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bath tub antics


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two men who were refunded money for refusing to share a bath has made big news in the u.k, and one of its "guest workers" has had his piggy bank filled with english poundies :no:

only in england can this kind of rubbish go on.

An Iraqi-born leisure centre worker has been awarded more than £100,000 after winning a discrimination case against his employers in Flintshire.

The award includes £53,000 for loss of earnings over the next five years for Wafir Al-Jumard, 59, of Connah's Quay.

Clwyd Leisure plans to appeal against the employment tribunal decision.

Mr Al-Jumard complained to his employers when two white men, who refused to share a whirlpool bath with two Asian men, were given a refund.

The tribunal in Abergele declared that the manner in which the company bowed to the wishes of the two men revealed its attitude to such issues.

why is it an issue ? i bath where i like and with whom i like not with whom the management reserve the right for me to bath with.

madness :blink: We must believe in free will, we have no choice”

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Funny, that I haven't seen it in the news or on any news website.

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heres a link if itll work.


"I have been totally proven that what I claimed about discrimination, victimisation and the rest of it was proven in a court of law to be absolutely true and that, to me, matters a lot more than the amount of compensation they awarded." or so he reckons.

the u.k is a madhouse. why wasnt the money awarded to the two asians in the bath tub then?

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It's goofy, but I would say the U.K. is not alone in stupid, outrageous lawsuits. Here in the U.S. we had the famous case of a woman who sued McDonald's and won $2 million because the spilled coffee on herself and burned herself -- so she sued McDonalds for making their coffee too hot.

Recently, I read about two teenagers who were trespassing in a train yard. They climbed on top of one of the train cars which had an electrical wire of some kind on top of it. They were electrocuted, but survived. They sued the train company -- and won $12 million in damages.

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