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Does anyone here access hubble archives

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If there are any pro's here I could use some help with dataset file extensions and filters used. Currently I have access to stsci, HST, the ESO science archives etc... I just have problems finding the right files for processing. That is, I have to download full sets and then scroll through hundreds of files to find the calibrated files, its very time consuming. Is there a way to only get ONLY the 3 files needed to form the RGB set?

Any help is appreciated :yes:

Currently I use the Aladin interface, also starview. I use the "stage" for FTP downloads usually. I have photoshop, fits liberator and registax. I also have autostar suite which has align, combign, drizzle and all the goodies.

I'm sure you realize the learning curve and trying to navigate nasa or any other archives for 3 little (or large actually) files.. its somewhat like "trying to find LESS than a needle in a haystack" :hmm: I'll take anything I can get, Tx ahead :yes:

If anyone else is interested in accessing and then processing your own space images you could start here: ( Lars Lindberg Christensen is, or was atleast 2 years ago a great help via email) have fun....


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