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Harmonic Concordance in November 08 -09 '03

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Has anyone heard of this...Harmonic Concordance which took placed on last November 08 to 09 '03?

Here is an article written by our country's famous Psychic Researcher, Mr. Jaime Licauco...

Did ETs descend

on Ciudad Verdadero?

Posted: 10:45 PM (Manila Time) | Nov. 24, 2003

Inquirer News Service

ON NOV. 8 and 9, during what has become known as the Harmonic Concordance, I led a small group of like-minded people to a strongly charged mystic place in Quezon province to raise our vibrations and meditate for world peace.

The powerful energy that descended enabled most members of the group to expand their consciousness and receive personal messages from the spirit world.

Few individuals in this country knew about this cosmic event. It came and went with not even a passing mention in the mass media. The only reference made about it was a brief remark I made during my radio program about two weeks before the event.

So, what's the Harmonic Concordance? Actually, I myself was not aware of it until foreign-based Maya Daya, a sister of my former student, Marlotte Bacalla, sent me an e-mail explaining it.

It turned out that the Internet had a lot of info on it. According to one source, it referred to "an astrological moment that has a distinctive pattern or signature projecting a fundamentally spiritual energy and can be understood in terms in quantum metaphysics. It speaks of the descent of God-consciousness upon this plane and offers a moment in time when humankind can make a concerned effort to rise and meet it."

It is a moment of spiritual attunement that "opens an energetic Stargate to the ascension of Mother Earth."

Like its spiritual ancestor, the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, the Harmonic Concordance of 2003 was also "a call to the spirit of humankind to awaken to the idea that we are, in fact, spiritual beings sharing a physical experience."

Consequently, ceremonies and celebrations in honor of this idea were scheduled at sacred places and pilgrimage places throughout the world.

I was given a message to be at a sacred place where there is strong energy that would be beamed precisely at 6 p.m. and 12 mn of Nov. 8, and at 9 a.m. of Nov. 9. The outpouring of the spirit energy would be at its peak.

I chose to go to Ciudad Verdadero, a powerful mystic place in Sampaloc near Lucban, Quezon Province. It is a 23-hectare mountainous place privately owned and developed by businessman-turned-spiritual seeker Artemio Cataquiz of Pateros.

I believe that Ciudad Verdadero is the next Banahaw, with its powerful spiritual energy and presence of high spirits.

I was expecting only seven to 10 people to come during this special celebration, but the figure swelled to 25 on the day itself, including two foreigners, an Austrian and a Costa Rican.

A couple from Pila town, Laguna province who had heard of the event on my radio program suddenly turned up in the morning of Nov. 9th. It was their 25th wedding anniversary and they wanted to celebrate it in a sacred place and to get, according to them, my blessings. How they found the sacred place, which had no sign nor direction, was a mystery to us.

Terrible sound

Immediately upon arrival at the site, we gathered at the big rock or boulder which emits very strong energy, and I invoked the World Healing Meditation. At the middle of that prayer, a terrible sound, like that of a thousand crickets or cicadas, drowned my loud voice.

To some it sounded like a big engine or plane descending. The strange sound reached a crescendo and then suddenly stopped. There was dead silence except for the sound of my voice.

Then all of a sudden we were not alone. The presence of many unseen beings began to be felt by most of us gathered there.

That evening, at the multipurpose hall after dinner, at least four of our companions, including a highly skeptical female medical doctor, saw two huge pairs of eyes peering from the window-like opening. They were big extraterrestrial eyes!

Many ETs descended while we were meditating at the living rock earlier. So they were the cause of the strange sound we had heard.

At the multipurpose hall, several people began going into trance and receiving channeled messages from the spirit world, including a TV patrol reporter of ABS-CBN who was with us.

At midnight, as directed, I led the group to meditate at the Cretan Labyrinth on top of the hill. Several more participants went into trance, including the highly skeptical female doctor, because of the strong energy.

Individual and universal messages were received by each of them. One began crying uncontrollably and experienced profound emotional catharsis.

When we looked up at the full moon on top of us, we saw a big, strange multicolored corona around it. The cloud surrounding the moon formed into a circle like a circulating galaxy, the same pattern I saw mentally inside the big rock earlier, and the same pattern that was painted spontaneously and beautifully by Neth Ricaza, who never studied painting before.

Most of us slept at the multipurpose hall. Some tarried at the Cretan Labyrinth till early morning. At 9 a.m., we went to meditate at the spring with miraculous healing water, another power spot in Ciudad Verdadero.

Again, several individuals began going into trance and channeling messages from the spirit world. Most of the messages were about the need to save Planet Earth and to meditate for peace.

The messages also spoke of the assurance of ETs that they come in peace and that they want to help mankind.

We all went back to Manila before noon feeling highly charged and energized. One female companion of ours named Ellen texted me the next day saying she saw an ET in her room. It had followed her from Ciudad Verdadero.

The ET was kind and non-threatening. He wanted to communicate messages for me and for all mankind, according to her.

Whether one believes this fantastic story of what happened to us at Ciudad Verdadero is up to each reader. I am only a messenger.

Address letters to this column to 308 Prince Plaza I, 106 Legaspi St., Greenbelt, Makati City. Call +63 2 8107245 or +63 2 8926806. E-mail Visit Listen to his dzMM radio program every Sunday, 6-8 p.m.


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