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Skull n 'Bones/CIA/Air America/Hells Angels


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Wishful thinking, imo.

The facts do not bear that out at all. The Hells Angels have in fact frequently had among them members who are highly trained former special forces soldiers

Yes the HAMC has a signifigant number of ex SF soldiers. Most members however are not.

who have on many occasions been caught running smack in the US for an elite of extremely rich occultist international arms dealers, narcotics smugglers, casino owners, chemical poison/big pharma manufacturers/toxic waste dumpers, booze manufacturers/ pornographers etc.


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check out this video of FBI agent Michael Ruppert

confronting the director of the CIA on CIA drug smuggling into American inner cities:

(someone says "watch his hands" at 2:18, and notice the masonic hand signals he flashes as he answers Ruppert)

to see another example of masonic hand signals go this video and fast-forward

to 5:57:


good video...the vietnam war was about the heroin flow on the ho chi minh trail and who controlled it....the US lost...in steps general noriega and the cocaine boom was on....now the main supply is afghani heroin being sold in the US and s east asia....bush sr as head of the cia set the drugs for america policy in motion....the CIA needs the money for their black book operations, mainly their covert alien programs.....

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good video...the vietnam war was about the heroin flow on the ho chi minh trail and who controlled it....the US lost...in steps general noriega and the cocaine boom was on....now the main supply is afghani heroin being sold in the US and s east asia....bush sr as head of the cia set the drugs for america policy in motion....the CIA needs the money for their black book operations, mainly their covert alien programs.....

listen to this Radio Liberty interview of Dr. Joseph Douglass on CIA drug trafficking and govt. complicity:




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Ok... How many of those are ex SF (well American SF since most of those were foreign countries.)and if they're working for the NWO why are they getting arrested? Also do you understand what a person claiming to be a 1%er means?

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Ok... How many of those are ex SF (well American SF since most of those were foreign countries.)and if they're working for the NWO why are they getting arrested?

The NWO is exactly that, a WORLD governing body, whereas the FBI is still largely a division of the U.S. government. The FBI and the CIA are constantly at

odds, because the FBI duty is to protect the United States and enforce the laws of the United States, while the CIA can cloak its activities in complete secrecy

and violate international law wherever it sees fit. There are very few checks and balances on the CIA , which is why JFK and Jimmy Carter both wanted to

curtail its activities , and largely dissolve its powers. The CIA works more in the interest of the military-industrial complex/international arms & drugs trade

than in the interest of the people of America. Of course HElls Angels are going to be occasionally arrested . There is political pressure exerted on govt. to enforce

domestic law. There is political mileage to be made in responding to such pressures. So what you have is a constant to-and-fro tug of war from the competing interests, exerting pressure on key people. In the end , the biggest bankroll wins out, and its not the FBI with the most money to throw around.

I am only speculating here, but one possible reason that the Hells Angels seem to run more afoul of the law in Canada and other countries is

likely due to the fact that these are foreign governments that are more hostile to their activities, while the American govt. is largely complicit.

If you have read this entire thread, you will see that the question of why Hells Angels are still arrested in the U.S. has been answered a

couple of times.

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check out this video of FBI agent Michael Ruppert

(and community leaders) confronting the director of the CIA on CIA drug smuggling into American inner cities:


(someone says "watch his hands" at 2:18, and notice the masonic hand signals he flashes as he answers Ruppert)

to see another example of masonic hand signals go to this video and fast-forward

to 5:57:


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Check out these facts on the BTK killer.

His father was a WWII marine, and he (BTK) was born in 1945 , right when the MKULTRA mind control program got new legs with the end of WWII and the transfer of German behavioral research

from Germany to the U.S., when hundreds of German scientists were transferred to the United States, so the U.S. military could benefit from their research into mind control and weapons.)

BTK killer Dennis Rader's father died in WWII just before he was born.

That would make him prime material, age-wise, to start in MKULTRA conditioning from birth.

He was an airman (paratrooper) in the Vietnam war, stationed in Japan. (Hells Angel?) He was born March 9 1945 and did not kill civilians until Jan 15 1974, which means he first killed (civilians) when he was just two months shy of 30 years old. (MkUltra projects typically go bad at 30 years of age, when their programming breaks down ) He even emulated the Zodiac killer, who is thought to himself have been an MKUltra project. One of the top suspects in the Zodiac killings is known to have been a paratrooper stationed at one point in Japan, just like BTK, during the Korean War era.



Facts about Dennis L. Rader:

# Dennis L. Rader was born March 9, 1945. He was baptized at the Zion Lutheran Church in Pittsburg, Kansas.

# The Sedgwick County Jail booking sheet lists Rader's height as 5-foot-11 and his weight as 195 pounds.

# He was born to William E. Rader (Bill) and Dorothea M. Rader. William Rader was a former Marine. He held various positions with Kansas Gas and Electric Company (KG&E) from 1948 to 1963.

# He has three younger brothers: Paul (born 1947) , Bill (born 1949), and Jeff (born 1955). All four boys were Boy Scouts.

# He grew up in Wichita and spent his entire life, except for his service in the Air Force, in the Wichita area.

# Rader went to Riverview School, Pleasant Valley Middle School, Wichita North High School and then Wichita Heights High School. The Class of 1963 transferred to Wichita Heights for its junior year and became the second class to graduate there.

# He graduated from Wichita Heights High School in 1963. All of his brothers also graduated from Wichita Heights High School.

# Rader served as an active duty airman in the Air Force from Aug. 17, 1966 to Aug. 11, 1970. His reserve service ran to June 20, 1972. Rader went through basic training in Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, and later attended technical school at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas. He was stationed at Brookley Air Force Base in Mobile, Alabama in February 1967. He served overseas in Turkey, Greece, Okinawa (Kadena Air Base, Jan. 1968 to June 1968), and Japan (Tachikawa Air Base near Tokyo, July 1968 to August 1970). He reached the rank of sergeant and was awarded the Air Force Good Conduct Medal, the Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon and the National Defense Service Medal.

# He was married on May 22, 1971 to Paula Dietz. She was born May 5, 1948 and is the daughter of Palmer and Eileen Dietz of Park City. Paula Dietz is a 1966 graduate of Wichita Heights H.S. who had been working as a secretary at the VA Hospital.

Paula E. Rader

Paula E. Rader - Charter Member Christ Lutheran Church

Paula E. Rader was granted an emergency divorce from Dennis Rader on Tuesday, July 26, 2005. [divorce decree]

# He lived in Park City, Kansas since 1971. He is a registered Republican and his home address since 1975 was 6220 N. Independence St. [photos of house: link #1, link #2]


The whole premise of the mkultra mind-control program was to create 'programmable' people with split personalities, who could be converted to shift into another personality with trigger words,

and who would have no memory of what they did when under control (while in the alter personality). This alter personality would be a trained psychopath who would do anything , including torture and kill, on demand.

The purported reason for this was to prevent the person from compromising the operation in any way. Either by 'selling' information (becoming a double agent) , or succumbing to interrogation, or by simply telling drunken 'war stories' of their exploits, or in old age revealing everything that had happened to them to their grandchildren, writing memoirs etc.

Ostensibly this was to protect America from revealing secrets to 'the enemy', but when you think about it , this could be also to protect the CIA from revealing secrets to the American government. This would enable the CIA to perform all sorts of manipulation and crime against Americans.

My guess is that Dennis Rader (aka BTK) was part of the CIA's Project Phoenix when he was stationed at a Japanese paratrooper base during

Project Phoenix:



Someone has already written a whole book on this:




As Nick Schou reports, “Operation Phoenix detainees were tortured with electric shocks applied to their genitals, while women prisoners were typically raped, occasionally with foreign objects.” (hauntingly similar to claims of treatment of modern Iraqi detainees).

Operation Phoenix was run by the CIA. What was their expectation of information, while they were beating, fu**ing, and killing these village women?

there is the possiblity that the BTK murders were done by a group of people, and Rader was the fall guy.


mask and hood photo from spy video taken of Skull & Bones ritual at Yale (done with night-vision video camera from nearby rooftop over-looking the Skulls 'tomb' building's inner court yard.)



This photo is of Dennis Rader (aka BTK killer) in a grave that he

had dug for his murder victim Dolores Davis. He is wearing a plastic

mask. (check out the horrifying breathing tube attached, so that a victim could be buried alive, and kept alive while buried)




Denis Rader (BTK) in wig and mask

Rader would dress up as his victims and pose for photographs taken by himself with

a tripod and timer camera arrangement. Delores Davis' body was found discarded beneath a bridge with the plastic mask beside it. (Rader had apparently not had time to carry out his fantasy of burying her (alive?) in the mask and had killed her and dumped her body instead)

bizarre photos of what Rader did:


some of Rader's props used in fantasy:


mask left at Dee Davis murder scene




screen shot from Eyes Wide Shut:


What is interesting about this is that this is eerily similar to the Skull & Bones initiation rituals which feature both the use of the same types of masks and live

burials. (the more in-depth rituals are performed on Deer Island, a Skull & Bones-owned retreat in the Thousand Islands on the St. Lawrence Seaway near Connecticut, including live burial in mud)

Moreover, Rader killed Delores Davies in 1991, long before all of the information on the Skull & Bones society rituals hit the internet or was otherwise made generally known to the public.

I think it unlikely that Rader would, out of sheer fantasy. replicate so closely many of the elements of a Skull & Bones ritual. Rader may have had prior experience with said rituals, as he himself was an Air Force operative during the Vietnam War, based in Japan, as was George H.W. Bush Sr. (Air Force) based in SE Asia, and in aircraft carrier squadron attacks on Japan during WWII. George Bush Sr. is known to have been both a member of Skull & Bones and at one time head of the CIA.

Trailer of movie about Otera family murders:


Here is the link to watch a full YouTube doc. on BTK



The following was sent to us from Jerry Tremmel, who served in the Air Force with Dennis Rader:

Dennis was not a mechanic in the Air Force. I was stationed in the Air Force with Dennis Rader. We went to Tech school at Sheppard AFB, TX from October 1966 to February 1967. Dennis and I were both transferred to the 2863RD GEEIA SQ, Brookley AFB, Alabama. We went on a four month temporary assignment together in 1967 to Greece and Turkey. I believe Dennis went to Kadena AFB, Okinawa for an 18 month tour in 1968. We were both trained as Telephone Outside Plant and Antenna Maintenance specialists.

I may also have known his first victim - Joseph Otero, Joseph and I were both apparently stationed at Albrook AFB, Panama during the same period - 1968 - 1972. He was a pilot and I was also a member of the Aero Club at Albrook AFB.

satanists are into opiates and stimulants (endorphines and adrenaline/opiates and amphetamines) just like the blood drinkers that they are.

BTK's first murder was the Otero family.

Otero was formerly a pilot in Panama and was killed immediately after retiring from the air force in 1974.


It looks like Otero was involved with the CIA's drug operations out of Panama. (BTK was a military phone specialist)

Someone wanted Otero dead, silenced, so they killed him ,and to make it look like a random sex crime, they used the services of Denis Rader and killed his whole family.

It is possible that Otero was traced as the source of an extremely damaging leak , and the gruesome murder of Otera and his entire family were done to frighten other potential leakers of sensitive information.


Like her husband, Julie Otero was very accomplished in the art of self-defense. She had extensive training in judo.

The Otero children were very good in school and were liked by the people who knew them. They, too, took up the family sport of judo and were well beyond the average when it came to self defense.

So, what to make of this case? This brilliantly planned and orchestrated crime which required surveillance, perfect timing, and the ability to subdue a group of people who were normally more than capable to defending themselves. It had the hallmarks of a military operation, but then there were these nagging details that the police didn't want to discuss.

My guess is that since this was the first sex killing in America that Rader had done (probably more in Vietnam during Project Phoenix), and he had just turned 30, his programming went bonkers at that point and this CIA hit was enough to turn him into the BTK killer.

BTK even gave each of his murders a code name. The Otero murder was called 'Project Dogside', and a later killing was 'Project Green', which is CIA MO , ie: Project Mockingbird and Project Chatter, Project MKULTRA etc.

I do not have time to research all of the other BTK killings to see if they all have the same implications as the Otero murders.

I know that two of the other women he killed both worked at the Coleman company in Wichita, which suggests that they both may have shared knowledge about something that they should not have known about.

My guess is that the Zodiac killings were the same thing. These were CIA hits intemingled with random killings to muddy the trail , and deliberately played up in the media with letters etc. The CIA routinely uses this method to disguise hits on American civilians as the work of rabid psychopaths.

Here is another strange thing that just occurred to me:

The film Eyes Wide Shut contains references to the rainbow and 'end of the Rainbow' , which are references to the Wizard of Oz and Kansas.

BTK operated in Kansas and used masks that are exactly like the ones used in Eyes Wide Shut.

Here is some strange trivia:

- The star of Wizard of Oz , Judy Garland, died of an overdose

of seconal 1969

February 1967, Garland was signed to appear as "Helen Lawson" in Valley of the Dolls for 20th Century Fox. The character of "Neely O'Hara" in the book by Jacqueline Susann, and subsequent movie, was rumored to have been based on Garland, though the role in the film was played by Patty Duke. During the filming, Garland missed rehearsals and was fired the next month. She was replaced by Susan Hayward. She did record one song for the film, "I'll Plant My Own Tree," which has never been officially released, although it is available on several bootlegs. There is also surviving footage of her wardrobe tests. Barbara Parkins, one of the film's stars, commented in the 2006 DVD of Valley of the Dolls that she believed Garland was frightened by the thought of actually being the aging star she was supposed to play, and that she "freaked" when she realized the similarities between the storyline and her own life.


Recreational use

Secobarbital began to be widely abused in the 1960s and 1970s, although with the advent of benzodiazepines, they have become less commonly used.

Secobarbital has acquired many nicknames, the most common being "reds" (it was originally packaged in red capsules). Another common nickname is "seccies". A less common nickname is "dolls"; this was partly responsible for the title of Jacqueline Susann's novel Valley of the Dolls, whose main characters use secobarbital and other such drugs.

Another popular brand of barbiturate pill Tuinal contained a combination of secobarbital and amobarbital but is now rarely prescribed due to problems with abuse and overdose.

Cause of Death of Judy Garland

Judy Garland, of "The Wizard of Oz" fame, was found dead in her bathroom by her husband Mickey Deans on June 22, 1969. The stated exact cause of death by coroner Gavin Thursdon was accidental overdose of barbiturates; her blood contained the equivalent of 10 1.5-grain Seconal capsules


Seconal, aka Seconal Sodium or Secobarbital Sodium--(a popular programming drug to stabilize programming, to set in deep programming into the base of the mind such as dates and codes, and to block out memory of missions by slaves, see various paragraphs below for more explanations. Used in 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 mg. increments. A tubal pregnancy/birth can be hid in a woman by 300-400 mg., while surgery on an adult man may require 500 mg.)

-Bernie Taupin wrote two of Elton John's biggest hits , one was about Judy Garland (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road) and another about Marylin Monroe (Goodbye Norma Jean)

-Dennis Rader, kansas serial killer, had a doll collection as part of his hidden stash of posessions. He dressed himself in what he called his doll costume (plastic mask and wig) and took bondage photographs of himself dressed in this costume.

-He planned to bury Dee Davis in the plastic mask, but ran out of time and dumped her body and the mask under a bridge. He also sent the media a clue , which was a Barbie doll hung from a pipe, stashed into a a box of cereal (cerial killer)

-Robert Berdella , of Kansas, attempted to use trauma programming, drugging, and other mind control techniques, plus removal of the sight and the vocal chords, to turn his victims into sex slave toys (silent, sightless dolls).

-The movie Eyes Wide Shut reduces the masked participants to dolls, and the drugged, bleached state of Cruise's long-legged trophy wife Nicole Kidman is also reminiscent of Barbie.

-Accounts of satanic ritual sacrifice and programming techniques feature children being trained to stab dolls, and then eventually forced to stab other children.



-Anatoly Onoprienko - Ukrainian serial killer known as "the Terminator"; murdered 52 people from 1989 until his capture in 1996

- Sitting in his cell the Ukranian serial killer that came to be knowsn as the Terminator told Reuters and a regional newspaper: "I have never regretted anything and I don't regret anything now." In the bizarre and emotional hour-long interview he added that cosmic forces planned to destroy humanity and replace it with "bio-robots."

- his mother died when he was four and his father and brother gave him to an orphanage at seven, and that he had heard voices telling him to do the murders

-Onoprienko made statements about mental seizures, being spied on, voices, the CIA, interpol, and the influence of higher powers.



Interview with Dr. Hyman Engelberg, Marilyn Monroe's physician.

Investigator: There were apparently quite a volume of pills that were discovered at her death, at her bedside….

Engleberg: Yes.

Investigator: Do you recall looking at a list of those pills? And were they all prescribed by you?

Engleberg: No. Only one had be prescribed by me. I had prescribed Nembutal to help her sleep. But as I recall, to the best of my ability, I was surprised to see at the side of her bed a large number of other sleeping pills, which looked like Seconal, which she had apparently purchased on a recent trip to Mexico. It’s my understanding that in Mexico in those days you could walk into any pharmacy and buy, you know, any tranquilizers or sleeping pills you wanted. There were certainly lots of other sleeping pills I had not prescribed….

Marilyn Monroe was raised by foster parents and orphanages from infancy, which lends credence to the idea that she may have been a CIA project. (also note how her relatives were corralled into asylums, and she found her way by way of 'guardians' to marrying a merchant marine and working in a war weapons factory during the war.) Also a fascinating mention of Marilyn having been raised in an odd gender-bent environment from birth until the age of seven:


Unable to persuade Della to take Norma Jeane, Gladys placed her with foster parents Albert and Ida Bolender of Hawthorne, California, where she lived until she was seven. In her autobiography My Story, Monroe states she thought Albert was a girl. However, some do not consider My Story trustworthy, as the book was a collaboration between Monroe and ghost-writer Ben Hecht and it was assumed Monroe was keen on dramatizing and coloring her past in order to make her public image more vulnerable. Hecht divulged to his agent: "It is easy to know when she is telling the truth. The moment a true thing comes out of her mouth, her eyes shed tears. She's like her own lie detector."[4] In 2001, the book was reissued and Hecht was given credit.[5]

Gladys visited Norma Jeane every Saturday. One day, she announced that she had bought a house. A few months after they had moved in, Gladys suffered a breakdown. In My Story, Monroe recalls her mother "screaming and laughing" as she was forcibly removed to the State Hospital in Norwalk. Gladys's father, Otis, died in an asylum near San Bernardino from syphilis. According to My Sister Marilyn, Gladys's brother, Marion, hanged himself upon his release from an asylum, and Della's father did the same in a fit of depression.

Norma Jeane was declared a ward of state, and Gladys's best friend, Grace McKee (later Goddard) became her guardian. After McKee married in 1935, Norma Jeane was sent to the Los Angeles Orphans Home (later renamed Hollygrove), and then to a succession of foster homes.

The Goddards were about to move to the east coast and could not take her. Grace approached the mother of James Dougherty about the possibility of her son marrying the girl. They married two weeks after she turned 16, so that Norma Jeane would not have to return to an orphanage or

While her husband was in the Merchant Marine during World War II, Norma Jeane Dougherty moved in with her mother-in-law, and started to work in the Radioplane Company factory (owned by Hollywood actor Reginald Denny), spraying airplane parts with fire retardant and inspecting parachutes. Army photographer David Conover was scouting local factories, taking photos for a YANK magazine article about women contributing to the war effort. He saw her potential as a model and she was soon signed by The Blue Book modelling agency. In his book Finding Marilyn, Conover claimed the two had an affair that lasted years. Shortly after signing with the agency, Monroe had her hair cut, straightened and lightened to golden blonde.

She became one of Blue Book's most successful models, appearing on dozens of magazine covers. In 1946, she came to the attention of talent scout Ben Lyon. He arranged a screen test for her with 20th Century Fox. She was offered a standard six-month contract with a starting salary of $125 per week.

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Re: BTK serial killer Dennis Rader:


He was in the Air Force. It was long speculated that BTK got the letters from "Born To Kill," a USAF squadron term. He was in the Air Force. *He may have met his first victim Joseph Otero, also in the Air Force at that time.*note: probably wrong: though Rader and Otero were both Air Force in the same years, Rader was based in Japan, while Otero was based in Panama




Israeli soldier

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I was reading up on the bizarre case of serial killer Robert Berdella, who worked for a Kansas City news station, formed a Neighborhood Watch, did restaurant reviews for a local newspaper, and owned an occult curio / head shop downtown. Check this out. This is weird , in that almost no one has ever heard of Robert Berdella (no publicity) despite there having been films made and books written about it.


The one survivor who escaped went into seclusion, Geraldo Rivera did a documentary alleging this to be part of satanic cult activity,

( http://www.holysmoke.org/sdhok/sat15.htm ) for which Rivera was later forced to publically apologize, and a reporter who uncovered something suddenly dropped the case and left town. (possibly larger numbers of people involved and larger number of people killed)


There also was a Kansas City Times reporter back then who tried to explain, in a limited but illuminating way, how these crimes happened. She'd discovered remarkable things about the Berdella case that implicated at least one high-ranking Kansas City official. Then one day she collected her notebooks and tapes and clippings about the Berdella saga, deposited them in a landfill and left forever.

At the time of the murders, Blakeman covered the courts for The Kansas City Times. Her work led her to an extraordinary conclusion about how Berdella met his victims. Conventional wisdom said the killer found them loitering downtown, specifically at the seedy corner of 10th and McGee. To an extent, this was true. But Blakeman learned that at least one victim, Todd Stoops, had been sent as part of his probation to Berdella by a municipal court judge. How Berdella's name came to be included on a list of court-approved drug counselors has never been verifiably reported.

Less than a week after Judge Marcia Walsh delivered Stoops to Berdella for drug counseling, Berdella himself was arrested for trying to sell marijuana to an undercover police officer, Blakeman reported.

Blakeman also revealed that in 1984, Stoops had told police he suspected Berdella in the disappearance of his friend Jerry Howell and that he believed drugs probably had been used to sedate Howell. Four years later, when Berdella was arrested, Howell became known as his first victim.

"Although he was the subject of both drug and missing persons investigations, Robert A. Berdella was able to manipulate Kansas City's criminal justice system," Blakeman wrote in March 1989.

This spring, Meade traveled to Hawaii to interview Blakeman, now a reporter for The Honolulu Advertiser.

Blakeman told Meade about a prison visit she made to interview Berdella in 1991, following the arrest of Jeffrey Dahmer, whom Berdella reportedly had deemed an "amateur." At Berdella's request, Blakeman brought two tape recorders, then listened as he told her how he had fooled the court system. At the end of the interview, Blakeman says, prison officials confiscated her tapes for review. Later, they told her the tapes had been inadvertently destroyed.

"I think people wanted her to leave Kansas City because of what she was digging around and found," Meade says.

In the film, Meade holds up Blakeman's story as proof that local authorities wanted to be done with the Berdella ordeal, even if it meant ignoring the possibility of more victims.

"If you're a no-count, then **** you," he says of the city's attitude. "Die. Get picked up. We don't care. We've got better things to deal with. If you're gay, if you're black, if you're a prostitute, if you're a dope dealer, a drug user, you're down on the pecking order of human life value. And I don't think that's exclusive to Kansas City. I think that's everywhere. But I think that had a lot to do with this."

I have read that Robert Berdella drained the bodies of blood and removed the organs before disposing of the rest in garbage bags. His situation of interviewing (as a 'drug counselor') the indigent and homeless and powerless put him in a perfect position to see these people as utterly helpless. He would be able to ascertain that no one was protecting them , ie: no one would notice them missing and that no one would come looking for them etc.

What I see in this Berdella is a carnivorous predator of human flesh. He may have been part of a circle of others. When the opportunity presented itself to feed on someone who was defenseless, he took it, possibly due to some prior conditioning that triggered his hunting and feeding instinct. The one remaining witness who survived maintains that Berdella acted alone, but that does not discount the possibility that Burdella was practised in consumption of human blood by some prior association, some circle of friends with which he had prior experience of it.

Serial killers? Or are there monied cults of powerful people behind them?

These monsters look at the poor the way we look at farm animals. We look at farm animals as either slaves or meat or both. This is the way the occult elite see the rest of humanity. Slaves and meat.

The reason that they think staging suicide is a plausible means of silencing people is that they think poor and powerless people should be suicidal.

These billionaires and trillionaires think that life is not even worth living below a certain level, and they tell themselves this as the death tally rises

think Berdella was part of the cult, with media connections, and this hit very close to home, close to the upper levels of the media and the occult elite, and that this is why the case got virtually no publicity. This case preceded Jeffery Dahmer.

Everyone has heard of Jeffery Dahmer. No one has heard of Robert Berdella.

Why? Dahmer was a loner who likely acted alone, and had no affiliations. Berdella was not a loner. He had a store, and had media jobs in both radio and newspaper. Karen Blakeman uncovered a link to a high-level official, a mysterious municipal/police 'referral' system that sent two victims to Berdella's home, and possible links to other murders, and then she suddenly dropped everything and left Kansas City. What she found must have scared the hell out of her.

Thinking of farm animals ... "The Iceman" Richard Kuklinski killed between 100-200 people.


Kuklinski worked with Roy DeMeo of the Gambino crime family. DeMeo, a butcher, specialized in blood-letting of the victims and dismemberment. He taught Kuklinski and others his "trade" ... known as "the Gemini method" after DeMeo's hangout, the Gemini Lounge.


Gotta be real graphic here folks, but:

Robert Pickton's father was a pig farmer and the Pickton's had owned a butcher shop. Why was it necessary for a friend to teach Robert the butchering business unless it was to refine his "skills". When Robert Pickton said he "got sloppy" with the last 4, am wondering if he had fine-tuned his regular butchering abilities along the lines of "the Gemini method". The reason I say this is, he was a pig farmer and a butcher ... It would be a normal expectation to find blood around a slaughterhouse ... if he usually was not sloppy with his victims, that says to me that he may have dealt with the victims in a manner beyond that which he normally dealt with livestock.


Joey Guglielmo aka "Dracula" was the elderly first cousin of Gambino family capo Roy DeMeo (d1983). He was as vicious a gangster as any of the DeMeo Crew and although his penchant was for the pornography rings that the crew operated out of the city, Joey was also an old hand at drug dealing and murder.

Only a handful of people alive today know the origins of Joey's nickname which has been variously attributed to either the gangsters all-night revelry in the pornography studios or to his predilection for performing assorted observances with the blood of the crews countless victims in the apartment building he rented behind the Gemini Lounge in Brooklyn. Nevertheless at the end of the DeMeo Crew's reign it is well know that Joey accompanied Roy on various undertakings that could only be described as habitual serial slayings.

the descriptions of Burdella's torture of his victims reminds me of the kosher slaughter. Burdella injected drano into the voice boxes of the men to silence their cries during subsequent torture sessions, which is very similar to the kosher slaughter ritual wherein the cow is crushed in a mechanical torture device, its voice box of the dying cow later ripped out with a hook to silence its cries, then the torso of the the animal mechanically squeezed to force the torrent of blood out of its body into a collection pit, and then ejected from the machine to die slowly on its broken limbs.

graphic videos of kosher slaughter ritual:




full length:


Re: berdella:

Now , why the continuous infliction of pain over a course of weeks?

(torture of the eyes with solvents, electrocutions, etc.)

I think I know what was going on. Every time the victim was tortured, a bit of blood was taken, at the height of the victim's pain. Possibly while the victim was passed out, or possibly done in such a way that the immobilized victim would not be able to see the blood taking, or maybe the news just never reported this part.

(there is no mention of this aspect of it in the brief reports I have read, but then since when does the media tell the whole story?)

When you think about it, it makes sense. Berdella would have had a captive supply of tortured blood on which to get high. He would enjoy not only the sadistic pleasure of inflicting pain, but also actually consume the pain-response endorphin secretions of the victim shortly afterward.


An examination of Berdella's diary log, as detailed in Giannangelo's analysis of serial crimes, revealed a meticulous mind with a clear need for control. The scribbler had made notes about what he had done to a victim and whether or not there was a reaction. If the reaction was verbal, he recorded the exact words the person had said. If he made an injection, he noted what it was and how much he had given. The sexual assaults were easy to decipher, and each one was accompanied by a notion regarding the victim's response. In peculiar shorthand, he jotted the times, the victim's slightest movement, whether the victim was aware of things being done to him, and sometimes an ominous notation, "DD" or "86." After that, for each person, there was nothing more, aside form the date and time of this unexplained event.

# generally used in restaurant or foodservice environments when a specific item is no longer available. For example, "86 baked haddock", or "the mussels have been 86'ed"

Interesting. Berdella worked in restaurants from the age of 16, worked as a chef until the age 32. When he was 33 he became open about his homosexuality and became seriously involved with a mentally unstable vietnam veteran.


In another closet, the officers found a bag full of human vertebrae. These were sent to the lab for analysis. All around Berdella's house, they found pieces of paper on which the names of men were written, and a man's passport. They traded theories about how to interpret what they were finding, alternating between murder and extreme sexual practices, but they worked for hours without finding something that resolved this issue.

Weird masks and books on occultic practices gave an ominous cast to it all. That brought in a police officer who knew a lot about satanic crimes. She made notes about suspicious items and prepared to track down what they might mean in sexual or death rituals.


Funny, Berdella lived in Kansas, and was into weird masks, just like BTK, of Kansas,

was into weird masks. Eyes Wide Shut makes frequent use of masks and references to the Wizard of Oz (whose main character Dorothy is from Kansas)


The Konformist

An Interpretation of Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut

Adam Gorightly

In Stanley Kubrick's final film, Eyes Wide Shut, are numerous veiled allusions to the CIA's MK-ULTRA mind control experiments and Monarch sex slave programming, subjects which readers of The Konformist should be well familiar. According to believed victims of Monarch abuse, their ranks number literally in thousands, and it has been alleged that these very same victims have been used extensively as sex slaves, drug mules and assassins. According to varied sources, Monarch programming begins immediately at birth, and is carried out through the lives of its victims, as they are used by intelligence agencies and secret societies like mere pawns on a gameboard, until--in many instances--they have outlived their usefulness, and are terminally "discarded". While this author does not buy lock, stock and barrel all of the sordid tales associated with Monarch abuse, I nonetheless suspect that it does actually exist in many cases, regardless of all the disinformation that exists in mind control lore obscuring the true reality of the situation. Like all weighty subjects--conspiratorial or otherwise--one must separate the wheat from chaff, which is not an easy proposition, to say the least. According to Per Sewen of Illuminati News, he viewed Eyes Wide Shut with a woman who had been "subjected to Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) by the Illuminati and she found it very, very accurate. None of us had any idea what the movie was about, so it was a shock for both of us, especially as these kinds of movies can be very triggering for victims of SRA. And it was. This girl didn't feel well afterwards..."

Associating the "Bavarian Illuminati" --as it was originally identified--with the ominous spectre of mind control is another sticky area, as the presumed current day existence of this secret order is not an easy thing to document, although fringe Christians and right wing extremists would have us believe that The Illuminati has been behind nearly every crucial development in the history of mankind over past few hundred years; from the French and American Revolutions to the forthcoming New World Order/One World Government takeover, not to mention the Kennedy Assassination and water fluoridation. In response, I would not totally dispute this proposition, nor do I wholeheartedly endorse it, preferring instead to straddle the fence between shadow and light, at the crossroads where facts and fancy meet. It is at this meeting point where we are briefly allowed a glimpse of the truth, while at the same time the edges of the picture blur, leaving us once again in a quandary. (Or a Philip K. Dick novel...)

According to certain legends, The Illuminati was purged in 1785 by the Bavarian Government on the grounds that it had attempted to overthrow the ruling class of Europe. Other legends suggest that The Illuminati were merely driven underground at this juncture, all the while continuing their multifarious activities under a maze of guises--including such current incarnations as the Bilderbergers, The United Nations and the Council of Foreign Relations--and exist unto this day as the Ultimate Octopus actually pulling the levers behind the scenes of world events, albeit hidden behind a cloak of subterfuge and secrecy. Other researchers contend that the Illuminati is simply a subdivision of Freemasonry, this due to the fact that the original Order of the Illuminati was formed within Masonic Lodges in Germany, by one Adam Weishaupt in 1776. According to noted Guerilla Ontologist, Robert Anton Wilson, who has spent many years attempting to unravel this mystery: "Since Masonry itself is a secret society, the Illuminati was a secret society within a secret society, a mystery inside a mystery, so to say." Arcane history lesson aside, I will henceforth use the term "Illuminati" rather liberally throughout this tract, as an easy catchall which captures under its umbrella a wide-ranging hierarchy of hidden powers; a combination of intelligence agencies and secret societies creating an Orwellian nightmare under the guise of a New World Utopia. Bear in mind that the dreaded Illuminati are never once so-named in Eyes Wide Shut. Since this is "an interpretation", I have freely chosen to exercise my poetic license, using "Illuminati" as a simple literary device, although nothing is ever quite as simple as we would like it to be. Once again, we're speaking here of the shadow realms, like those hinted at in Eyes Wide Shut, where nothing is ever for certain, nor can anything be taken for granted.

Early on in Eyes Wide Shut --while at a lavish party hosted by a rich bigwig named Ziegler (played by Sydney Pollack)--star Tom Cruise's character, Dr. Bill, is seduced by two beautiful "models" who take him by either arm, leading him toward an apparent menage a trois. When Dr. Bill asks where exactly they're taking him, the two lovelies reply: "Where the rainbow ends." When taken into context with what transpires later on in Eyes Wide Shut, this snatch of dialog appears to be an allusion to Monarch programming, as The Wizard of Oz has been long acknowledged by Monarch insiders as a common programming matrix, which uses Wizard of Oz themes and imagery as a tool to program minds. (It has been rumored that Judy Garland herself was the subject of just this sort of Monarch-styled mind control.) Later, Dr. Bill rents a cloak and mask from "Rainbow Costumes", which just happens to be located above another shop called "Under The Rainbow". In the first scene at the costume shop, the owner catches his underage daughter in a state of undress with two apparent drag queens, and understandably becomes quite upset. In a later scene, the shop owner does an about-face and appears not only to be pimping out his nubile daughter to these very same drag queens, but tries to interest Dr. Bill in her pert young bod, as well. This is all very telling, as most Wizard of Oz programming I've heard about allegedly deals with the programming of boys and girl--at a very early age--in their roles as Monarch slaves, through sexual molestation and other related trauma such as SRA, as part of pact between the parents of the abused children and their Monarch "handlers". (In many instances--it has been alleged--the parent will also perform the role of "handler". The "handler, in essence, is the "programmer", as well as a sort of go-between with the higher ups in the Monarch organization.) Whatever the case, something drastically "transformed" the costume shop owner's way of thinking, between the first and the second scenes, in a space of less than 24 hours. The inference here is that the Illuminati-styled cult that Dr. Bill stumbles upon is somehow responsible for this "trance-formation" of father to pimp and daughter to prostitute. This is part of the symbolism of Monarch, one of transformation, of caterpillar into butterfly; free-will into mental slavery. The term Monarch is deceptive in this sense, due to its identification with the Monarch butterfly, a creature of transformational beauty. This appears to be part of the deception of this programming; to delude its victims into believing they've been transformed into something magical, and full of wonder. Follow the yellow brick road. Although the "trance-formation" of the shop owner's daughter seems unrelated to later events that occur in the film, somehow these two seemingly anecdotal characters--the shop owner and daughter--have been affected by Dr. Bill's Illuminati-sex-ritual experience. The implication here is that anyone who comes within the span of Dr. Bill is, by association, caught up in a similar web of intrigue, often resulting in dire consequences.

Another MK-ULTRA/Monarch allusion is the reference to the "models" who seduce Dr. Bill at Ziegler's party, which I associate with what is known in the annals of MK-ULTRA as "Presidential models". "Presidential models" were/are allegedly used by big time entertainers and politicians as sexual playthings; mind controlled puppets programmed to perform assorted perverse acts at the bidding of their manipulative "handlers". Supposedly Marilyn Monroe was the first Monarch sex slave who achieved "celebrity" status. For those unfamiliar with the term "Presidential model", I'll refer them to The Control of Candy Jones by Donald Bain and Long John Nebel. As the story goes, Long John Nebel--a New York radio personality in the 50's-70's--discovered via hypnosis that his wife, Candy Jones, was a victim of just this sort of mind control project, one of the many MK-ULTRA mind slaves, programmed by CIA "spychiatrists" and used by high mucky muck dignitaries to perform their perverse sexual whims, among other assorted duties such as being used as drug mules and message couriers for this vast network of morally deficient power brokers. More has come to light in this regard in recent years by way of similar allegations disbursed widely across the Internet, as well as such highly controversial books as Trance Formation In America by Mark Phillips and Kathy O'Brien, wherein Ms. O'Brien relates her own troubling tales of MK-ULTRA and Monarch abuse. Once again, the tricky part is trying to untangle this web of fact vs. fiction, for a great measure of the Monarch mythos is the obvious result of contaminated stories, planted as a means of discrediting the truth, or simply due to pure delusion on the part of the believed victims For example: the current trend of shape-shifting Reptilian extraterrestrials who have entered into the mind control lexicon of late, such as one purported Monarch victim has described ex-President George Bush, among a group of other world leaders, who double as alien lizards and smack-shooting Satanists. As the late Jim Keith noted in his final book, Mass Control: "By injecting outlandish details into these stories, by linking intelligence agency mind control with extraterrestrial aliens and such, a pallor of doubt is cast upon real cases of abuse. This is the activity of 'scrambling' that Katherine Sullivan and others talk about. It is also true that traumatic abuse and conditioning confuses and disorients the victim, causing cross-referencing of mental information, and potentially adding to the nightmarish quality of many reports of this sort..."

Before the two "models" are able to lead Dr. Bill on a journey to "Where the rainbow ends", he is called to the aid of his host, Mr. Ziegler, who is upstairs, trying to revive a naked beauty O.D.-ing in his bathroom. Dr. Bill helps Ziegler revive the sultry junkie from her self-induced speedball funk. As fickle fate would have it, this naked beauty later resurfaces in the film as Dr. Bill's savoir, and is--in my estimation--another of the many Monarch sex slaves who appear throughout the story. From there the film progresses into the previously alluded meeting of a secret order akin to the Illuminati, of which Dr. Bill inadvertently gains knowledge of, and sneaks into, undercover of mask and cloak--as all the other participants are likewise bedecked--in what he soon realizes is some sort Satanic/Freemasonic sex magick rite featuring a whole host of naked hotties engaged in steamy sex scenes right out of an Aleister Crowley freak-out. When it's discovered by this Illuminati-like group that they have a spy in their fold in the form of Dr. Bill, Cruise's character is taken before the High Priest and his mask ceremoniously removed. Just when it looks like curtains for Dr. Bill, a well-proportioned lady--adorned only in mask and high-heeled shoes--steps before the assembly and offers herself up in sacrifice in exchange for Dr. Bill's life. As it turns out, this is the same woman, Mandy, that Dr. Bill rescued earlier from overdose. (Drug addiction is a common modus operandi in the control of Monarch sex slaves.) Long story short, Mandy is apparently sacrificed, although the next day newspaper reports characterize her passing as an apparent O.D. The deeper meaning here is that all Monarch sex slaves are expendable if they cross the line, and many of these victims reportedly have been "discarded" in just such a manner after they become a certain age and are no longer desirable as prostitute/sex slaves, or if they in someway break free of their programming and are considered a "risk".

During his dark night of the soul, Dr. Bill travels through the seamy underworld of his disturbed psyche, searching for sexual release, haunted by some insatiable hunger driving him toward unknown ends, along the way encountering a woman he hardly knows, who swears she's madly in love with him. Add to this collection an HIV positive prostitute, as well as the daughter of the aforementioned costume shop owner--who's apparently being pimped out by papa--and what we have is a trinity of lost souls, caught up in the grinding wheels of a powerful machine that eats people up, then spits them out in tiny, fragmented pieces. Monarch programming would explain the actions of all three: the irrational love of the woman Dr. Bill hardly knows is characteristic of a mind controlled slave programmed to love someone without truly understanding the reasons why; likewise the prostituted daughter, a common thread of Monarch programming where parents sell their children into sexual bondage and generational molestation as part of a deal made with the "Illuminati". And lastly, the common prostitute, there to do the bidding of the men who manipulate her by way of either money, drugs or violence. All of these woman could easily be Monarch victims, and even if they aren't, each is a prisoner of a system of control prevalent in our society; a system which exists on many levels, and in all strata of society, both seen and unseen. Eyes Wide Shut is a glimpse into these dark, shadow realms.

Many people unfamiliar with the subtleties of mind control will be utterly perplexed with the allegorical symbolism in Eyes Wide Shut. The characters, for the most part, appear either as detached spectators (i.e. hypnotized subjects) or obsessed sex fiends forever in search of a carnal fix. Unlike other Kubrick films--where the characters, in most cases, are more well-developed, complex characterizations--those in Eyes Wide Shut seem mere cardboard cutouts, which I think is the desired effect that Kubrick was striving for. Victims of mind control are just these sorts of automatons, stumbling through life blind to the true significance of their actions, lost in the fog of their work-a-day world, mere stringed puppets who believe they control their own destinies. The reason there appears to be no true depth to the characters in Eyes Wide Shut is that their inner depth has been buried beneath layers of mind control. What I believe Kubrick was hinting at, in Eyes Wide Shut, is that we are all mind controlled in one sense or another, sleep walking through our lives with "eyes wide shut"; "Manchurian Candidates" who kill without understanding the true motivations behind their acts. Even Nichole Kidman's character, Alice, who appears to be complicated, and seemingly multifaceted--a lady of many moods--is in reality a simple caricature who wears many involuntary masks, shedding one for no apparent rhyme or reason, and then donning another for equally vague motivations, unknown even to herself. Each mask is merely a new and different role; each mask an alter ego, with no true relation to the core personality. Ala Gurdjieff, she is a mere meat machine, sleep-walking through her life.

The choice of Cruise and Kidman in these roles is, to say the least, curious. Their emotional depth as actors--throughout their respective careers--has always appeared lacking, in my opinion. I sincerely doubt that either of them were actually perceptive enough to grasp what Kubrick was getting at with this film, which is perhaps just the sort of emotional content--or lack thereof--that the director was looking for from his characters. Eyes wide shut. This emotional complacency, for want of a better term, seems to go hand in hand with the duos involvement in Scientology, in whose members I have always perceived a certain lack of self-awareness. Call it brainwashing, or whatever you wish, this is simply on visceral observation on my part, and should not be construed as a total condemnation of Scientology. In all fairness, the Church of Scientology has long been outspoken about the abuses of MK-ULTRA, as documented often in the pages of their magazine Freedom, not to mention L. Ron Hubbard himself, who during his later years was a quite vocal critic of the CIA, and their involvement in MK-ULTRA shenanigans.

For those unfamiliar with the subtle spectre of secret societies and their peculiar practices, there will be obvious confusion as to why Dr. Bill immediately becomes a marked man just because he happened upon some seemingly harmless kinky scene with a bunch of guys and gals wearing masks, chanting meaningless mumbo-jumbo and humping one another like a pack of dogs in heat; a provocative spectacle, indeed, but certainly not enough to mark a man for death, one would presume. Well, the deeper implication here is that Dr. Bill has become not only an unwitting witness to a sex orgy of Hell Fire Club-like proportions, but more importantly, a witness to Monarch sex programming, and ostensibly a potential threat to National Security if he were to reveal these dire, dreaded secrets, that even he himself doesn't quite know what to make of.

After his close call with these evil Illuminati-type characters, the plot thickens ever more as Dr. Bill is pursued by his own inner sexual demons--through one sordid scene after another--finally discovering that his wife, Alice, has had a "dream" where she was a participant in a similar Illuminati-styled sex orgy. These memories come to Alice during a "dream", which in reality appears to be a repressed memory; a "dream" featuring a "Naval Officer" with a penetrating stare, that Alice once saw while on vacation years earlier; a "Naval Officer" who seemingly hypnotized her for a brief instant, as they passed each other in a hotel lobby one day, and since then she had been haunted by the memory of his penetrating stare, so much so that she can't get it out of her mind. Anyway, it is this "Naval Officer" who enters Alice's dream like some sort of MK-Incubus, and--after having his way with her--initiates Alice into this aforementioned Illuminati-type sex orgy-nightmare, where she gives herself up to all takers, albeit within a supposed "dream-state". Here, once again, the student of Monarch lore must exercise their poetic license, connecting the dots and placing into context this veiled allusion to the mysterious "Naval Officer" who "possessed" Alice's thoughts--in both the sleeping and waking worlds--and from there draw a parallel between the "Naval Officer" to Naval Intelligence, a branch of the Armed Forces that has long been an active participant in MK-ULTRA operations. The Naval Officer in this instance is merely symbolic of a larger hierarchy of mass mind control. On another note, a branch of Scientology--known as "Sea-Orgs"--uses naval-type uniforms in their organization, which is another chilling parallel when taken into context with Cruise and Kidman's involvement in the church. Perhaps I'm way off course here, but I feel this "coincidence" bears mentioning.

At the end of Eyes Wide Shut --as the credits rolled by--my central thought was: "Who the hell wrote this?" I don't recall the author's name now, but the credits said the screenplay was based on a book called Trauma-ville, which I indeed found to be a troubling title, as the main tool used in MK-ULTRA/Monarch mind control is what is known as "trauma based programming". According to alleged victims of this type of abuse, various types of trauma--both physical and psychological--are used to create disassociated states known as "alters", or multiple personalities. Alters are a way of splitting off the victim from their core personality, and as a means of self-defense the victims themselves use to escape from the induced trauma, by adopting another personality, or "alter"-ego who is completely unaware of the trauma experienced by the core personality. It is a psychological means of putting on a mask to hide from the awful truth of this type of abuse, and at the same time a calculated result of "trauma based programming". This explains the significance of the masks that are used in the film during the big sex orgy scene, as the Monarch victims have switched to their sex slave personalities, adopting one of their many programmed "alters". Through "trauma based programming" a whole host of alters can be purportedly created and induced; alters unknown to the core personality, such as the aforementioned sex slave personality, or "Manchurian Candidate"-type assassins like a Sirhan Sirhan, who commit murder while in an "alter"-ed state of mind, and then afterwards possess no memory of the actual event which has transpired.

Likewise, Eyes Wide Shut is a curious title for this film, for what it suggests is that information is being processed, while simultaneously the conscious mind is deep asleep, totally unaware, subliminally filing this information into the subconscious where it can be used later by the "handlers" of these mind controlled victims. This is similar to what Conspiratologist Michael Anthony Hoffman II calls the "Revelation of the Method" and "The Making Manifest Of All That Is Hidden", which is the subtle processing of humankind using these insidious tools of trance-formation, whether done individually or on a wide-scale level through television, mass media, and the movies. It is for this reason--some have hinted--that Kubrick met his fate just prior to the completion of Eyes Wide Shut: for ostensibly spilling the beans of what goes on behind the scenes in regards to secret societies and intelligence agencies who use mind control to program the masses. In this context, Kubrick may have been playing a part in ushering in the New World Order of The Illuminati, but to his own misfortune revealed "too much, too soon", thus a possible reason for his sudden passing. In Hoffman's Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, he states that "...the Revelation of the Method has as its chief component, a clown-like, grinning mockery of the victim(s) as a show of power and macabre arrogance. When this is performed in a veiled manner accompanied by certain occult sign and symbolical words and elicits no meaningful response of opposition or resistance from the target(s), it is one of the most efficacious techniques of psychological warfare and mind-rape..."

One of the most memorable scenes from Eyes Wide Shut is when Cruise and Kidman are embracing in front of a mirror, a prelude to sex. According to Monarch researchers, Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier: "...in programming Monarch slaves, mirrors are used a great deal. Within the Monarch slave's mind, countless mirror images are made. The slave sees thousands of mirrors everywhere in their mind. Because Marilyn (Monroe) was so stripped of any personal identity, she decorated her house as her mind looked on the inside--full of mirrors. Although other Monarchs may have some desires to decorate with mirrors, Marilyn is the most extreme case I know of filling one's house full of mirrors..."

In this mirror scene--as Dr. Bill and Alice are engaged in an erotic embrace--Alice twice gazes into the mirror, and her reflection could be interpreted as an expression of either guilt or confusion. In Monarch programming, mirrors have been reportedly employed as a means of triggering alters and causing disassociation, which is my interpretation of this scene: Alice is engaged in what is known in Monarch programming as "switching." The supposition of Alice as mind control victim explains much of what unfolds throughout the course of the film, as her character is one possessing a great many contradictions, and inexplicable moods. At Ziegler's party--while dancing with a rich foreign aristocrat--Alice adopts the persona of an intoxicated, flighty airhead. At other times throughout the film she is smart and sophisticated, then alternately cold and cruel; at other times a caring mother, and a devoted wife. After a few hits off a joint, Alice goes on a tirade where she's becomes both jealous and judgmental of her husband, initiating a heated argument. It is telling that after a toke or two of the killer weed, Alice's mood shifts so precipitously, as drugs are another well-established tool used in Monarch programming for triggering "alters". What I'm suggesting here is that Alice is just that, a victim of Monarch programming. When--toward the end of the film--Dr. Bill's missing mask is discovered upon a pillow next to his sleeping wife, a message has been delivered, clear and simple, that the same Illuminati mind controllers hounding Dr. Bill, have all along had access to his wife, even while she sleeps, deep in the shadowy recesses of her unconscious mind. Whether their eyes are wide open or shut, there can be no escape.

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Another strange coincidence here is that Berdella used animal tranquilizer to knock out and immobilize his victims, and Dennis Rader worked as Wichita dog catcher who was once accused of harassing residents and even euthanized one resident'd dog:


In 1991 Rader ran and was elected as a Republican[2] supervisor of the Compliance Department at Park City, a two-employee, multi-functional department in charge of "animal control, housing problems, zoning, general permit enforcement and a variety of nuisance cases." In this position, neighbors recalled him as sometimes overzealous and extremely strict; one neighbor complained that he euthanized her dog for no reason.

so there are a lot of strange coincidences between Berdella and BTK.

Both of them serial killers, both operated in the Kansas area during the 1980s. Both of them had access to animal tranquilizer, and both of them were found to have owned occult ritual masks, both of them affiliated with municipal services (Berdella a 'drug counsellor', Rader a dog catcher/bylaw enforcement officer)

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20. True or False: Serial killer Bob Berdella had entries in his diaries concerning Lt. Col. Oliver North.

21. True or False: The detective who headed the investigation of the Berdella case, and who later co-wrote a self-serving and disinformational book, acknowledged that he had previously worked for the CIA.


20. True.

21. True.



looks like an absolutely earth-shaking book:


The Center for an Informed America


August 25, 2004

It's quiz time, ladies and gentlemen, so please take out a pencil and paper and get comfortable so that we can get started. Today's topic is, believe it or not, serial killer and mass murderer trivia. The answers follow the questions. Give yourself one point for each correct answer.

Ready to go? Good. Let's get started.

1. True or False: During his tenure as Governor of the state of Texas, George W. Bush signed off on every execution order that crossed his desk.

2. True or False: Serial killer Ted Bundy once worked as a spy for Washington Governor Dan Evans, gathering intelligence on political opponents; Evans later wrote Bundy a glowing letter of recommendation to attend law school.

3. True or False: Aspiring serial killer Richard Ramirez once demonstrated his high-level political connections while on a high school trip to Washington, D.C. by arranging for his friends an impromptu private tour of the Vice President's office.

4. True or False: Serial killer Edmund Kemper's service records reveal that he was the subject of MK-ULTRA experiments while he was stationed at a U.S. military hospital in West Germany.

5. True or False: Serial killers Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi, also known as the Hillside Stranglers, ran a teen prostitution ring that supplied girls to Los Angeles' corporate and political elite, including a police chief and a city councilman.

6. True or False: Albert DeSalvo, long identified as the legendary Boston Strangler, was never charged with, let alone convicted of, any of the killings he is credited with.

7. True or False: Wayne Williams, long identified as the Atlanta Child Killer, was never charged with, let alone convicted of, any of the child murders.

8. True or False: Howard Unruh has been in prison for nearly sixty years for murders that he almost certainly did not commit.

9. True or False: The LA-area organized crime figure who confessed in a courtroom to being the central figure behind the 'Wonderland' murders (considered to be perhaps the most brutal and bloody quadruple murder in the city's history) served less than one year in prison.

10. True or False: The LAPD detective who lead the investigation on the Wonderland case, and who defended the man's sentence, was Philip Vannater, of OJ trial fame.

11. True or False: There was no physical evidence nor any witnesses linking any suspects other than serial killer Cary Stayner to the murders of four women in Yosemite National Park.

12. True or False: Serial killer Cary Stayner's younger brother was held for years as a captive sex slave by a pedophilic Vietnam veteran.

13. True or False: Serial killer Douglas Clark had extensive connections to the intelligence community, and one of his closest associates claimed that he had been an undercover assassin for the CIA in Vietnam.

14. True or False: With few exceptions, serial killers tend to select victims that are similar in age, gender, race, appearance, etc.

15. True or False: With few exceptions, serial killers tend to follow the same MO in the commission of their crimes.

16. True or False: As a child, famed FBI 'profiler' Robert Ressler lived down the street from, and was in the same Boy Scout troop as, famed serial killer Ted Bundy.

17. True or False: On a notorious night in July 1966, Richard Speck single-handedly killed eight student nurses in a Chicago house.

18. True or False: John Wayne Gacy, despite having a checkered criminal history, had a top-level security clearance from the White House.

19. True or False: Parts of Gacy's criminal record were blacked out, with the notation that they were "FBI matters."

20. True or False: Serial killer Bob Berdella had entries in his diaries concerning Lt. Col. Oliver North.

21. True or False: The detective who headed the investigation of the Berdella case, and who later co-wrote a self-serving and disinformational book, acknowledged that he had previously worked for the CIA.

22. True or False: Serial killer Robin Gecht was a former employee of serial killer Angelo Buono.

23. True or False: Serial killer Bobby Joe Long was a cousin of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas.

24. True or False: Hillside Strangler Angelo Buono and Sunset Strip Killer Douglas Clark both ran furniture stores in the San Fernando Valley, just a short distance from one another, and both boasted of running prostitution rings through those furniture stores.

25. True or False: A cousin and mentor of serial killer Richard "The Night Stalker" Ramirez had a collection of souvenirs from Vietnam that included eight shrunken human heads that he had made himself and a large collection of Polaroid photos that graphically depicted rape, torture, mutilation and murder.


1. False; Bush commuted one death sentence during his tenure as governor -- that of confessed serial killer Henry Lee Lucas.

2. True.

3. False; it was aspiring serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

4. False; it was serial killer Gary Heidnik.

5. True.

6. True.

7. True.

8. False; William Heirens has been in prison for nearly sixty years for murders that he almost certainly did not commit. Howard Unruh, on the other hand, was likely guilty of the 13 killings he was accused of, but he never stood trial. Instead, he has been locked away in a mental institution for nearly sixty years.

9. True.

10. False; it was Tom Lange, of OJ trial fame.

11. False; there was no physical evidence nor witnesses linking Stayner to the killings. There was, however, a substantial body of evidence linking various members of a drug trafficking ring to the murders.

12. True; the brother's story was turned into a sappy, inaccurate television movie entitled "I Know My First Name Is Steven."

13. True.

14. False; cases where the victims fit a pattern are the exception, not the rule.

15. Also False.

16. False; it was John Wayne Gacy, not Ted Bundy.

17. False, but the official legend says otherwise. It is unlikely that Speck was even in the house that night..

18. True.

19. True.

20. True.

21. True.

22. False; Gecht was a former employee of John Wayne Gacy.

23. True.

24. False; Buono and Clark both owned auto upholstery shops in the San Fernando Valley that they used as fronts for prostitution rings.

25. True.


0-5 Points: Since this was a True or False test, and the answers were at the bottom of the page, I honestly can't imagine how you could have scored this poorly. Your knowledge of serial killers is seriously deficient. The best way to remedy that problem would be to rush out at your earliest convenience and pick up a copy of Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder. Actually, "pick up" may not be the best choice of words, since it implies that you could actually walk into a bookstore and purchase a copy off the shelf, which is extremely unlikely to happen ... and that is kind of a shame, when you think about it, because it is a book that would probably catch your eye if it was sitting on the shelf. But it won't be. So you will have to order a copy from your local independent bookseller, or, if you must, from Amazon.com.

5-10 Points: I'm not going to sugarcoat it: this is still a pretty pathetic score. You could undoubtedly have flipped a coin and done better. You really need to get yourself a copy of Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder.

10-15 Points: Getting better, but there is still obviously room for improvement. Your best bet is to track down a copy of Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder.

15-20 Points: A very respectable score, but you could still benefit from reading Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder.

20-25 Points: You probably either cheated or made a few lucky guesses. In either case, you need to read Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder.

I know what you're thinking: "Why serial killers? Aren't there more important things to worry about in this post 9-11 world?" I suppose that there are, but I began the book when we were all still living in the pre-September 11 world. A very rough first draft was actually nearing completion at the time of the attacks. It sat idle for months after that fateful day.

Eventually, I dusted it off and got back to work on it, and I have worked on it intermittently ever since. And now, better late than never, it is finally ready for its public unveiling. And it is a hell of a good read, if I do say so myself.

Researching the inner workings of the political system is a difficult and unpredictable undertaking. From any given starting point, there are numerous branches that can be followed, all leading to yet more branches. With a willingness to follow the trails wherever they may lead, one can easily find oneself heading off into what seems at first rather strange territory.

Though this book may seem like a departure from my previous work, it actually developed from one of the avenues briefly explored in Understanding the F-Word. Readers of that book may recall a brief discussion of the bizarre commutation of Henry Lee Lucas' death sentence by George Bush. Intrigued by Bush's actions, I went in search of information on Mr. Lucas; what I found was that Henry Lee had some very interesting, though not seemingly credible, stories to tell. So I went searching further, trying to ascertain whether Henry's stories had any basis in fact.

The scope of research soon grew to include a number of America's other notorious killers. By journey's end, it had indeed been a long, strange trip, over some very rough and unfamiliar terrain. I can't say for sure whether I would take the same journey again. There is a certain comfort in being able to make better sense of the world, but with that increased level of understanding comes the realization that it just might be an even darker, uglier world than most of us could imagine.


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good news, we got Dr. Stan of Radio Liberty to interview Dave McGowan, author

of Programmed to kill!


To listen online:




to download the MP3 file:


if you enjoy the interview, please email Dr. Stan and Dave

with some words of encouragement to have them back again soon:

Dr. Stan: radiolib@aol.com

Dave McGowan: davemcgowan@adelphia.net

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excerpt from television special including footage about Robert Berdella and police cover-up of satanic activities in Missouri. (mormon country)

Exploring Satan's Underground Part 1:


Exploring Satan's Underground Part 2:


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The individuals here who are into secret societies research will probably know to some degree who this, IMO. great man and patriot is and what is he talking about.

He is also author, constitutional scholar, British museum researcher, political scientist, lecturer historian and middle east specialist.

very informative and fascinating videtape of Dr. John Coleman speech:


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How come you keep replying to yourself?

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How come you keep replying to yourself?

Because evidently a hell of a lot of people are interested in this topic. Look at the number

of people who have viewed it.

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Because evidently a hell of a lot of people are interested in this topic. Look at the number

of people who have viewed it.

Interesting too, Look up enough INFORMATION ON ERIC HARRIS (columbine massacre) and you will notice the comparison's between Harris's Father, and BTK. Harris father was also involved in the same order, same programs, around the same time period. Immediately after the massacre the couple (Eric's parents) conveniently left country without answering to authority's.

Just thought i'd put in my two cents....

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Because evidently a hell of a lot of people are interested in this topic. Look at the number

of people who have viewed it.

Nevermind him, he's just ignorant. :wacko:

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Nevermind him, he's just ignorant. :wacko:

Views don't equal posts, so I don't think many care. Thanks for your compliment.

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Views don't equal posts, so I don't think many care. Thanks for your compliment.

If nobody cared, nobody would read it. You are completely wrong.

There is considerable interest in this thread, as evidenced by the number of

hits it is getting. People want to know the truth, and the truth is here, which

is why this is a popular thread.

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Views don't equal posts, so I don't think many care. Thanks for your compliment.

Are you even familiar with the CIA's M-kultra, and all it's other powerful mass brainwashing programs? These programs DID/DO exist, while leaving thousands of victims in its path.

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Are you even familiar with the CIA's M-kultra, and all it's other powerful mass brainwashing programs? These programs DID/DO exist, while leaving thousands of victims in its path.

this is typical of the thought police, sunni. Wherever and whenever there is a thread or that is gaining steam and gathering readership, they send in the trolls to try to ruin it,

create conflict, arguing , insults. They know that if they can clog a forum with such trash that fewer people, of course, will continue reading it.

Thank heavens UM has gotten wise to this and no longer tolerate it to the same extent that they used to.

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