some with ill intent and some with genuine questions but he answered them all nothing; refusing to even blink or nod his head; ignoring their very presence.

Frustrated by his reluctance to answer people stopped trying knowing it was no use. Years went by without a word but no matter how much time passed, envy of his work remained, for no one could either duplicate his skill or refute his written instructions. So retaining their begrudging envy of his fame and unable to overshadow his work, some began attacking the masters credibility; taking advantage of his refusal to communicate with the general public. With the aid of time and an assortment of slanderous accusations many began questioning not only his ability to build but his ability to communicate all together; for very few people had heard him speak a word in quite a while. Along with his abilities, they called his work into question, doubting him as the designer of such fine buildings. At last his instructions were called into question; grounded easily on the well known fact that he himself did not actually write the words in the book.

More time went on and envious slanderers gave rise to genuine skeptics for no one knew what to believe and no matter how many went to ask him if he was the designer he never answered any of them.

But one day when the master was very old, a young boy full of admiration and hope paid him a visit, determined to get an answer; refusing to believe the legend was false. Every day he sought an audience and every day he got none but still he returned daily; refusing to give in and leave empty handed. Day by day week by week he came but still he received not a word or a whisper. But finally one day ,after many months of constant attempts, as he sat staring at the master architect ,sitting on his porch, the master turned his head towards the boy, looked him straight in the eyes and asked

“What is it you want to ask me?” Astonished beyond measure the boy froze up for part of him doubted he would ever get a response.

“All this time and you have nothing to ask?” the master questioned.

“I knew you could talk.” The boy exclaimed in elation.

“Is that what you came to see…If I could talk?” the master asked.

Stunned by the question the boy shook his head in confusion.

“No…Well kind of…Well everyone said you would never speak. Some said you couldn’t speak and you were no mare capable of communicating than a rock. They are saying you are no one. They are saying the mansions are not yours and you didn’t build them. They are saying the instructions are not your directions and theories and are robbing you of all your credit. You have to do something. You have to silence them.”

“What does it matter?” the master asked.

“What does it matter!” the boy asked stunned. “It matters everything. What about the ones that follow you and honor your name. They have many questions to ask you. Will you just ignore them?”

“I have left them the instructions.” The master replied.

“But many don’t believe they are your instructions. Many don’t even believe you can build a thing. Why then would they follow your instructions?” the boy wined.

But the master answered

“The instructions do not promise belief. They simple promise that I was the author and who so ever follows the instructions and caries them out will live in the mansion of their happiest dreams.”

“Will you never answer any more questions?” the boy asked brokenly.

“Why…don’t you see.” The master answered. “Many who question are not really asking and those that are asking need only know that all the necessary answers have already been given.”

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