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Skull n 'Bones/CIA/Air America/Hells Angels


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  • 1 month later...

Paul McCartney wrote Helter Skelter not John Lennon. This is totally wrong.

And Sir Paul said he wrote it about a slide not a black/white war lol. Even John Lennon said it was Paul's song not mine, if you listen to the song it's Paul singing not John. The Beatles all sang the songs they personally wrote.

Some bizarre facts:

John Lennon of the Beatles lived in the landmark NY apartment residence 'The Dakota', and was fatally shot outside 'The Dakota' by Mark David Chapman.

John and Yoko Lennon outside 'The Dakota'

-The satanic film 'Rosemary's Baby', about a woman impregnated by satan, was fimed in 'The Dakota'.

-'Rosemary's Baby' was produced and directed by Roman Polanski, whose

wife, actress Sharon Tate, was murdered by the Charles Manson family , who were inspired by the song 'Helter Skelter' , written by......

John Lennon

Closeup of the railing from 'The Dakota'

-the gist of it is that Polanski did a film about Satan coming to earth and impregnating a woman in the Dakota, and then Polanski's pregnant wife was murdered, by the Charles Manson clan , inspired by John Lennon's song 'Helter Skelter'. Mark Chapman took it as a sign that he was meant to kill John Lennon at the Dakota that day.

*snipped out-of-date links and forum code*

Welcome to UM, FRANK BONGI - I have cleaned up and de-capitalised your post. It is against forum rules/regulations to post in all CAPS.

Please read-review the UM rules before you post in the future (the rules can be found here, in case you were wondering.

Edited by Karlis
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Is George Bush a known Skull n Bonez member?

George H. W. Bush (1948), 41st President of the United States; 11th Director of Central Intelligence; son of Prescott Bush; father of George W. Bush; his Skull and Bones nickname was "Magog"[52]

George W. Bush (1968), grandson of Prescott Bush; son of George H. W. Bush; 46th Governor of Texas; 43rd President of the United States. His nickname was "Temporary" since he failed to choose a name.[70]


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  • 2 months later...

Interesting too, Look up enough INFORMATION ON ERIC HARRIS (columbine massacre) and you will notice the comparison's between Harris's Father, and BTK. Harris father was also involved in the same order, same programs, around the same time period. Immediately after the massacre the couple (Eric's parents) conveniently left country without answering to authority's.

Just thought i'd put in my two cents....

hi shankpin, please post a link or two to that information, that is fascinating.

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I can say with first hand knowledge that your comment and presentattion of SKULL&BONES,is totally inaccurate and should not be allowed to be accessable for the general public.

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  • 10 months later...

Aye, the difference between 'Evil Terrorist'and 'Brave Freedom Fighter' is simply one of perspective. It's hard to define.

I find this thread an interesting read, although I find some of the associations inferred to be guesswork at best.

I have no problem believing that Hells Angels are inectricably linked to the military, or that they have a great deal of criminal control. I have no problem believing that government officials have turned a blind eye to dangerous cult leaders at times when they can benefit from the association. I have no problem believing that a lot of people in positions of power in America have links to a single university society.

But I find it a stretch to lump all these things and more under the umbrella of a single global conspiracy, the goals of which seem almost ridiculously oblique.

I also internally flinch when musicians and filmmakers are brought into the equation - that a series of fictional hollywood films have been made about the Skull & Bones society is no proof of their real world complicity, any more than the existence of the Jaws films proves that the ocean is full of 45-foot Great Whites which can stand on their tail and roar.

Still, I'll follow the thread, it's interesting, even if it takes more than a few flights of fancy along the way.

Aye? Is it that hard to say,"I am a drone, who knows little or nothing about what is really going on, yet I want to voice my TV-LOBOTOMIZED "opinion"???? C'mon drone-boy, you CAN do it!!!! lmao
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I can say with first hand knowledge that your comment and presentattion of SKULL&BONES,is totally inaccurate and should not be allowed to be accessable for the general public.

Yes, the REAL TRUTH should be CENSORED, eh Dragon-Boy??? EDIT are so easy to spot, aren't you??? Edited by Fluffybunny
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Now is a good time to take a look at the forum rules about namecalling and rudeness.

Lighten up.

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