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Skull n 'Bones/CIA/Air America/Hells Angels


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You've done awesome research on the 'What' and touched on some of the 'How'. Now what is left is the 'Why'. You are putting all of these pieces together, and it's almost time to arrive at the 'Why'.

In the fog of war, most won't realized what you have come to realize, or be able to believe, conceive or understand many of the elements you've touched on.

Now ask why.

I detailed a report on another site. unrelated, hiding in plain site. It deals with the why. It deals with a specific industry. I can't send you that report, but it would help you understand why.

I can say this. Much of what you are detailing has to do with the stability of white markets. legitimate american business. economic warfare. black market trade. creating forces to combat international takeovers of white market enterprise by nesting black market interests within white market interests for built in protections. resistances for economic warfare and various forms of asymetric warfare.

Once you understand why you will arrive at a point. Do I fight it? Do I make people aware? Do I arrive at a point of maturity where I understand why things are that they are? Do I become the Emporor and become the idea, the action, the end and the result.

Start asking yourself why, and when you apply that why to all industries that abound, you will have a truer sense of the world that you live in. I prefer to simply stay aware. In my mind, to not understand the world one lives in is, good luck at becoming an investor or an aware citizen, free of the dangers that abound.

Start asking within Why for the riddles that you have been deciphering. What you do from there is up to you.

What you discovered might not be available on the military cable network intended for the citizenry, but what you have uncovered is fractally available to citizens for a reason. Begin to read those academic reports and become your own intelligence officer and be an aware citizen, and that's the most anyone can or could hope for. At least from my vantage point.

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Wow, I just read the last four pages. It's like "free association as taught by Icke".


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Nope. This thread taps into a deeper level of reality than you can get by living life through a television.

You have to go out and get your hands dirty. Some of the topics in this thread are out there and are very real, and if you're not careful of who you associate with, you might find yourself right in the middle of it.

Most people live in a false state of reality and live vicariously through the characters on television, never venturing out to see what's hiding in the darkness behind the fronts of those business they wander in off of the street to visit.

There are real people behind those businesses and what they engage in are the plot lines of television shows.

the weird thing is, these biker Hells Angels guys had freezers full of human flesh on hand :

the skulls were cut in half and frozen, like someone

was planning a meal of human brains:


Women's heads 'found in freezer'

January 23, 2007

Police searching the home of a Canadian pig farmer found the severed heads, hands and feet of two women hidden in a freezer, a court heard on Monday at the start of one of the world's most grisly murder trials.

"In each case the head had been cut in two vertically," prosecutor Derrill Prevett told the court at the start of the trial of Robert William Pickton, who has been accused of the murders of 26 women in Canada's worst serial killings.

With the skulls were the left and right hands and the front part of the left and right feet, Prevett said.

The body parts were found inside two white five-gallon plastic pails in two freezers in the workshop of Pickton's farm in Port Coquitlam, 50 kilometres outside western Vancouver.

Pickton, 57, has pleaded not guilty to the murders of six women for which he went on trial on Monday. He is due to stand trial later on charges of killing another 20.

Prevett told the court: "[The prosecutors] intend to prove the murders of these six women were the work of one man, the accused.

"The Crown intends to prove he murdered them, butchered them and disposed of their remains," he said.

All six victims were drug-addicted prostitutes, and DNA tests and dental records were used to identify the remains as those of Sereena Abatosway and Andrea Joesbury. They both had gunshot wounds to the heads.

Police also searched the grounds, digging down several metres, and found animal and human bones and teeth.

In one room in Pickton's trailer, police found a .22 calibre gun, which had a dildo attached to the barrel. Both showed traces of DNA belonging to Pickton and another alleged victim Mona Wilson.

Pickton was arrested in 2002 and has appeared before the courts several times. But a gag order barred any publication of the details of the case in order to ensure an impartial jury.

Justice James Williams of the British Columbia Supreme Court last year warned the trial would be like sitting through a horror film.

Prosecutors told jurors during opening arguments that Pickton confessed to killing 49 women and intended to kill one more to make it an even 50.

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I believe this is the thread, that convinced me to sign up. There was such awesome research in this thread, I had to become a member.

thanks 555soul,

I haven't been here in awhile. The trolls succeeded in driving me away for a time, but I'm back.

here is a repost of some information that seems to have disappeared.

The Hells Angels are an extension of the CIA's drug smuggling/drug trafficking operations.

Further evidence of how closely the whole Harley Davidson/ Hells Angels biker scene is linked to the military.

check out the Harley Davidson Military Sales Program (discount deliveries of Harley Davidson motorcycles for overseas armed services personnel)

The U.S. military deliberately 'seeds' the military community with discount Harley Davidsons to help the CIA build it's biker culture.



Featured in this website is the Special Military Pricing for Harley Davidson Military Sales Program

the AAFES/NEXCOM program was authorized by the U.S. Congress in the mid-1960's. They make sure you are able to purchase a Harley Davidson , wherever you are stationed overseas, at a fair price, with convenience, choice, and exceptional service.

Harley Davidson got its biggest growth as a company with military war contracts. You can see how the CIA intentionally created this military biker culture as a conduit to carry out its

subversion with the United States and around the world, primarily narcotics and weapons trafficking.

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thanks 555soul,

I haven't been here in awhile. The trolls succeeded in driving me away for a time, but I'm back.

here is a repost of some information that seems to have disappeared.

The Hells Angels are an extension of the CIA's drug smuggling/drug trafficking operations.

Further evidence of how closely the whole Harley Davidson/ Hells Angels biker scene is linked to the military.

check out the Harley Davidson Military Sales Program (discount deliveries of Harley Davidson motorcycles for overseas armed services personnel)

The U.S. military deliberately 'seeds' the military community with discount Harley Davidsons to help the CIA build it's biker culture.


Harley Davidson got its biggest growth as a company with military war contracts. You can see how the CIA intentionally created this military biker culture as a conduit to carry out its

subversion with the United States and around the world, primarily narcotics and weapons trafficking.

The kids think it is cool to ride a Harley. Little do they know what goes on behind the scenes! Part of the subversion was the brainwashing with movies like Easy Rider. When I was younger,of course I thought Capt America and his stoned side-kick (played by occultist Dennis Hopper) were cool too. Now I wish the ending in that movie was played out more in real life!
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I believe this is the thread, that convinced me to sign up. There was such awesome research in this thread, I had to become a member.
Good on ya 555! The skull n' bones thread got me to sign up, but I am a local to Vancouver so anything in this area catches my interest. Of course Pickton was a fall guy. This criminal activity goes right to the top of the political structure and beyond!
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I was discussing money drops with someone on an unrelated site, dealing with something in my distant past as a business man in a major metro market. Mainstreet business.

There was a bar, and after that bar was no longer used for money drops, several years later I was watching the news.

Some kid disappeared from the parking lot, that was the last place that kid was ever seen again. The name changed. The owners changed. One has to wonder.

Bikers provided security for business deals in the bar. It was common to have an evelope on the table with $10,000 stuffed inside while we were having lunch.

All my business was legal, but I'll leave whatever else went down there to the imagination. The bars rotated and I never hung around with that crowd too much outside the legitimate business service I provided to the community.

Even if these things aren't layed out step by step on the news, they happen.

Makes a person wonder in relation to the story above.

555, r u talking about the Drake Bar in East Vancouver which is closed now?
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The kids think it is cool to ride a Harley. Little do they know what goes on behind the scenes! Part of the subversion was the brainwashing with movies like Easy Rider. When I was younger,of course I thought Capt America and his stoned side-kick (played by occultist Dennis Hopper) were cool too. Now I wish the ending in that movie was played out more in real life!

Did you know that a whole series of biker flicks was shot in the 1960's at Spahn Ranch, the same place (desert town movie set) that Charles Manson and his CIA

hippie cult lived in? Ever wonder why no one kicked them out of there< ?

It is widely known that the military complex destroyed the 1960's peace movement through deliberate insertion of satanists, drugs, and the creation of front groups by CIA operatives .

Could it be that the same people who created the 60's biker culture, the Hells Angels, the movies shot at Spahn Ranch, etc., also created Charles Manson and his satanist LSD cult?

Could it be that they put him and his followers up at Spahn Ranch in some project to go one further than movies, some experiment to actually create a real-life movie so to

speak, is some attempt to 'bring the characters to life' which they had created in films like this:




Satan's Sadists

Product Description


The late Al Adamson made some silly films in his time (Blood of Ghastly Horror, Blazing Stewardesses, Dracula vs. Frankenstein), but none sillier than this off-the-wall movie about mean bikers who take over a small town. Sure, that plot has been seen before, but never like this. A steady stream of dumb dialogue, cheesy music, and some of the strangest sexual innuendo in action cinema will keep cult devotees and bad-move buffs howling. There's Russ Tamblyn, as the gang's nasty leader, in his "greatest role since West Side Story," according to the ads. Tamblyn gives an outrageously silly performance, cramming food and drugs down people's throats and saying things like, "I got friends who ain't got hate inside them. Their only crime is growing their hair long, smoking grass, and looking at the stars at night! And what do you do? You bust down their doors and you bust on their heads, man! Dumb-*** cops!" John "Bud" Cardos, future director of Kingdom of the Spiders, appears as an Indian biker with an unnatural-looking mohawk, but the most noticeable member of the cast is Adamson's longtime wife, Regina Carrol, billed as "The Freak-Out Girl." She holds a baby's bottle to her breast and intones, "How about a little of THIS, baby?" while the camera zooms in on the bottle's nipple. At least the film moves at a reasonable pace, unlike many of Adamson's interminably slow horror films, and is -- in a peculiar way -- entertaining. True-crime buffs should note that much of the film was shot at the Spahn Movie Ranch at the time Charles Manson's "family" lived there. This fact was exploited in the ads with the tasteful tagline "Filmed in the exact location that the Tate hippie killers lived their wild experiences!" ~ Robert Firsching, All Movie Guide



Actually, the bikers in the film are quite tame. In contrast to Al's classic "Satan's Sadists", this film provides a positive perspective on bikers. The men do get into a bit of macho posturing, but otherwise they're nice folk looking for fun and freedom.

The plot of this film is quite worthwhile, however, and provides an excellent look at the end of an era. When the film was made, the Manson family trials had just occurred, which led those equating Manson's family with the hippies to declare that the hippy movement was dead. This movie, which was largely shot at the Spahn ranch, out of which Manson operated, taps into this.

the Harley Davidson Military Sales Program was created in the mid-sixties, btw, during the same time that the whole 'operation chaos' project was being

set up.

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another odd thing:

three female bisected skulls (cut in half) were found on the Pickton pig farm, and a fourth female skull was found in Mission, B.C., seven years earlier, cut in the same odd way.

(vertically bisected)



Half of a skull was discovered on Feb. 23, 1995, in a marshy area outside the city of Mission, B.C., Sgt. Sleigh said.

check out this article on the Hells Angels in the Vancouver Sun, saying the HA have a chapter in Mission, B.C ., and own two of the three agencies

that handle strippers in B.C., having violently driven almost everyone else out of the business:


B.C.'s Hells Angels: RICH AND POWERFUL

Canada is a haven for the outlaw motorcycle gang, with more members per capita than any other country.

B.C's Angels have mounted an effective public-relations campaign that portrays them as harmless motorcycle enthusiasts, but they maintain a fearsome reputation in the criminal underworld.

Lori Culbert and Neal Hall, Judith Lavoie, Vancouver Sun

Published: Friday, June 10, 2005

The rich and powerful Hells Angels motorcycle club in B.C. -- whose members largely eluded criminal charges and flew below society's radar screen for two decades -- are now expanding across the province, bolstering their multi-million-dollar business network and cementing their territorial stake on organized crime.

The expansion is partly because they are protecting their turf from the Bandidos. A rival U.S. outlaw motorcycle gang with deep roots in neighboring Washington state, the Bandidos have moved into Alberta and are threatening to set up shop in B.C.

Last January a Bandidos member was fatally shot outside a strip club in Edmonton, where the Texas-based motorcycle gang has established a probationary chapter.

But the Hells Angels expansion is also a savvy business move by a successful and powerful organization with a legendary reputation that is growing internationally.

Eight years ago, there were 70 so-called full-patch members and five chapters in B.C. Today, there are 95 members spread across seven chapters: Vancouver, East End, Haney, White Rock, Mission, the Nomads and Nanaimo.

There are also plans for a new Kelowna chapter and there's talk of another chapter in Surrey, where a so-called shadow support club was established months ago.

The Renegades, an outlaw motorcycle group in Prince George that has about a dozen members, is a Hells Angels puppet club.

The Hells Angels, a predominantly white organization, has roughly 2,000 members worldwide, with chapters in Canada, the U.S., Europe, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and South America.

Canada has more Hells Angels members per capita than any other country, including the U.S., where there are chapters in about 20 states.

At the same time as B.C.'s Hells Angels became some of the wealthiest bikers in the country, they've used a public relations campaign to establish an image as a harmless club of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Sure, a few members have criminal records, the club maintains, but any large organization has people who have run-ins with the law. That doesn't make them a criminal organization, the Hells Angels say.

But in the criminal underworld, the Hells Angels have a fearsome reputation.

The trial last year of contract killer Mickie (Phil) Smith heard evidence that one of Smith's five murder victims was Paul Percy Soluk, 33, who had ripped off Hells Angels marijuana-growing operations. Smith said he was told by an Asian gangster named Brian, who arranged the murder, that it was being done for the East End chapter of the Hells Angels.

Police never found the body of Soluk, who was killed in 1999. Smith, a 56-year-old former life-insurance salesman, confessed to an undercover officer posing as a crime boss that Soluk was located in a Surrey crack house and taken to a garage in Surrey, where he was shot.

Smith said a man he called Yurik helped chop up the body and dispose of it.

"He's not an Angel but he works with the Angels," Smith said of Yurik. "I know he's done lots of hits."

Police said the Smith case underscores how Hells Angels distance themselves from crimes that could put them behind bars for life, instead contracting out to other gangsters -- a marriage of convenience, of sorts.

So far, Hells Angels in B.C. have avoided the kind of violent and bloody public turf war that erupted on Montreal streets with the rival Rock Machine biker gang, which sparked the political will and funding to target the bikers and prosecute them on charges of murder, extortion, drug trafficking and making money from prostitution.

Here in B.C., the Hells Angels have operated largely unopposed by rival biker gangs, allowing them to consolidate operations.

"They are disciplined and well led," said RCMP Insp. Bob Paulson, who is in charge of major investigations involving outlaw motorcycle gangs.

Although the Angels have a reputation for violence and retaliation, for the most part B.C. has not seen the deaths of innocent victims caught in the crossfire, unlike Montreal, where the death of a young boy outraged the public, who pressured politicians to take action.

"Arguably there are a number of murders attributed to the HA in B.C., but they're all kind of within their element . . . there was no spillover," Paulson said.

But even without the kind of street warfare that erupted in Quebec, having the Hells Angels spread across B.C. is expected to create spinoff effects from increased underworld activity, including rising insurance rates to cover damage caused by marijuana-growing operations in houses.

The huge profits reaped from the drug trade, police say, have been used by Hells Angels to establish legitimate businesses ranging from trucking firms and retail cellular-phone outlets to travel agencies, coffee bars and hip clothing stores.

Members of the public generally do not know they are frequenting businesses owned by Hells Angels members, since police chose for years not to publicize that information.

And many Hells Angels use nominees -- trusted associates who register companies in their names -- to hide business assets, police say.

Vancouver police chief Jamie Graham vowed to "shine the light" on Hells Angels activity when he took over as chair last August of the national strategy to combat outlaw motorcycle gangs for the Canadian Association of Chief of Police.

The public is also affected by the hundreds of Hells Angels "associates" -- a network of friends of club members who have been known to infiltrate the country's ports, phone companies, the post office and other government offices where private information can be obtained about citizens who run afoul of the Angels. (CSIS, in other words)

"The ports is an example where they use their associates to facilitate criminal activity," said Inspector Andy Richards, in charge of the outlaw motorcycle gang unit within the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, the successor to the Organized Crime Agency of B.C.

"The telephone company, or Shaw Cable or ICBC, that's an example where they've just got this wide-range of contacts ... where they can just make a phone call and get something done, if they need to, for example, run a licence plate," Richards said.

Hells Angels members also have used the collective muscle of the organization to push aside competitors in certain business ventures, he said.

There used to be six or seven agencies that handled strippers in Vancouver, but now there are only three, and two are controlled by the Angels or associates and one is an independent, Richards said.

In the early 1990s, Richards said, the now-dead Hells Angels member Donald Roming was one of the key enforcers helping push others out of the stripper business -- at one point seriously assaulting one of the owners of another agency.

"Without speaking ill of the dead, he was responsible for laying a very serious beating on a 67-year-old man who was involved with one of the independent companies at the time, to the point this guy was hospitalized," he explained.

There were no arrests from these "takeovers" because of the victims' reluctance to report the activities to police, he added.

Over the years, Richards has seen two levels of Hells Angels develop: "You're seeing the original old-timers, some of whom are 9-to-5ers who have legitimate jobs driving a truck."

A lot of the old guys are in it for camaraderie and brotherhood, he said, but most of the younger guys are in it for the money, the power and the respect that the Hells-Angels patch commands. "The younger guys see it as a real entrepreneurial activity to get into the club, to have that protective layer around you, to make money," Richards said.

But not all the old-timers are members just for the camaraderie. Some are masters of setting up shell companies to manipulate the stock market in what are called "pump and dump" schemes -- buying shares to drive up price, then selling before the price begins dropping, police say.

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part II of article:

The Hells Angels have also been allowed to grow and prosper in B.C. since members of Vancouver's Satan's Angels motorcycle gang originally became Hells Angels in a "patch over" in 1983. For years, there were very few successful prosecutions against full-patch members.

Paulson points to the East End chapter, a wily bunch of individuals who successfully have eluded convictions, despite a number of charges that ended up in stays or acquittals.


"They've long been held up to be the seminal chapter, not just in B.C. but in Canada," he said. "They're wealthy, they're influential and they're successful at avoiding us."

Only in the last decade has B.C.'s patchwork-quilt of municipal and RCMP police forces reorganized their attack on the Hells Angels. They now point to a dozen or so recent successful prosecutions to show police are finally making inroads.

The RCMP for the second-straight year has identified five priority organized-crime groups to target. Outlaw motorcycle gangs -- essentially the Hells Angels and its puppet clubs -- are in the No. 1 spot for the second time.

The Mounties in B.C. have also developed a list of the top-20 organized-crime figures in B.C. and nearly half are Hells Angels members.

"Prosecutions are tough," Vancouver police Chief Jamie Graham said in an interview. But he pointed out: "We're working smarter than we ever have before."

Some officers feel their superiors blew two rare chances in the past decade to turn insiders into informants and bust some top-level Hells Angels and other high-echelon gangsters.

One of the most shocking examples of how police dropped the ball was the Western Wind debacle, detailed in the recent book The Road to Hell: How the Biker Gangs are Conquering Canada. Written by Julian Sher and William Marsden, the book explains how the RCMP in B.C. had a chance to nail drug-dealers for $330 million worth of cocaine when a Vancouver Island fisherman offered to help the Mounties intercept a drug shipment between Colombians and the Hells Angels aboard the vessel Western Wind, which was headed for Victoria.

The fisherman wanted to be paid $1 million and be placed in witness protection, but the RCMP declined the offer; U.S. authorities intercepted the boat loaded with more than two tonnes of cocaine, but no one was ever charged, says the book, which contains sharp criticism of the RCMP's handling of the botched case.

One of those who worked on the Western Wind file was former RCMP officer Pat Convey, now an inspector with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit. Convey was among those critical in the book of the handling of the case. "It happened and I'm not going to go into it again," he said in an interview. "Yes, I got my knuckles rapped [for speaking out in the book]. I'm not in the RCMP any more."

Could the same problem arise again? "We're human beings and human beings make mistakes," replied Convey. "I think it's unlikely it would happen again."

Meanwhile, the prospect of a fifth-anniversary party for the Angels' Mission chapter appeared to raise little interest in the Fraser Valley town on Friday. Staff-Sgt. Jack Robinson of the Mission RCMP detachment said extra members will be on duty over the weekend to keep an eye on the party.

He said previous anniversary parties at the clubhouse had been without incident.

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part II of article:
Thanx TD, I grew up in East Vancouver, and I remember the Satan's Angels. I was on the perimeter of this circle. Most of them are psychopaths, and sadists. There are some arrests made to make it look like something is being done to "clean up" the situation. Don't forget the worst CRIMINALS are the "law-makers" themselves. The ones at the top. They are insulated from prosecution by the well-paid lackeys/lawyers/judges/ polyTICians.
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George H.W. Bush (center)

- USAF navy pilot (Korea)

- into venetian masks, live burial rituals

- son George was a Cub Scout


Dennis Rader (BTK killer)

- USAF (Vietnam)

-into venetian masks, live burials

-boy scout, scout leader


Mask left at Dee Davis murder scene


from Eyes Wide Shut (that is Nicole Kidman, who also appeared in the film 'Emerald City', btw)


Scout leader Dennis Rader


is it possible that BTK killer Rader was 'training' some of the boyscouts in certain ways?


born to kill, USAF motto during Vietnam (BTK)

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What's interesting about the Hell's Angels is that they adopted the operational structure of the 'secret society'.

And since modern organized crime was born of the secret society, it's interesting the relationship the criminal element of the cycle gang or thugee's perhaps? might have with the underworld of society.

Engineered? Engineered by society? Adapted through observation? Adapted through membership in society? Lots of possibles.

Kelowna says pot manufacturing and trade in the cocaine business with the southern United States.

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What's interesting about the Hell's Angels is that they adopted the operational structure of the 'secret society'.

And since modern organized crime was born of the secret society, it's interesting the relationship the criminal element of the cycle gang or thugee's perhaps? might have with the underworld of society.

Engineered? Engineered by society? Adapted through observation? Adapted through membership in society? Lots of possibles.

Kelowna says pot manufacturing and trade in the cocaine business with the southern United States.

Marijuana is British Columbia's largest cash crop. Interesting name, 'British Columbia' , in that Columbia, S.A., is famous for 'Columbian Gold' .

I have no doubt that the Hells Angels were organized and set up by the Skull n' Bones society/CIA after WW2, and that it uses

all of the intelligence apparatus of the CIA/NSA/CSIS necessary to keep ahead of the FBI and the RCMP.


interesting that the film 'Skulls' was partially filmed on Dark Island, which used to be owned by La Salle Military Academy, and is home to Singer Castle (aka Jorstadt Castle).

Singer Castle was built and owned by the same people who built and owned 'The Dakota' apartments where Rosemary's Baby was filmed , and where John Lennon was

shot by Manchurian candidate Mark David Chapman.

interesting related factoid: the director of the original 1962 version of 'The Manchurian Candidate' John Frankenheimer was a student of La Salle Military Academy

in the year 2000. director/producer Rob Cohen made the film 'Skulls', based on the Skull n'Bones society at Yale. Parts of the movie were shot on Dark Island in Singer Castle.


Cohen was born in Cornwall, New York. He graduated from Harvard University. As producer, he has been behind many major motion pictures, including The Witches of Eastwick, The Serpent and the Rainbow, and The Running Man.


where this gets really creepy is that the same Rob Cohen who directed the film 'Skulls' about a cult that engages in live burial rituals also produced the film 'The Serpent and the Rainbow'


The Serpent and the Rainbow is a 1988 American horror film, very loosely based on a non-fiction book by ethnobotanist Wade Davis, dealing with his experiences in Haiti as he investigates the story of Clairvius Narcisse, allegedly poisoned, buried alive, and given a herbal brew whose effects mimicked zombification.


Dennis Alan, an ethnobotanist/anthropologist from Harvard University, narrowly escapes the Amazon Jungle at the beginning and returns to Boston. Word of his exploits gets around and he is approached by a large pharmaceutical corporation looking to investigate a drug that is part of the Voodoo religion in Haiti that they want to acquire in order to mass produce. They send him to Haiti to find out about the drug, but he winds up learning more about zombification instead. In essence, the drug is an alternate and less dangerous method of anesthesia.

When Alan arrives in Haiti the country is in the middle of a revolution of sorts. The government is taking anyone prisoner who they think is against the current political powers. He eventually meets another doctor who helps him research and investigate the so-called zombies. What he finds is the evil that lurks behind the Voodoo religion and the destruction it can cause to the human mind.


The drug named in the film is tetrodotoxin. In the real-life "zombification" case of Clairvius Narcisse of Haiti, the poison that caused the appearance of death was reported to be tetrodotoxin, but the mind-control drug given after he was unburied was a brew derived from Datura stramonium. The film depicted the poisoning attack with the powdered drug being blown into the victim's face, which is most consistent with involuntary dosing of scopolamine. Scopolamine is one of the alkaloids in Datura, known to facilitate behavior control, but not the appearance of death.

Clairvius Narcisse was a Haitian man said to have been turned into a living zombie with the use of a combination of drugs[1]. His case attracted considerable interest and some scientific investigation at the time[2].


According to reports, [3]Clairvius was poisoned with a mixture of various natural poisons to simulate death[citation needed]. The instigator of the poisoning was alleged to be his brother, with whom he had quarreled over land.[4] After his "death" and subsequent burial on May 2, 1962, his body was recovered and he was given a paste made from datura[citation needed] which at certain doses has a hallucinogenic effect and can cause memory loss. His new 'master', a bokor (sorcerer), then forced him, alongside many other zombie slaves, to work on a sugar plantation until the master's death in 1964[citation needed]. When the bokor died, and regular doses of the hallucinogen ceased, he eventually regained sanity (unlike many others who had suffered brain damage from being buried alive[citation needed]) and returned to his family after some time, though only after finding his brother had died. [4]

Narcisse's story was popularized in the book The Serpent and the Rainbow by Wade Davis, who is currently an "explorer in residence" for National Geographic. Although many are critical and suspicious of Mr. Davis' work, since his morals, as detailed in the book, prevented the necessary scientific experiments to prove his hypothesis that Clairvius Narcisse was drugged with a neurotoxin that simulates death. The poison apparently used was derived from the puffer fish, which produces a well known and highly documented neurotoxin (tetrodotoxin) that produces paralysis and in modified form can mimic death through reduced metabolism and heart rate. The secretions of the poisonous cane toad Bufo marinus were apparently used as an anaesthetic companion drug, while the resuscitating, mind-controlling drug was said to be made from the weed Datura stramonium.[

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I know some one who was caught transporting over 100 lbs of marajuana across the strait of water that separates Vancouver Island, Canada to the USA mainland.

He would tow a inflatable life boat which was filled completely with drugs.(I admit the marajuana sucked bigtime... it looked great, big buds, to the naked eye but hardly gave a buzz)

He did the crossing twice, in his sailboat, paid around $7500 each time and than was caught the 3rd time.... drunk and confused where to drop the dingy.

He was detained for 2-3 months by the DEA and released a free man after HA's lawyers talked to the DEA.

He recieved NO court date or extended jail time.... though his sailboat was confiscated by the DEA...

I still don't understand how and why he got off without jailtime...... alll of us wrote him off as a pawn of the HA.

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The film, Skull and Bones paints an in depth picture of how sexuality and bisexuality blackmails those who are suseptable to peer pressure, intimidation and lack of confidence.

Its a good indication to those who wonder what prison life is all about when a person is locked up with other like minded animals.

In big business... its no different... we all act on our reptilian brain to fend off and attack those who encroach on our property... the mind.

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acidhead Posted Today, 06:23 PM

I know some one who was caught transporting over 100 lbs of marajuana across the strait of water that separates Vancouver Island, Canada to the USA mainland.

He would tow a inflatable life boat which was filled completely with drugs.(I admit the marajuana sucked bigtime... it looked great, big buds, to the naked eye but hardly gave a buzz)

He did the crossing twice, in his sailboat, paid around $7500 each time and than was caught the 3rd time.... drunk and confused where to drop the dingy.

He was detained for 2-3 months by the DEA and released a free man after HA's lawyers talked to the DEA.

He recieved NO court date or extended jail time.... though his sailboat was confiscated by the DEA...

I still don't understand how and why he got off without jailtime...... alll of us wrote him off as a pawn of the HA

Caught for the third time, drunk and confused of the drop-off point? Sounds like a highly sophisticated drug operation. Not. :rolleyes:

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Check out these odd things I found out about how similar the Paul Bernardo and James Medley cases

were. In both cases the girls were lured into being abducted by another young girl helping

entrap them. Karla Homolka helped Paul Bernardo lure teen girls to their car, and Sherry helped Medley

lure teen girls to their apartment. In both cases the girls were confined and tortured.

In both cases videotapes were seized by police. Both James Medley and Paul Bernardo

had ties to masonic police organizations. Both are said to have been paid police




check out the eerie set of pics taken at the federal womens cottage 'prison' known as Club Fed , where Homolka and Sherry

are actually close friends , which makes me wonder if they knew each other before

prison. Given all the other odd similarities between the two cases, it's not too

far a stretch. Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa are all part of the 'Golden Triangle' of narcotics and

prostitution in central Canada:



Christina Sherry, left, Lynda Veronneau, middle [who had a lesbian relationship with Karla Homolka, the subject of a book titled "In the Shadow of Karla" (available only in French)] and Karla Homolka, right, who cuddles a cat, are housed in Joliette prison, which was described by an inmate as "pretty much easygoing."

while many people are familiar with the famous Paul Bernardo/Karla Homolka snuff murders, few people know about the James Medley case,

so I am included a couple of articles here for those who want more background on this:

The Ottawa Citizen,Sunday, October 27, 1996

Montreal Pimp Charged in Sex Slave Bust


Southam Newspapers

MONTREAL -- James Medley, 38, Chris Sherri, and Tracy Gonzalez

were arrested Friday after what Montreal police describe as

one of the worst cases of sexual torture they

have seen.

Authories siezed weapons, handcuffs, chains, and

other undisclosed devices used on the girls. Videotapes

were also siezed.

So far, three girls between the ages of 15 and 16 have been

found. They were sexually tortured at knifepoint.

The victims were lured by telephone calls made to

youth centres.

The suspects so far face 28 charges on forcible confinement,

on sexual assault, on assault with a weapon, on uttering death threats, on

procuring persons for prostitution, and possession of crack cocaine.

Some of the charges date back to 1991.


The Ottawa Citizen Sunday, November 16, 1997



by Katherine Wilton

Monique Beaduin

The Montreal Gazette


Tortured, prostituted,

four young women

fight their demon


For months they lived with a secret.

They lived in terror. If they spoke

out, enterprising torture pimp James

Medley would have them again.

During three weeks in COURT-ROOM 308,

MONTREAL, four tortured young women

broke free, by doing something that

police and youth-protection officials

had been unable to do. They put slave

owner James Medley behind bars.

They walked into the witness box,care-

ful to avoid Mr.Medley's eyes. Staring

from his seat,he then smirked,laughing

at described captivity, anal degradat-

ion, and methodic sexual torture, told

in detail. Judge Gerard Girouard. "The

women's testimony is consistent,clear,

and truthful".

In speaking out, these broken, scared

people discovered strength they, and

their community,did not know they posessed,

their families "hopeful to put this revolting horror to an end".

"She's more stable now, said a mother

of her daughter confined in the clos-

et of Medley's apartment for 16 days.

"I'm very proud she testified."

The parents and community see them as

heroes, brave enough to stand up, but

the four girls are now nameless. Prot

ection for them and their families,as

the gangs are still organized and res


All were under the care of the youth-

protection system, entering teen wel-

fare rolls from differing backgrounds

but with one thing in common - they

were all in trouble.

The daughters came from middle-class,

working-class, and even professional-

class families in Montreal, the West-

Island and South-Shore suburbs. These

were chronic runaways, defying their

parents, using drugs, stealing credit

cards and shoplifting. They had been

drawn into the street-life of school


Once the girls were in the system, the

teens formed peer-groups together, rebelling

against the rules in the youth-

protection centres they lived in, and

often ran away. The running led them

back to James Medley and his sub-cult-

ure of drugs, easy money, and sadism.

Although they suffered horrific abuse,

all the girls were terrified to turn

to police or community for help. They

knew Medley was in payment from Mont-

real police as an informer.


One woman's father says she was ready

to go to court the very night a police

officer discovered her hog-tied in J.-

Medley's closet, bruised and begging

for help-even if that meant taking him

on by herself. But after other torture

victims heard of her, they broke their

silence and went to police. They con-

sidered themselves lucky to be alive.

Another girl, concerned about how ex-

plosively her family would react if it

knew what Mr. Medley had done to her,

asked them to stay away from the court

-room while she testified.



Christina Sherry, left, who lured girls to a Montreal apartment where they were sexually assaulted, and Karla Homolka, right,

entertain other inmates by modelling black dresses.

check this guy out. Montreal police officer who was responsible for paying off 'informant' James Medley

(who was into videotaping torture sessions of captured women), went to jail for selling secret police

files to bikers and to Eastern European crime gangs.

Aubin joined the force at age 19 in 1967, and rose to Lieutenant-Detective before a series of squabbles with brass led him to take his pension in 1999. He then launched his private investigation firm Agence AGC with a partner.

That April, Aubin was charged with illicitly obtaining police information from Aubin’s former squad partner, Det.-Sgt. Alain Desrosiers, a 23-year vet. The custom of offering private police information to old buddies might be presented as both benign and common on private detective TV dramas, but Montreal cops were less thrilled with the practice.

Speaking at a press conference following Aubin’s arrest, Commander André Durocher told reporters that Aubin had resold illegally obtained private police files to Eastern European crime gangs. Police chief Michel Sarrazin denounced the situation as “revolting.”

The one-time handler of West End-based police informant and convicted rapist James Medley, Aubin now collects a $50,000 pension from the force while he works on “two or three books.”




On April 12, a veteran Montreal police officer and his retired partner, who worked as a private detective, were charged with leaking confidential information to organized crime groups. Both men and a civilian, a business associate of the two who runs a security firm, are accused of selling secrets to members of criminal groups.

Police have refused to identify who bought the computer records. However, there have been reports that the files were sold to biker gangs and members of a Russian crime group.

Investigators who began an internal probe last fall claim the files were taken from police computer files. The three allegedly used police computers to gain access to information about criminal groups.

He said security measures on the force’s computer system helped investigators track down the suspects.

Two days after being arrested, Sgt.-Det. Alain Desrosiers admitted selling confidential police files to criminal gangs.

Desrosiers was given a conditional sentence – which means he will not serve time in jail as long as he does not break any more laws. He was also fired, after 23 years on the force.

His former partner, Claude Aubin, received a more severe punishment for his part in the operation: two years in jail.

Their business associate, Michel Charbonneau, received an 18-month conditional sentence.

Prosecutors said that Aubin, who retired in 1999 after 33 years on the force, was the person who actually sold the computer files and made a profit.


February 17th, 2005

Stoolie pulls rug from under police

Alex Roslin

A former police informant and a retired cop allege rampant police wrongdoing with possible far-reaching ramifications

The shooting surprised residents of the normally peaceful Mile End. In full view of pedestrians, a man walked up to the Tokyo Sushi Bar at the busy intersection of Parc and Bernard and started firing through the window. Inside, Steven "Bull" Bertrand, a powerful associate of Hells Angels boss Maurice "Mom" Boucher, was shot three times as he ate lunch.

It was one of the last major acts of violence in Quebec's biker war, but Eric Nadeau says police could have stopped it. Nadeau spent 11 years infiltrating the Hells Angels and Bandidos biker gangs for the Montreal police, Sûreté du Québec and RCMP, rising to become national secretary of the Bandidos. He says his work contributed to 190 arrests, including those of 62 Bandidos in a June 2002 operation that decapitated the gang's Canadian leadership.

In March 2002, Nadeau was in his girlfriend's former gift shop at 214 Bernard Street West when two full-patch Bandidos members walked in. They had spotted Bertrand at a nearby restaurant and wanted to kill him. They got a gun, changed clothes and discussed their plans in the store, not knowing that Nadeau was a police informant and that a surveillance camera had been secretly installed inside.

Nadeau says he tried to warn police about the preparations, but they didn't send anyone until it was too late. "I spoke in my car about it, where there was a police microphone," he says. "I tried to call my controller. There was no answer." He also says he tried to signal police via the hidden camera. The Journal

de Montréal later reported that a Montreal police officer had watched the preparations on the camera. The police force responded with a statement saying its officers had done nothing wrong. The two shooters were arrested and pled guilty to attempted murder.

After the incident, there was another bizarre development. Nadeau was supposed to be the star witness for the Crown at the mega-trial of the Bandidos members arrested in June 2002. The Crown suddenly dropped him as a witness in October 2003 and dismissed charges against five leading Bandidos. One newspaper reported that Nadeau had refused to testify.

But Nadeau says he wanted to testify and that the Crown dropped him because it was afraid he would reveal embarrassing details about the Bertrand shooting and other police wrongdoing. "I said I would tell the judge everything," he says. "I know all the secrets. I have proof of everything - tapes, documents, CDs."

Because he didn't testify, Nadeau says, police refused to pay him $125,000 still owing under his informant contract. He says the police also stopped providing security for him and his family, and haven't given them new identities. The 40-year-old father of four says his family had to move 11 times because of security fears.

"My children are afraid," he says. "My 12-year-old daughter has talked about suicide." He says he is just as afraid now of the police as of the bikers. He is suing the Montreal police for $370,000; his girlfriend has filed a separate lawsuit for $6.2-million.

Nadeau is telling his story in a book coming out at the end of February, called L'Infiltrateur. He is calling for a public inquiry into rampant police wrongdoing he claims to have seen while infiltrating biker gangs. He says cops falsified reports, pocketed money from drug transactions and gave him items seized from police raids, like champagne and a work of art as gifts. He also says police allowed weapons to circulate on the street, including machine guns and bazookas.

In a bizarre twist, Nadeau is getting support from five ex-police officers who have formed the Groupe d'enquête civil indépendant to help him publicize his complaints. "When I started looking at Eric's evidence, I said, 'I cannot believe this,'" says group member Claude Aubin, a retired Montreal police sergeant detective. "This cannot stay unknown by the public. It's that bad. It's disgusting." Aubin was arrested in 2001 for selling police information to bikers and sentenced to two years in jail. He says he is motivated not by revenge but a sense of outrage about Nadeau's story. "This is going to be one of the biggest scandals in Quebec," he says.

Aubin says he believes two recent suicides of prominent Montreal cops may be linked to Nadeau's allegations, and he worries that more officers may kill themselves when the group goes public with its evidence later this month. "I'm feeling sick about that," he says. "If this is going to happen the way I want, police officers are going to jail."

Karla Homolka was quoted as saying that the Hells Angels lawyers were going to help

her appeal her release restrictions because they (Hells Angels) had a vested interested

interest in forcing the government to stick to the terms of plea- bargained arrangements.

She said the restrictions placed on her (terms of release) were in violation of her plea bargain



Karla helps Hell's Angels

"The Hells Angels are terrified. You know the mega-trial and those guys that made deals a few years back. They told their lawyers, 'You get involved in this and you do what you can because if they break her deal, they can break our deal.' " - Karla Homolka

Appeal of court-imposed restrictions is to help others, she tells former boss By TU THANH HA

Friday, August 26, 2005 Updated at 5:25 AM EDT

Globe and Mail Update

Montreal - Karla Homolka did not plan to appeal the strict court-imposed conditions on her release from jail but decided to challenge them because her lawyer said it would help other people, according to tape recordings secretly made by her former boss.

On the tapes, Ms. Homolka says the push to appeal the restrictions on her freedom came from lawyer Sylvie Bordelais.

"It's not about me any more. She said to me, 'You know you always

wanted to do something to help somebody? So this is what you're doing to help somebody,' " she says.

The recordings were provided to the CTV network by Richer Lapointe, a Montreal-area hardware store owner who gave Ms. Homolka her first job after her July release from a 12-year sentence for her role in the sex killings of two Ontario girls.

Mr. Lapointe said he hired Ms. Homolka to help her, but became worried because he felt she was breaching her release conditions. After falling out with her, he went public with his story this week. Yesterday, he gave his recordings to Quebec provincial police.

Mr. Lapointe said he hid a tape recorder in his store and taped his conversations with Ms. Homolka to prove she made incriminating remarks.

As her July 4 release from a Quebec prison drew near, the Ontario government requested restrictions on her freedom. A Quebec judge agreed and ordered her to report her movements to police, follow through with therapy and stay away from children and criminals.

Ms. Homolka's lawyers are to appeal the conditions at a hearing on Sept. 22. Her lawyers want all the conditions dropped and Section 810.02 of the Criminal Code, which authorizes the restrictions, declared unconstitutional. "Ontario and Quebec thought I wasn't going to fight it. . . . I was

going to agree and that was going to be that. But that's not what happened," Ms. Homolka says on the tape.

She says the post-sentence restrictions contravene a plea deal she made in 1993 with Ontario prosecutors in which she agreed to testify against her former husband, Paul Bernardo.

"When it first happened, I didn't want to appeal. I said just leave it.

But Sylvie explained to me, we can't. It's not just about me any more. It's about justice and respecting your word," she says on the tape.

Others are also worried about the use of the Section 810 conditions, she says. "The Hells Angels are terrified. You know the mega-trial and those guys that made deals a few years back. They told their lawyers, 'You get involved in this and you do what you can because if they break her deal, they can break our deal.' "

She says the restrictive conditions have been hard. "You know, it's only, what, seven weeks. For me it feels like a long, long time."

However, she concedes that those conditions are good for the public's peace of mind. "It reassures people. They're not as worried. They know somebody is watching."

While bitter toward Quebec Court Judge Jean Beaulieu for imposing the restrictions, she appears more optimistic about the person who will hear the appeal, Mr. Justice James Brunton of Quebec Superior Court. "You have better chances in appeal. The judges are less influenced by

the media."

She predicts a long legal battle. "One thing I do know is that no matter what happens in September, it's not the end of it. Because if we win, the Crown's going to appeal it. And if they win, we're gonna appeal it." Yesterday, Mr. Lapointe announced plans to move to the southern Ontario city where Ms. Homolka and Mr. Bernardo committed their crimes.

"All my stocks, holdings, I've transferred up to my parents because from now on . . . I will settle in St. Catharines," he told reporters as he arrived at provincial police headquarters. "I have . . . empathy for the people of St. Catharines. Until justice will be done, I'll be there in St. Catharines."

Then one of the doctors who helped Homolka get out had connections to the Hells Angels.

Dr. Morissette, psychiatrist who found Karla Homolka low risk of reoffending also was boyfriend of

Hells Angels girl:



here we have another couple , husband and wife, Winnipeg, who abducted

teen girls and raped them:

(btw, threatened to have them killed by Hells Angels friends if they talked)


then of course there are pornography entrepreneurs Paul Bernardo and James Medley who both did the same thing,

James Medley is connected to the whole Hells Angels/police corruption scene in Montreal,

Dave Pickton was a Hells Angel who owned a professional film editing studio

and the Hells Angels own every stripper in Vancouver, and legal brothels in Nevada......

Medley and Pickton both had close contacts,

contracts, with the police, and speculaton that Bernardo's masonic membership prevented him from being investigated by police early in the investigation.

Medley was a paid police informant.


Pickton had a contract with Vancouver Police to buy abandoned cars for salvage:;cd=8&gl=ca

Bernardo may have used 'masonic cable tow' or 'sign of distress' to escape arrest/investigation by police:





Christina Sherry , left, with Karla Homolka, right, model black dresses at Karla's prison birthday party

So here we have snuff-porn star Karla Homolka hanging around with torture-porn star Christina Sherry, girlfriend of Hells Angels associate James Medley, quoting Hells Angels lawyers, and being lined up with a Hells Angels associate shrink who helped spring her from jail, then when she gets out, Karla Homolka moves to Montreal, where James Medley and Christina Sherry hail from. During the same years that Bernardo and Medley were raping , torturing, murdering , and videotaping, Hells Angel Dave Pickton was setting up a professional film editing studio while the bodies of dead hookers accumulated on his farm.

And Medley, Bernardo, and the Picktons alls seem to have some close connections to masonic police circles.

Everyone knows that the CIA is masonic, and they created the Hells Angels.

So the common thread to all of this Freemasonry. It all connects to Freemasonry.

At a guess:

Medley, Bernardo, and Dave Pickton: freemasons.

Brothels and casinos are legal in Nevada, but no one mentions that most of the legal brothels and many of the casinos in Nevada are owned by the Hells Angels/CIA:


Jul. 19, 2008

Las Vegas Review-Journal

Former brothel owner gets 15 years in child porn case


CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- A former Nevada brothel owner has been sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for his conviction on two child pornography charges in Wyoming.

David Burgess was sentenced Friday in U.S. District Court for possessing and transporting child pornography.

U.S. District Judge Alan B. Johnson also sentenced the 55-year-old Hells Angel motorcycle club member to 10 years of supervision upon his release, lifetime registration as a sex offender and a fine of $20,000.

Investigators found two hard drives containing thousands of images of child pornography in Burgess' motor home after a traffic stop last summer in western Wyoming. A jury convicted Burgess in April on both charges against him.

check out this guy:

Son of the Hells Angels Oakland chapter president, Earl Stefanson.

Stefanson just recently beat a woman to death, and the police found a torture chamber in his basement with the blood of three different women in it:

(woman he beat to death was a former legal secretary dabbling in prostitution)




Homolka relaxes in her cottage at low-security St. Joliette women's prison, where prisoners sleep in their own

cottages and are free to roam the grounds of the prison.


Karla Homolka lives life of birthday cakes and baseball in “adult daycare,” ex-inmate says


'Inmates in Joliette can go for long strolls on the institution's spacious grounds, and can play baseball.

Ten cottages on the prison grounds house eight to 10 inmates each. There are no bars on the windows, and each inmate has a key to her room ahd a key to her personal mailbox. There are guards on the prison grounds.'

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Conspiracy theories about the Hells Angels are overall laughable. If you've aver actually met any of them you'd know they're just a bike riding, drug dealing, money making, boys club. Most of whom I might add are of the baby boomer generation at this point and have families. A lot of them are settling down, handing of the reins to younger more idiotic 'gangster wannabes' and hanger on's who have made the business that it used to be into a circus, with shootings in public and just bring the public eye and media upon them.

Regardless, the Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation just doesn't have the leadership to be knowingly involved in such a plan, if anything these newer 'gangsters' are being manipulated by the CIA....that is if the SUV smuggling and theft ring that you reported on is true and they can be traced without a shadow of a doubt back to the Hells Angels. All of the really great leaders are either dead, in jail or under some surveillance they can't sneeze without some government agency knowing.

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one thing the 'debunkers' love to do is laugh all information off as a 'consipiracy theory' , on the basis that the term 'conspiracy' implies some broad-based knowledge of

all involved.

They just can't seem to get their heads around the concept of compartmentalization. ie: all the people involved need know sf-all about who is pulling the strings at the top

and why. All they know is that they have a source of income that outweighs whatever risks entailed.

It is exactly like being in the army. You join the army , you do as your told, and you are paid to take risks. You are told so little about who you are actually working for

or what you are doing that it is laughable. For example, Iraq officially had nothing to with the attack on the WTC on 9/11, yet many soldiers blindly accepted the vague explanation that

they were being sent to Iraq in some related 'escalation' of things there. The soldiers are supposed to be young, uninformed people who ask very few questions.

They went on faith to earn their money. 9/11 was a conspiracy by those high in the CIA who carried it out, but the soldiers sent to Afghanistand and Iraq afterward themselves were not

'in on it' .

Another good example of compartmentalization is a hamburger chain. There was a famous case just a little while back where McDonald's was caught misleading vegetarians/vegans/hindus etc.

with the claim that their fries were cooked in 100% vegetable oil. What they didn't tell people was that the fries supplied to the franchises, from the central corporate supply line which each McDonald's restaurant is forced to use, came from a central processing plant which bulk-manufactures and ships frozen fries to each restaurant, which are precooked in beef fat.

In fact, the beef fat used is the same fat which is collected from the grill runoff at each restaurant. When each restaurant fries hamburger, a ton of leftover beef fat is produced. The cooking fat is collected in white plastic buckets and stored behind each restaurant for weekly pickup by the central processing plant.

Vegetarians and hindus were outraged when the corporate secret emerged that the fries were pre-cooked in beef fat before being frozen and shipped to the franchises, who then

fried them again in '100% vegetable oil'. So, yes , each restaurant cooks its fries in 100% vegetable oil. While technically true, McDonald's used this misleading claim in advertisments stressing

'grade A this ' , and 'grade A that' and 'top quality this' , in ads designed to market an image of quality and wholesomeness.

This remained an industry secret for years.

People high up in the business 'conspired' to pull this off, but does that mean that every teenaged burger server was being regularly briefed and consulted on how well their evil plan was going?

Does it mean that every week there would be clandestine staff meetings where the restaurant manager and the front line kids would sit and gloat about how they were fooling everyone. Did it mean that the kid who cleaned the restaurant, who had to carry the buckets of beef fat onto the truck each week was nicknamed 'fries' by the rest of the staff, as they chortled about how sneaky and clever all of them were, thrilled that they were somehow 'pulling if off' ?

No. It's called compartmentalization. In other words, no one working at the restaurant knows what the **** is going on. The coke and milkshakes and cones and burgers and fries you servee to o people come out of either a machine or a box in the freezer

I worked at Wendy's as hamburger cook. My job for four hours each evening was to cook the hamburgers , assemble them , and then restock, mop the floor and leave when my shift was over.

Part of my job was to collect the beef fat runoff from the gill , which flowed into a channel at the side of the grill , and from there into a hole in the middle, down a funnel, and into a plastic bag

lined white bucket , which when 3/4 full had to be removed and replaced with an empty bucket. The bucket of hamburger fat would be closed with a lid and stacked with the others on a pallet outside near the garbage dumpster behind the rear staff exit. The first night that I was trained , I was told to never put the buckets of fat in the dumpster. I asked the manager what the

fat was used for , and got no answer, and that was the last I ever thought about it. I did what I was told. Yet there I was. I was part of a conspiracy to collect hamburger fat, which, at a guess,

was eventually used to cook french fries somewhere, which were then eaten by vegetarians or hindus who thought they were eating potatoes untouched by beef fat.

I was part of a conspiracy, and didn't even know it. Even if someone had specifically asked me about it then, I knew nothing other than that the fat was kept out back.

Compartmentalization works that way. No one tells the girl taking your order exactly what she is doing in her job. She doesn't need a university degree in bovine growth hormone applications to

put Big Mac or Quarter Cheese in its bag and give it to you, yet she is part of a gigantic conspiracy to profit on the feeding of bulls/steers/cows to people.

The Hells Angels are compartmentalized in the same way that the army or even a burger joint is compartmentalized . It is a hierarchy. The people at the bottom need know nothing but what they are supposed to know. In fact, in any hierarchical system , it usually goes that the less people know the better.

Ever heard the term 'overqualified' ? To most people , the term is absurd. How can you be too qualified for anything? Look a little closer and you will have your answer.

It is used as a blanket term for people who might 'know too much' or 'ask too many questions', otherwise represent a threat to the hierarchical system if put to work.

Many many people have trouble finding work because those 'above them', ie: in charge of hiring them, see them as a potential threat to their own authority or aspirations. In other words,

the person doing the hiring doesn't actually want the smartest, most efficient, most educated and experienced person possible for the job. What they want is someone that makes them feel 'confidently in charge', someone that they can control, and especially someone that won't 'show them up' , ask too many questions, talk too much, undermine their authority, or maybe even compete with them for the next big promotion.

The Hells Angels is like any other hierarchy. It is compartmentalized.

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I wasn't exactly trying to 'debunk', as you put it, the theory. The compartmentalization example you used makes a great deal of sense. However from a personal standpoint I have a hard time reconciling that information with what I know of the Hells Angels today. Which considering I've grown up in that environment is quite a bit. Maybe its because of the chapter I'm familiar with is Canadian, I don't know. Although if it weren't for people who question conspiracy theories then they would never have the opportunity to become fact. :D

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Alex Jones discusses 'War on Drugs'


How the war on drugs scam works - Alex Jones

or if that link fails try this one:

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The coolest thing.....................

they are basically a secret society unless your patched and an officer..........................

all the rest of you can do is speculate ..............even patched members are not privvy to the real agenda

just like a secret society.............

rank and file masons and Oddfellows dont know the real workings they are on a strict need to know basis

thunkerdrone has been at this thread a LONG time

he seems to have some inside knowledge be careful brother

81 worldwide


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What, no Jews?

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