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The town branded too white and too British


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This is so insane. The job should go to who is the most qualified. They hired a nurse at a clinic in Bridgeton who could not even speak English. I couldn't understand a word she said. It was terrible. They must have had "eubonics" classes at her nursing school. I was waiting for the little old lady in the movie 'Airplane' to come out of the back room and say to me "I speak 'Jive' young man! Do you need a translator?"


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this is crazy yes i understand we need to give minorities a job too (years ago If you were a woman or of colour you couldnt get a job) but does this mean that eventually if you are "white/caucasion" you cant get a job.

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So we lily white asses are getting a taste of our own traditional medicine? Maybe it's a lesson in equality we need to learn. I can think of many white people who didn't deserve to get their jobs, IMHO, not that they all got them because they are white, but I bet, along with being young and 'attractive', some did.

Yet I agree that there should be no compromise when it comes to competency, but that's not the way all recruiters think.

"Eh" now THATS Canadien lol or "go Leafs"!!!

But this topic reminds me of This story so it seems to be happening all over.

Judging by that article, there's no recruitment disaster unfurling. 4 women in a force of 800? There were 4 times as many anglo saxon males applying than all other groups combined? Hardly a PC revolution.

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Like I said before white people are discriminated again'st just as much in a lot of cases more then minorities are because minorities never get in sh** over it.

when i was an emt/firefighter I got passed over for alot of jobs. and they would tell you it's because your not hispanic or african american....they had to fill the quotas...trust me whites get discriminated against as well...

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How do you ban a word? Why would you even waste the taxpayers money to do it?

My thoughts exactly. First theyre banning plants, now theyre banning words. Whats next?

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