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xena is real

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xena is real well there are 3 xena

1 xena fought ag the turks in albania

2 xena 2 fought ag the british in india

3 xena 3 fought ag spanish in the andes

any questions

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It makes for a poor thread to make a statement like what you have added above without any other additional information, explanations or sources. I have seen several threads that you have started that are very similar to this, and because of the way you have created them they are rather pointless and will be closed.

In the future please give more thought to the threads you create and give people who read your threads something to respond to rather than something that comes across as almost a random thought. Give more details, explanations, sources...things thta people can actually respond to.

Meanwhile I am closing this thread as it really can't go anywhere but down.

Edited by Fluffybunny

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