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'Moon Base' at Apollo 11 Landing Site

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I've seen this video floating around the net, and I'd like peoples opinions on it. I think it's fake (that souldn't surprise any of you) ;) for the following reasons:

1) The video camera is steady throughout, as seen from countless Apollo missions the astronauts are bobbing up and down all over the place, it doesn't correspond even with normal human movement with a hand held camera.

2) The video is exceptionally bad quality and looks to have been distorted to stop the viewer from seeing any fine details

3) The sun and it's location are incorrect, The sun was at an angle of 14 degrees in the sky on Apollo 11, as you can see at the end of the film what appears to be the Lunar Module is visible in the background, with the sun shining towards the ladder. On Apollo 11 the Sun was in exactly the opposite direction actually behind the Lunar Module as you can see http://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/a11/AS11-40-5867HR.jpg here. The angle of the sun while they are in the building looks closer to 50 degrees than it does to 14!

4) The astronaut which we see at the end is wearing a PLSS that looks big and too square, the actual PLSS (Portable Life Support System) had more rounded edges

5) There is no apparent insignia on the back on the PLSS (The Apollo 11 crew had an American flag and badges down it)

6) There are no umbilicals connecting the PLSS to the Astronaut. This is how they regulated suit pressure, provided breathable oxygen, removed carbon dioxide, humidity, odors, and contaminants from breathing oxygen, cooled and recirculated oxygen and water through the Liquid Cooling and Ventilation Garment, or LCVG, sensed and reported suit parameters, provided communications for the suit occupant look at http://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/a11/AS11-40-5867HR.jpg again and you will see what I mean.

7) His boots (in direct sunlight) are black. The real Apollo boots were made of Chromel-R which appears white in direct sunlight

8) This structure does not appear in Apollo 11's many image pans and video pans

9) There is apparent clattering in the video. Assuming this is the audio from the tape then no atmosphere = no air = no sound. The moon is a vacuum and vibrations cannot travel through a medium that isn't there

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el midgetron

I saw this footage recently (or simular footage) from some Mexican television broadcast. I am sure its fake. The steadycam-ish footage is exactly what I would expect from a 3D simulation. In the clip I saw they even showed a wire-frame rendering of the "base". The astronauts that are shown move and behave like computer models as well.

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Hey Gav...

Yep, seen it. It's bogus.

You are right in all respects concerning the technical matters you point out. There is nothing I can add!

This is obviously a fabrication containing extraordinary "lack of quality".

If they designed it to get passed anyone who knows something about Apollo, they've failed miserably!



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