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The tool of the mind

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How can you people even read books if you think that was too long?

That's really unfair to just disregard Ken's whole story as 'fiction.'

Maybe that's why people don't always come forward with their extraordinary experiences, because people like you can't keep an open mind.

There's nothing even too far out in his story. I mean, it wasn't like there was freaking aliens or anything.

I don't think mantras can hyptonise or brainwash because like repeating 'banana' over and over again the word loses it's meaning and starts to sound funny.

It just becomes noise, if you're saying it aloud and words if you're saying it in your mind. (though when I say 'banana' in my mind I can hear it just like as if it were spoken aloud) Besides, images are much more effective for brainwashing.

Your mind sort of becomes numb to your mantra, repeating something over and over again it...distracts your main stream thoughts. Like doing mental math, it clears your mind in a way. It definitely opens your mind to different things.

I agree with IronGhost, I think it was, who said you can do a mantra without being distracted from what you're doing- in Ken's case, driving. Like when you're washing dishes, you see what you're doing but your mind can drift far away without you flooding your kitchen or something.

I'm really going to try a mantra now, despite hearing about Sanddune's experience. (that sounds really scary. but maybe next time, if you try a mantra again, you should do it in your room or someplace safer lol.)

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WOW! That really happened to you? :innocent: And you didnt feel distacted or irritated... how did you control your thoughts? :unsure2:

And like someone said here... wasnt that a case of self hypnosis? :geek:

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