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Barek Halfhand

anybody see this?

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I was lucky enough to be able to view the the space walk segments of STS-116 Via NASA TV The Helmut cam views from mike curbeams and Sunni Williams were awesome(also developed a huge crush on Joan h.)some of the camera angles from the station

featuring the EVA with the spinning earth were enough to give me a touch a vertigo! I was wondering if any of you witnessed to golf ball experiment prior to 116's arrival (tom reiter still a member) before they got the hatch open ,think it was the zveda service module, the outside view focused on what was to capture the emerging astronaut,I saw some things go streaking by the station in the background in what appeared as them making practice shots out of an open airlock out of view(looked like a couple of teed off golf balls flying out of an out of view hatch then of course when the actual hatch opened it was obvious that a hadn't witnessed a couple of sneaky practice shots! long story short I think I may have seen my first UFO(s) on NASA TV how ironic eh?? anyone else notice this ?...realize this post is better suited for UFO section but felt their was a better chance you guys may have seen this .....B.

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Jeez Louise ... slow down your brain before ya write, willya?

You're using your keyboard like a machine gun.

1. Organize your thoughts before typing them.

2. Realize that many people didn't see what you did, so bring them up to speed as to what, when and where you were watching.

3. Use punctuation, such as periods and commas. This helps us to understand what you're trying to say.

4. It is often helpful to write your post in Word first, so misspelled words and incorrect grammar may be readily identified and corrected.

Nope, didn't see that video. Interesting, though. So, are you saying that what you thought were UFOs turned out to be practice shots on a golf ball, or that you saw something inexplicable?

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