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British are £2,200 richer without the Euro


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The British have kept the Pound and are now richer than the French, Germans, Italians and Spanish who all have the Euro.

Of the world's largest economies (US, UK, Japan, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, China), the British are now the 2nd-richest in the world after the United States.

The British now enjoy a far higher standard of living than the French, Germans and Italians.


The £2 coin ... Brits are more wealthy with the pound

Brits better off without Euro


Political Editor

December 19, 2006

THE average Brit is £2,200 a year better off than Europeans because we kept the pound.

Figures show households here enjoy a far better standard of living than in Spain, France, Germany or Italy.

Our “purchasing power” per head is £2,214 higher than the average of the other four major economies.

And it is all because Britain did NOT join the euro, reports The Economist’s The World in 2007 dossier.

The findings are a vindication of The Sun’s Keep the Pound campaign.

But incredibly the nation’s leading foreign policy "experts", Chatham House, last night called for Britain to JOIN the euro, SCRAP border controls and snub the UNITED STATES.

Their advice flies in the face of a study by City experts Grant Thornton showing the UK has boomed while euro countries have nosedived since the launch of the single currency.

The typical Brit is seven per cent better off than the French, 13 per cent above Germans, 16 per cent richer than Italians and 22 per cent more prosperous than Spaniards.

Their countries have been locked into the same interest rate since 2001. Chancellor Gordon Brown freed the Bank of England to fix UK rates free from political meddling in 1997 — and blocked membership of the euro.

The UK economy will grow by around three per cent next year (much higher growth than France, Germany and Italy). Last night a spokesman for the Chancellor said: “Back in 1997, we were dead last of the richer nations when it came to income per head. Now we’re up to second behind the United States.”

Chatham House bosses said Britain needs to distance itself from the US after events in Iraq.

They reported that we need to ditch the pound and drop our immigration policies to prove ourselves “good Europeans”.

But Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett said: “This paper is threadbare, insubstantial and plain wrong.”



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Why cant the EU just accept that we are independant. <_<

Did anyone here about them trying to ban pints of milk and sliced bread?! :lol:


How can we drop our immigration policies any more?! We have practically unemployed Poland due to all of them coming here to live and work.

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