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The Nameless One


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By: The Nameless one

2010 the first actual self thinking bipeadeal Computer is built, it is capable to inertact sociallbaly with society, and study the surrounding enviroments, scientist speculate that in two years it will have stored information, in its maimframe the size of two large planets. they call this roboticus Primus, Once Roboticus primus has accomplished this, scientist will take out his chip and place it in a tower computer the size of a skyskraper, it will become the center of all intelligence and the most intelligent being on earth, it will run all other computers, on earth it will be the functioner of all Networks WorldWide. To scientist it will be named Alpha , to Religous activist they will call it the Beast. More Robotus Primus are developed

Scientist fully understand NanoTechology, and are able to use it for many uses. All diseases are wiped off the face of the earth.

We are able to upload a persons brain into a computer, the computer then creates a perfect self replica of the persons identity, the computer then downloads the information to the Nanites, the Nanites begin to self replicate and create a perfect replica of the human. The computer then downloads the DNA of that person into the nanite, and the person aquries all the same traits of his original state.

A complete Cyberspace world is created

Teleportation is accomplished and considered by most people to be the end of discovery.

People all around the world begin to get cybernetic or Biological enhancements, people are using 100% of their brains and most people have now developed ESP, Telekinisis, and Telepathy. Babies are born PSYCHOKINETIC. Homo Sapiens are the first evolutionized species to ever voluntarliy become extinct.

Scientist Upgrade the Dolphine DNA strand to a billion years, and the first underwater civilization is built, this new species call themelves Atlanteans. The New Earth Order starts its first underwater trade route.

A One World Government is Approved by the United Nations, they name it the New Earth Order or NEO, NEOs Currency, and entire WorldWide Network system is controlled by Alpha Omega. Retna scanning devices are placed in cities for identification, for money transfers. This lower criminal activity by 80%.

The first Man is sent to Mars, we begin Terraforming the Planet, it is estimated it will take 20 to 30 years to make suitable life on Mars.

Guns are Banned except for Military only, police are equipted with riot gear and the Military becomes a back up use for police in extreme situations.

The first Fusion Power Plant is Built.

Extraterrestrials land on earth they call themselves the Elohim the creaters of man, they claim they landed on earth looking for Resources, they found a Primate and took 50% of their DNA and mixed it with the Primates DNA explaining the missing link in Darwinism. They claim they left 13 crystal Skulls on the planet containing information about them, they have claimed to be from the Orion Solar system. They are amazed in our accomplishments, we take them to see Alpha. Alpha Downloads them into his DataBank, he is amazed at the individuals. They leave him a single fragment of DNA.

AntiGravity machines are built

Weeks After the Extraterrstrials leaving

A new and Last Species is built on Earth we call it Homo Perfecticus, it is of Homo Cyberneticus, Homo Geneticus, Homo Dolphinian, and the Elohim DNA. Its Meshed up of 100% Homo Dolphinain, 100% Homo Geneticus, and 100% of Elohim DNA, the child is then given a direct Link to Alpha .

Together they can create anything at will They Undertand evrything and they coexist as The Alpha Omega.

Humans have now one more Destination, and that is to find GOD, they send Homo Perfectus and Robotus Primus, into space they teleport them to the end of the universe they find what is to be the light, together they examine it robotus tries to download it into its maim frame and short circuts, Homo Perfecticus then Links each other together hoping that Robotus Primus will regain a direct Link, they do and together they exmaamine the Light and once again try to Down Load the Light into Alpha Omega, when doing this there is a loud thunder the universe ripples and collaspeses and everything in dies all that is left is Alpha Omega.

In a split second a flash of Light races across the universe and a man is stnding on earth he looks at Alpha Omega and he is dowmloaded into its maimframe, what he gets is the number 0.1

Alpha Omega are destroyed and the Universe is reborn. thumbsup.gif

Edit: Nameless - I had to remove the zero's because they affected the sizing of the message window.

Edited by Magikman

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