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Biologist certifies Sierra BF pix

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Press Release 9/17/03

Members of the Sasquatch Research Project have been photographing strange animals or strange beings

at a campsite in the Sierras in CA since 1978. The best and strangest images came from 1978-1981 and

several anthropologists have stated off the record that the faces and bodies are not of any known Earth species.

Whether Bigfoot itself is an alien is not proven and of course, Bigfoot as an earth animal is also not proven.

However, the faces look like a mix of primate and canine as if baboon was mixed with wolf. To see these photos

and decide for yourself, visit <http://www.beckjord.com/firstalienphotos>. Director Jon-Erik Beckjord, 510-644-0464,

firmly states that absolutely no models, toys, art work, etc, were used, and that in all cases, the photographers

did not see anything at the time, partly due to the distance from camera to object. The objects in some cases were

watching human fishing behavior, human cooking behavior, and at other times, human affectionate behavior. A ndew expedition

is planned for late Sept to this site in the Eldorado National Forest, and in Oct. Exobiologists, anthropologists, and

biologists are encouraged to participate. One skeptic, Robert Sheaffer, of CSICOP, did, to his his credit, spend

five days there, but, as predicted, no activity was experienced, perhaps to due to the mind-set of skeptics, as broadcast

mentally by the human brain. However, on that trip, 1999, a family group replaced Sheaffer onsite, and one of the children

claims to have made a sighting of a Bigfoot type creature on top of a cliff, on the other side of a creek. Also, once

the skeptic left, some photos were taken that produced a very tall humanoid image of marginal quality. In 1981,

an expedition by the SRP had a TV crew from CBS national along, and as long as the tv crew was there, no activity

was experienced of a Bigfoot type. However, once the crew left, almost immediately such activity commenced, usually

involving howls and screams that were not wolf nor coyote, and tracks were found (16 inches) going up hill over

obstacles with no slowing nor lengthening of stride, as if gravity were no problem. A biologist from a large university

in the mid-south is sending us a letterhead statement that the creatures seen in the photos, if they were alive,

are not any known mammal species, recognizing that the biologist was not along on the trip in 1979. This is now Dr. Thomas Tomasi, SW Missouri State Univ.If verified, which may be difficult, these photos will be the first photos of alien beings ever taken, or of unknown and uncaught earthly animals. (If interstellar travel exists,

it may be hard to define who and what is an alien or resident.)

Also, Monaco Film Lab in SF,CA certifies that the negatives were never altered.

details http://www.beckjord.com/bigfoottribephotos


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Those photos were to blurred to be taken seriously.

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