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Blind man experiences Déjà Vu


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user posted image rA blind man suffering déjà vu. It sounds like a contradiction in terms -- but the first case study of its kind has turned the whole theory of déjà vu on its head.Traditionally it was thought images from one eye were delayed, arriving in the brain microseconds after images from the other eye -- causing a sensation that something was being seen for the second time. But University of Leeds researchers report for the first time the case of a blind person experiencing déjà vu through smell, hearing and touch.The University is a world-leader in déjà vu research. The ground-breaking work of the University's Institute of Psychological Sciences has been widely published in both the scientific and the news media. Their work is particularly aimed at understanding chronic déjà vu, where patients are constantly plagued by the feeling of having "been here before".

In a new paper published in the journal Brain and Cognition*, researchers Akira O'Connor and Chris Moulin relate how mundane experiences -- undoing a jacket zip while hearing a particular piece of music; hearing a snatch of conversation while holding a plate in the school dining hall -- were examples of how deja experiences were triggered in the blind subject.

IPB Image\ View: Full Article | Source: Science Daily

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i have a kinda :wacko: theory on deja vu involving parallel universes and past lives. people figure you reincarnate until you're enlightened from this material plane. but no, not into different lives, into the same one! y'all have a soul group. kinda like being all on the same wavelength of thought. and each time you're reincarnated, for that higher knowledge and peace, you walk the same path to reach that same destiny, thus finding yourself in same predicaments that happened to have a larger influence on you in your past. feelings are the only truth in this world. its figuring out the blatant truth lying in front of you and fitting it into the whole scheme of things.

deja vu comes in big swarms for me.. then i don't get it for a long time.. its good to know i'm changing from my past :D


peace, Liz


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I consider myself the king in my family of this ability. I have had it for as long as I can remember. At first when I was real young it came to me without any understanding of what it was. It was like someone hit the rewind button a little to much and a little bit of the future would flash before my eyes. In the back of my mind behind my eyes. Reading what they said about one eye getting the information to the brain faster than the other eye is not what I have. I can just go to open a door or be sitting at red light and get a feeling of what is about to happen based on a pre recorded play back in mind. And I then many times get a chance to change my future based on this gift. And it has always paid off to change my direction. Once I could have been hit by a guy running a red light. And another time I could have lost a ton of money. My family has always had these same abilitys some call them a blessing while others call it a curse. Many I have I have been able to trace back to dreams at the very moment I felt it. While other times it is all new. :rofl:

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